Get BuddyPress Apps Live on iOS and Android Apps in Under Two Weeks With MobiLoud

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Get your own BuddyPress Apps Live on iOS and Android Apps in under Two Weeks. 

To design apps that fully integrate with your existing website from scratch would cost between $50k and $200k and take months. We provide a shortcut that saves you 90% of the expense and months of work — without sacrificing quality.

The MobiLoud platform provides all of the benefits of native apps without committing you to a lengthy project that adds unnecessary complexity, stress, and expense to your life.

Don’t squander your cash or allow your competition to outperform you in terms of mobile user experience. Begin establishing your app store presence intelligently and reinvest the savings in user acquisition and platform development.

After developing your BuddyPress website, you can now focus on translating it into a mobile application that your community members can use and interact with. There are a few methods available to website owners and web developers for accomplishing this.

Build iOS and Android Apps For Your BuddyPress Site

  • Create the mobile app from the ground up, using inspiration from your WordPress site.
  • Engage an app developer to construct it for you, which may be an expensive and time-consuming procedure.
  • Create a hybrid mobile app quickly by incorporating your mobile website into an app (likely to lead to app store rejection).
  • Utilize certified software and mobile app expertise to convert your website into a BuddyPress native app.

The final option is the optimal one. It’s economical, rapid, and creates high-quality results–particularly when used with the MobiLoud Canvas software.

mobiloud canvas

MobiLoud Canvas – What Is It?

MobiLoud Canvas enables site owners to extend their site’s online-only presence with a dedicated iOS or Android mobile app.

This comprehensive service allows you to create a fully functional mobile app that integrates with your existing BuddyPress theme. This ensures that you retain the design customizations and branding that you invested so much time and effort into when developing a mobile app for your website.

MobiLoud Canvas’s staff will configure, construct, and publish your mobile application for you. Once you’ve signed up for the service, publishing your app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store requires almost little effort on your part. Not to mention the dedicated support and automated upgrades that you receive. It truly is a one-stop shop for mobile application development.

MobiLoud Canvas works by including the following native layer on your mobile website:

  • A fully customisable native launch screen that allows your mobile web app to load in the background as the app is being launched.
  • Preloading of pages, which ensures that the primary pages of your site are immediately available when your app launches.
  • Native tab bar for fast navigating between your app’s main pages.
  • Inbox for push notifications to return to all messages sent, which also integrates with OneSignal and Firebase.
  • Advanced notification control panel, allowing users to manage what they get.
  • User logins are supported, and are connected with push notifications.
  • Geolocation support enables any location-based functionality in your web application.

Here are some additional reasons why MobiLoud Canvas is superior to the competition:

It works with WordPress’s login system, which benefits your users.

It connects with BuddyPress, so you won’t lose any of your website’s functionality when you convert to an app. Additionally, it is not a huge software (like PhoneGap is) that compels you to forego essential BuddyPress features.

MobiLoud Canvas provides your social network with a strong presence in the iOS and Android app stores, quick navigation UI elements, content caching, native mobile advertising options, animations, and front-and-center screen real estate on your viewer’s mobile device by offering the best features for your mobile website and mobile app.

All The App Features You Need

Mobiloud customer review

Native Tab Menu

The native tab menu is the core of your app. It makes the most important parts of your app instantly accessible and gives a ‘native feel’ for your users. 

Message Center

Every message your users receive is saved in the app so they can revisit it, explore the content or follow the link later on. 

Push Preferences

Let your users easily choose exactly which messages and notifications they’ll receive. 

Native navigation

iOS and Android users will easily be able to navigate through your app with a familiar native interface.

Customizable Splash Screen

Your users will see a branded splash screen while your app loads and will get feedback with a progress bar

Configuration Dashboard

Control everything about your app in real time without needing to fiddle around submitting updates

Fully customizable

Make the apps yours with a custom color scheme, logo, and splash screen

Loading Indicators

The apps will give users clear visual feedback when a page is loading for a better UX and a native feel.

Automatic Rating Prompts

Gently nudge your users to review your app after they’ve been using it for some time.

Integrations & Advanced features

MobiLoud built the perfect wrapper to give you the key benefits of native apps for a fraction of the price and none of the hassle. 

Firebase Analytics

With unlimited reporting and audience segmentation, Firebase gives you all you need to glean valuable data on your users.

Onesignal Notifications

Send notifications from the OneSignal dashboard or from your app via their API.

WordPress Integration

Choose a custom theme for your app. Trigger notifications for new posts, custom post types, BuddyPress events, messages and more. 

Handle external links

Internal and external link options. Your app will detect the link type and either open the device’s browser or keep the user in-app.

Edit All Labels

Change or localize all the text labels shown in native parts of the app, like the push notifications screen. 

Location Services

Request the user’s location and use it in your web app

Detect App Users

Every request coming from the app is easy for you to identify thanks to a unique user agent string

Advanced Editor

Edit the configuration using JSON, or export it and run it locally on your own server.

Apply Custom CSS

Need to make changes in your mobile app without affecting your web app? Add your CSS code directly into the app.

MobiLoud Pricing :

Mobiloud Canvas pricing

Conclusion : BuddyPress Apps Live on iOS and Android Apps With MobiLoud

BuddyPress is a powerful, feature-rich solution for creating communities and social networking platforms that can be used for anything from organising a local sports team get-together to allowing a vast network of employees from all over the world to collaborate on a project.

Adding a native mobile app to your community’s online presence will provide users with a new, yet familiar, way to connect with friends, family, and colleagues, thanks to app-only features such as a presence on their device’s home screen, push notifications, and instant access to the main sections of your site.

MobiLoud provides app builders for all major WordPress plugins, including WooCommerce, LearnDash, PeepSo, and many others. Canvas, on the other hand, is great for BuddyPress!

If you haven’t already, request a demo of MobiLoud Canvas to discover how well it works with your BuddyPress-enabled social network! Then, when you’re ready, begin using MobiLoud.

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