How To Build a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page – Detailed Guide

If you want to generate warms leads on your business page, then try out using video chatbots on Facebook. The video chatbots are preferred only for customer support and lead generation.

In this tutorial, we will learn Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page. We will focus on how you can use the video chatbot for lead generation.

For this tutorial, we will be building a video chatbot for a home cleaning services provider. So the video chat bot’s goals are set to be specific.

Instructions for Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page

STEP 1: We will start by determining the qualifying questions

For your video chatbot to answer the queries of the customers, you need to collect enough data from the users.

For example, we have collected the following information so that the chatbot can provide an estimate for your services.

  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Name of Locality

STEP 2: Create a Video Flow of your chatbot

This is a necessary step before you organize your chatbot. You can visually map out all the necessary logistics and sequencing of the conversation you are planning to offer your customers.

Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page

STEP 3: Prepare a Script for your Video Chatbot

This step will make sure that your customers are getting their queries cleared and answered. It is necessary that you add a clean call-to-action objective to every video clip you make.

It should be made in a way that the clip will only move forward when the user will provide an input. It is a bit tricky but you will eventually get there.

Prepare a script - Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook PageSTEP 4: Building Video Chatbot’s Flow using Chatfuel

User experience is what that matters. Your customers will only entertain your video chatbot messages if they find it interesting. This objective of this step is to make sure that the script you made is compatible with

Chatfuel’s user flow.

Using Chatfuel - Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page

It will be difficult for you to record the whole script in advance and later realize it that it does not make any logistical sense.

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STEP 5: Setting up the User Attributes

When you complete creating the QUESTIONS block, you will be required to add USER INPUT plugin. This is a necessary plugin that will allow you to save all the customer conversations and responses.

Using Attributes - Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page

NOTE: replicate this procedure with all your questions

STEP 6: Organize the “Go to Blocks”

After saving the users and scripting the questions, you will need to define the conditions regarding the estimate.

Building a Video Chatbot

STEP 7: Upload the Video to the Dropbox

Record videos for every question, that is; for a single question, make a single video answering that question. Also, rename your videos according to the questionnaires serial number.

Upload video to dropbox - Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page

STEP 8: Adding Clips to Chatfuel

Insert the VIDEO plugin in the Chatfuel. This helps in fetching the URLs of the videos to the Dropbox.

Adding clips - Building a Video Chatbot for Your Facebook Page

Click on ‘Share’ and then ‘Copy Link’ and simply paste it into VIDEO plugin.


Video chatbots have brought revolution to the messenger marketing. It works as an assistant that never sleeps and will answer every customer query 24X7. It can help you in generating the required leads for your business page.


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