BuddyBoss App Review 2020 Launch Your Own Native Mobile App ($124/mo)

BuddyBoss App Review






Multi-Tier Courses


Video Learning


Zoom Support


Tablet Support


Social Login


Group Messaging


  • Trusted by Over 50,000 Small & Large Organizations
  • Forum Discussions
  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!
  • User-friendly
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • Product Tutorials & Documentation Release
  • Haptic & Taptic feedbacks
  • Push Notifications
  • Intelligent Course Builder
  • Flexible Prerequisites
  • REST API Data Synchronization


  • Pricing is bit high

So Buddyboss finally launched their most awaited product Buddyboss App. In this post I will do the detailed BuddyBoss App review and why they are the best for building your native mobile app.

BuddyBoss App Review

BuddyBoss has been a popular platform for website developers looking for attractive and customizable themes for their websites. With their userbase growing over time, the team decided to make their services and functionalities available to their customers anywhere on the go. So, what better way to do this than by creating a cool app that let’s you handle all of the BuddyBoss functionalities from your smartphone?

The makers of the BuddyBoss platform have now rolled out their much awaited Buddyboss App. This will be your own native app, in your own Apple App store and Google Play Store accounts, with your own branding. So, let us get into more details and a comprehensive first look review of the BuddyBoss App. But before that, here is a quick introduction about BuddyBoss itself!

Bottom Line Upfront: BuddyBoss App is one of the best tool to make your own native app on Android and iOS. You can easily launch your own WordPress powered community, membership, oronline courses native mobile app. BuddyBoss has been trusted by over 50k+ customers and they offers 100% money back guarantee. I highly recommend BuddyBoss App for launching your own native mobile app. BuddyBoss App is available for limited lifetime offer. Grab your BuddyBoss App here.

BuddyBoss App Review 2020 Launch your own WordPress powered community, membership, or online courses native mobile app.

Say “Hello” to the BuddyBoss App!

To allow its users to stand out from the crowd and use the Buddyboss App to launch their very own native mobile app for iOS and Android, the newly released BuddyBoss App was created!

The app has been designed to give you all the choices you need to customise your app’s look and feel to fit your brand. You can connect your people easily, anywhere. Grow the group and take the commitment of the members to the next level.

BuddyBoss helps your followers or clients to interact from wherever they are under your brand. Increase involvement and retention, and gather useful input. Enable your individuals to learn from each other, increase the value of your brand, and decrease your workload.


The BuddyBoss App Demo

BuddyBoss App – Community Features

Buddyboss App features

Community features such as user profiles, groups, activity feeds, forum threads and more come with your mobile app.

  • Member Profiles
  • Social Groups
  • User Invites
  • Notifications
  • Forum Discussions
  • Network Search
  • Member Connections
  • Activity Feeds
  • Private Messaging
  • Group Messaging

**And a lot more!

Mobile learning with BuddyBoss app

The courses in the pocket of your student, wherever they go and allow you to BOOST

  • Course Completion Rates
  • Customer Retention
  • Community Engagement
  • Student Satisfaction
  • Life Time Value
  • Brand Power

Furthermore, you get access to a bunch of useful features like:

  • Multi-tier courses
  • Lesson timers
  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Drip feed content
  • Certificates and badges
  • Course points
  • User reports
  • Assignment management
  • Push notifications

**And more!

Monetization using BuddyBoss App!

Grow your sales with in-app purchases and push notification marketing by selling and up-selling directly on your mobile app. Pay for your community, classes, digital updates, parties, and more with subscriptions or one-time payments.

Make it super easy to subscribe, update, and buy more from you for your members. To support new items, special events or remind them to update, give the users customised and segmented push notifications.

To integrate with Apple Pay for iOS and Google Pay for Android, use the in-app purchases feature and make the purchasing process seamless for your members.

BuddyBoss App – Membership Plugins!

BuddyBoss App Pricing and features (1)

A variety of membership plugins are enabled by the Buddyboss App , allowing transactions and access levels to be directly synchronised between your mobile app, the App Stores and your WordPress backend.

The BuddyBoss Software supports the following membership plugins at the moment. And we’ll keep adding support for more plugins for membership if we get more requests from all of you.

  • MemberPress
  • PaidMembershipsPro
  • RestrictContentPro
  • Memberium
  • WooCommerce Memberships
  • Wishlist Member
  • LearnDash Groups & Memberships.

Gamification to engage your customers!

Buddyboss native app

In order to create native mobile applications, the BuddyBoss Software is developed with React Native. This is the same technology that we use every day with apps like Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, Soundcloud, and other popular apps. The app is designed with state-of-the-art technology and user interface so that your consumers and users can be impressed and look like a billion-dollar company.

Your mobile apps come filled with advanced features that boost your users ‘ experience. To make your brand campaign fun and engaging, BuddyBoss App has integrated many gamification features to motivate you. Enable your individuals to work towards common objectives and earn points, badges, rewords, ranks, certificates and accomplishments.

Offer the people a sense of freedom, superiority, intent and advancement. Improve member retention with gamification that rewords points for members.

Control in your palm! Flexibility at your fingertips!

Your BuddyBoss App gives you complete control and flexibility over the structure, look & feel and functionality of your native mobile app.

  • Translation Ready
  • Custom Menus
  • Developer Friendly
  • RTL Support
  • Your Branding
  • Google Analytics
  • Open Access Home
  • Native blog
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Built-In SearchFunctionality
  • Multisite Support

BuddyBoss works, whether you have a website or not!

It’s OPTIONAL to have a website! You don’t even need a homepage! Without or alongside your web site, the BuddyBoss App will run.

The BuddyBoss app links directly to the backend of WordPress. Data, to and from the WordPress site, is pulled and submitted. All you need is a WordPress installation to use the WordPress CMS. To power your mobile app, the BuddyBoss Platforrn plugin and/or LearnDash.

In order to launch your mobile app, you do not need a front-end website. In reality, you’re just launching your software, mobile, and then deciding whether or not you really want to provide a web interface for your audience.

Attractive and customizable themes!

With your favourite theme, the Buddyboss App works! As long as you have the BuddyBoss Framework, LearnDash or both plugins enabled, your BuddyBoss App will fit perfectly with any WordPress theme, no matter what theme you’re running.


Buddyboss app review mobile app

Launch your own app in5 steps!

The new BuddyBoss App allows you to create, customize and publish your native Android or iOS app in just 5 simple steps.

  • Install BuddyBoss App Plugin

With the BuddyBoss App, launch your mobile app building journey!Set up navigation, app icons, splash screens, colour changes, fonts, icons, and more for your mobile app.

  • Customize Look and Feel

Set up navigation, app icons, splash screens, colour changes, fonts, icons, and more for your mobile app.

  • Configure App Features

Configure the configuration of your app and activate the features you need.

  • Publish your iOS App

Prepare your app for publishing, create an app from your WordPress Dashboard, and launch your app using your own Developer Account in the Apple App Store.

  • Publish your Android App

Prepare your publishing software, create a software from your WordPress Dashboard, and launch your app using your own Developer Account in the Google Play Store.

Review and publishing of your app!

Their team will then manage the approval process to ensure that your mobile app is consistent with the standards of the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Using your developer account, the team can get your app live in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store when your app is ready.

  1. iOS App Publishing on Your Own Account

With the final mobile app and assets, the team will then send the iOS app to the Apple App Store to be released using the account.

  1. Android App Publishing on Your Own Account

For Android applications, the same thing goes. Using your own account, with the final mobile app and assets, the team will upload the Android app to the Google Play Store for publishing.

How it all ends up?

The BuddBoss team manages the process of designing, customising, constructing and planning your publishing mobile app, saving you from learning time and doing it yourself.

  1. Initial App Setup

The entire process of downloading the BuddyBoss plugin, configuring features and building your mobile app is taken care of by the BuddyBoss App team.

  1. App Branding & Customization

The design team of BuddyBoss learns about your company and branding, and then works to adapt the look and feel of your mobile app to your brand and fit it. The team changes fonts , colours, icons and backgrounds. A custom app icon, login screen, and splash screen backgrounds are all developed by the team, giving the app a premium branded look.

  1. Apple App Store Product Screenshots

BuddyBoss prepares the screenshots necessary for your app to be released on the Apple App Store. You can choose from existing interface templates and screens for mobile apps. Suggested content adjustments can also be given.

  1. Google Play Store Product Screenshots

BuddyBoss prepares the screenshots and other graphics needed for your Google Play Store app to be released. You can choose from existing interface templates and screens for mobile apps. Suggested content adjustments can also be given.

BuddyBoss App – A developer’s paradise!

Buddyboss mobile apps

React Native, one of the most common cross-platform development frameworks that enables the development of native mobile apps with only one codebase for both Android and iOS, is integrated into the Buddyboss App. This is the same technology that we use every day with apps like Instagram , Facebook, Airbnb, SoundCloud and many other famous apps.

You’re going to use your own Git repository where you can make improvements to the app’s appearance and mobile app functionality. During the development process, your Git repository will be merged with the main Git repository of the App. Customizations done in your Git repository are automatically included in your mobile app’s next iOS and Android builds.

BuddyBoss App – Product launch timeline

Once your product is developed and ready to be launched, this is how your product launch timeline will be managed by the BuddyBoss team.

  • Pre-launch & Early Bird Pricing

You will lock-in a discounted early-bird offer on your Buddyboss App during the pre-launch and get access to a discounted Done For You service price.

  • Product Tutorials & Documentation Release

The BuddyBoss team will be regularly posting video tutorials and documentation during this time as we get closer to the release date of the product.

  • Product Release & Done For You Service Launch

They will provide access to the BuddyBoss App to all pre-launch buyers during the months of January and February, and we will start the Done For You Service.

Constantly developing to provide the best!

The BuddyBoss team is actively working on introducing new functionality and integrations based on the BuddyBoss App roadmap and reviews they get from our group. Some of the keys features they are introducing in the next few months for a Q1 2021 update include:

  • Tablet Support
  • Zoom Support
  • Documents
  • Social Login
  • Haptic a Taptic feedbacks
  • Instant Messaging

Tablet support!

BuddyBoss Software developers pay particular attention to making their software services as accessible as possible to their tablet services. To give you and your customers a better tablet user experience, they are working on adding total tablet support. You will be able to run your mobile app with media such as images and videos beautifully spread over the entire display in a breath-taking landscape interface. Soon, by offering support for a broader range of iOS and Android tablets, the BuddyBoss App will boost your learning and group experiences.

Quality Tech & Customer Support

Quality customer support is something that Team BuddyBoss is committed to nailing! Hence, they have developed and curated some useful resources which their customers can refer to when they face generic or trivial problems. For issues that are more technical and require expert assistance, they also provide 24/7 customer support.

  • Guides to get started!

Guides are available to help you begin setting up your online classes, group or membership site quickly.

  • Narrated Video Tutorials

To direct you through every move, the developers have produced hundreds of brief and to the point video tutorials. They actively add new videos to the collection.

  • Step by Step Documentation

The documents available online as well as in your WordPress dashboard can be followed step by step. And if you’re a developer, they’ll be very helpful with their developer documentation!

  • 24x7 Customer Support

BuddyBoss takes service seriously and hires a dedicated ticketing system and support staff. They’ve really got you covered with our experienced personnel.

BuddyBoss App – Plans & Pricing!

Buddyboss app pricing

The BuddyBoss App currently offers 4 different subscription plans to choose from. The plans have been priced according to the amount and limit of features offered, starting from $124 per month for 1 app to $499 per month for 10 apps.


Price: $124 per month

  • Native App for iOS and Android
  • License for 1 App
  • Priority 24/7 support
  • Access to product updates


Price: $208 per month

  • Native App for iOS and Android
  • License for 2 Apps
  • Priority 24/7 support
  • Access to product updates
  • Developer Access and support


Price: $291 per month

  • Native App for iOS and Android
  • License for 5 Apps
  • Priority 24/7 support
  • Access to product updates
  • Developer Access and support


Price: $499 per month

  • Native App for iOS and Android
  • License for 10AppS
  • Priority 24/7 support
  • Access to product updates
  • Developer Access and support

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On-boarding & Publishing Service – Included in all plans

Buddyboss App lifetime offer

Onboarding training on how to develop and prepare your mobile app for publishing will be offered by BuddyBoss. The team tests the app to ensure it follows the requirements for the Apple App Store and the requirements for the Google Play Store. This move requires from their team a manual examination and manual intervention.

Under your own Apple and Google Developer Accounts, your mobile app is designed and submitted to the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Their team helps get the app accepted by the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, responding before the app is accepted to any requests, questions or rejections from the App Stores. They get approval for 100 percent of the apps!

BuddyBoss App Done for you Service – Optional

Buddyboss app reviews

BuddyBoss designs a smartphone app for you, customises and publishes it. Their team of professional designers, implementers, and app publishers will manage to develop, customise, and prepare your mobile app for you so that you can save time and concentrate on your business. This is an optional feature (one time investment for one app) that you can choose to have for $999.

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FAQ’s Related To BuddyBoss App Reviews

What is BuddyBoss ?

BuddyBoss In fact, the Buddy Boss Theme and Platform is a replacement for BuddyPress, a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a social networking site. While innovative, BuddyPress has several drawbacks, and it has a whole community of third-party plug-ins for certain more advanced features, such as providing a forum. Not only does the use of a lot of add-on plugins complicate things, but it also adds to the cost of the apps. The platform is open and powerful overall. And if you want to build on the community functionality of your site (whether it's a public site or a network for private membership), BuddyBoss is a great option.

Over To You : BuddyBoss App Review 2020Launch Your Own Native App

Did you like our Buddyboss App Review, your courses will be in your student’s pocket with latest BuddbyBoss App. BuddyBoss is the best company in the market and they have over 50k+ customers and they all have positive reviews about BuddyBoss.

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