Brybe Review 2023: Is It The Best Freelance Platform? (Top Features & Pricing)

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Value of Money
Quality of freelancers
Customer Support


  • Completely free
  • Switch easily between buyer and freelancer accounts as well as influencer accounts
  • There is no middleman
  • Commission Fees aren't charged
  • For safe and secure collaboration, it is sufficient to accept the company's terms and conditions.
  • Various payment gateways
  • Safe transactions
  • Offers over 340 services from freelancers
  • Timely results


  • Still a new platform.
  • New users may face some confusion.

Brybe Marketplace could become the one-stop shop for buyers looking to hire top-rated influencers and freelancers at affordable rates. Furthermore, they can establish their brand with Brybe and keep all profits from the process. 


Finding a new freelance platform with low competition is the key to finding success as a freelancer. It improves your chances of landing more clients as well as standing out from the crowd.

The Brybe marketplace is now open to freelancers. In addition to finding freelance work, you can make money using your Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

We’ll examine why this platform can be advantageous to both beginner freelancers and influencers.

What Is Brybe?

Brybe Review - overview

Brybe is a marketplace that helps businesses find freelancers and influencers.

The platform allows influencers to find businesses to partner up with and run sponsored promotions through their social channels. It’s a great way to monetize your social accounts and make some money without effort.

The freelancer section of Brybe is also accessible. Job posts from clients can be found and applied for in the marketplace. Offering different services can also be done through gigs.

Using Brybe Marketplace is quite simple: buyers can connect with freelancers and influencers for potential collaborations, and freelancers and influencers can offer their services. Their platform is similar to Fiverr’s packages as a result of being inspired by it.

Each service package is called a Brybe, and each user is allowed to create up to three different service packages. Meanwhile, buyers can post their own job offers called Buyer’s Requests, which entail specific collaboration criteria. 

There are multiple categories for each talent exhibited at Brybe Marketplace, making it easy to find skilled individuals. 

Why Use Brybe?

When so many freelance platforms are available, why use a platform like Brybe?

Why use brybe- brybe review

Here are some reasons you should join Brybe.

1. No Platform Fees

Byrbe does not charge its freelancers and creators any platform fees. There’s no charge for using it.

The fact that Brybe is a more freelancer-friendly platform at a time when freelance marketplaces charge up to 30% platform fees is quite refreshing.

Your earnings from Brybe will be fully tax-free.

2. Low Competition

In addition to Brybe, there is now a marketplace for freelancers through Brybe.

Yes, fewer job postings will be available to apply to. In addition, fewer freelancers will be available to compete with.

Brybe is a better place to land a job than competing in a bidding war on a freelance marketplace.

Create a profile and create your account now. You will rank higher in the freelance marketplace once the marketplace becomes popular.


3. Create Packaged Offers

Furthermore, you can offer one-off services after browsing job postings and applying to projects (like on Fiverr).

Create a gig if you’re a skilled designer or web developer, or if you’re good at creating social media content for clients to find you on Brybe.

4. Set Your Own Prices

When it comes to pricing, Brybe doesn’t have any restrictions like most other freelance marketplaces do. Gig prices can be set by you.

Although there is a review system on the platform. Rankings are affected by this. If, however, you deliver high-quality work on time, your ratings will improve and your profile will rise.

5. Make Money With Your Social Channels

Brybe can help you monetize your social media accounts, even if you are not a freelancer.

You can join Brybe as an influencer if your social media account has 500 followers.

Your social media accounts give you the opportunity to promote the products of businesses and brands.

A 10k-follower Instagram influencer can charge over $100 for promotion. This is an excellent side income opportunity.

Can Anyone Join The Platform?

Top Influencers Brybe Review

As of right now, anyone can join Brybe.

There is no requirement for freelancers. The only requirement for influencers is having at least 500 followers on social media. It’s done!

On Brybe, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok users are all welcome.

However, things will probably change soon. As the freelance market grows, it will introduce new requirements and limit access to it. Normally, new platforms tend to crash and burn, but this isn’t confirmed.

You can join Brybe now and create your profile.

How Does Brybe Marketplace Work? 

How Brybe works- Brybe Review

If you’re planning to use Brybe, you should be aware of its flexibility. Switching accounts is possible through the platform. With just a click, you can switch a freelancer’s profile to an influencer or buyer profile. 

To achieve your business or personal goals, you don’t need three accounts. You will need to fill out the necessary personal or business information once the account has been switched, and then you can begin using it.

 A buyer’s account can be created in the same way, regardless of whether you’re a freelancer, an influencer, or a buyer. As of right now, everyone can access Brybe Marketplace.

Influencers are the only ones who need to meet the criteria; if you are an influencer, you must have at least 500 followers on at least one of your social media accounts. 

Here’s how Brybe works:

  1. Register for a free account. By logging in, you can directly access your account. 
  2. The dashboard you’ll see as a freelancer or influencer will look like this, and you’ll need to fill in the following information: 

Personal info

Company Info

The dashboard looks somewhat similar if you are a buyer: 

  • Brybe Marketplace requires all accounts to be verified by phone and email.
  • If you wish to use some Brybe features, including creating Brybes, discovering influencers and freelancers, or creating Buyer Requests, you must fill out your profile. You have the opportunity to display your skills, knowledge, and experience to freelancers and influencers. Brybe also offers users the ability to specify what industry they are in, so buyers can find qualified professionals more quickly.
  • Once you have filled out your profile, you can start searching for talent or job openings. Using Brybe Marketplace, you can search more efficiently. The filters on your left are accessible when you click on “Browse Freelancers” or “Browse Influencers.”. Brybe’s users can be categorized into a variety of groups. Listed below are the categories, tiers, social media, locations, prices, languages, and delivery times for influencers.
  • You can sort freelancers according to categories, NFT services, level, experience, reviews, location, prices, languages, and delivery times. A buyer’s request is categorized based on industry, social media, location, price, language, requirements, and submission deadline. The filters on this page can be easily adjusted, so everyone can find what they’re looking for.
  1. Reviewing the buyer’s request and sending your own offer is possible after finding one that suits your needs. 
  2. Alternatively, you can directly approach qualified influencers or freelancers when a job opportunity arises and send them a message with your proposal. 

Bybers for influencers- brybe review

All Brybe users go through the same process. 

The Brybes feature allows freelancers and influencers to leverage their knowledge and skills. The brybes are services packages, as I mentioned previously. Standard, Advanced, and Premium are the three levels of Brybes.

In each Brybe, specific information about the deal should be included, such as benefits, price, and a timeline. Influencers and freelancers can also design Custom Brybes: packages tailored exclusively to fit the wants and needs of a specific buyer. 

How To Find Freelance Work with Brybe?

On Brybe, there are two ways to look for freelancing opportunities.

1. Browse Job Postings

Browse job postings

The simplest way to find work on Brybe is to browse the postings by businesses and clients.

There is a section for buyer requests that is categorized under multiple topics so that they can be found more easily.

It is possible to work as an influencer as well as a freelancer. Reviews of products and apps are very easy gigs. Additionally, there are jobs that pay more.

The freelancer profile must still be created before you can apply to these jobs.

2. Create A Gig

Create a gig

One-off services can also be offered by creating gigs.

The Brybe packaged services system works the same as on Fiverr. Unlike Fiverr, Brybe does not use Fiverr’s awful algorithm. A huge amount of competition may be at play.

3. A Guide to Monetizing Social Channels with Brybe

Social channel with brybe

If you have a popular Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter account, you can use Brybe to find sponsorships and earn money on the side.

Create your Influencer platform account and connect it to your social media accounts. Buyers then submit their requests.

You can create a packaged offer for a promotion that has a fixed price set on your social media account.

Who Should Use Brybe?

The Brybe community is open to everyone. Additionally, it is not subject to any requirements or restrictions based on the country. It hasn’t happened yet.

The platform is most useful to beginning freelancers as a great place to start their careers. Furthermore, it will make finding work easier without having to compete with others.

Brybe how it works- Brybe review

1. Owners of small and medium-sized brands

Often, small businesses or new entrepreneurs cannot afford to hire experienced freelancers or mega influencers for their latest campaign. Yet that doesn’t mean they can’t hire highly qualified professionals.

Here’s where Brybe Marketplace comes in. It is possible to find talented professionals on Brybe for as little as $5 per deal, depending on what you need.

The site offers talents from over 15 industries, and there are more than 50K registered users.

Depending on your budget, you may also want to look at the celebrities on Brybe Marketplace to see if you can collaborate with them. The names Messi, Ramos, Rosalia, and Nadal among others can be found on Brybe. 

2. Freelancers 

In addition to the freelance addition, Brybe Marketplace has many new features. Create your freelance profile on Brybe Marketplace to build your personal brand as a skilled freelancer in one of the industries available.

At Brybe Marketplace, you can find companies from a wide range of industries, including information technology, digital marketing, photography, gaming, fashion.

Adding their portfolios and experience will allow freelancers to start their job search immediately. 

3. Influencers 

A social media account with more than 500 followers qualifies you to become an influencer on Brybe Marketplace.

You can create your profile and start sending offers to high-end brands no matter where you are, which niche or industry you prefer, or what kind of influencer you are (micro, macro, or mega).

Brybe users can learn more about you by connecting their social media accounts to their profiles. You can also create a package with influencers, so take advantage of this benefit. 

Pros and Cons of Brybe Marketplace 

A Brybe Marketplace has its pros and cons, just like anything else created by humans. Here are a few examples. 


  1. Anyone is welcome to try it out for free. 
  2. Switch easily between buyer and freelancer accounts as well as influencer accounts; 
  3. There is no middleman to mediate communication between the buyer and seller;
  4. Fees aren’t charged – you keep what you earn;
  5. For safe and secure collaboration, it is sufficient to accept the company’s terms and conditions.
  6. PayPal, Stripe, and bank account are the three payment methods offered;
  7. Protection and transaction of money in a secure environment; 

Also, there are some cons.


  1. There may be some confusion and a bit too much information for new users; 
  2. Please be mindful of the features as the platform is still under development. 

Generally speaking, it provides excellent services. 

Conclusion: Is Brybe Good Enough? Brybe Review 

It is refreshing to see how Brybe Marketplace’s founders, developers, designers, and marketers managed to create a platform that stands out from the competition. Although it is pretty new, the market is growing every day. 

Brybe Marketplace could become the one-stop shop for buyers looking to hire top-rated influencers and freelancers at affordable rates. Furthermore, they can establish their brand with Brybe and keep all profits from the process. 

Isn’t that a pretty good deal? 

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