How to Build Your Own CPA Network with OneClickCPA

Are you looking to build your CPA Network here is the  solution for your problem. We offer system with open script code.

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What is it exactly:

Oneclickcpa – is out of the box solution with open sourcing script code for creating and improving working CPA partner network of any scale. You can see all the functions of the system in action and real-time on the demo account:


Login: [email protected]

Password: admin

For only $9700 you get completely ready system installed on Your servers with open initial script code. You will get one license for one domain. We include all supporting documentation and support in developing and working out all imaginable functionality. You can create your CPA system original and competitive!

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Why should you chose Oneclickcpa?

OneClickCPA performance features

Nowadays, only the biggest CPA networks like Neverblue have their own CPA network engines. Many highly capitalized CPA systems don’t have their own engines. This happens because creating CPA system is very expensive and technically difficult, and it is even more difficult to make it reliably work on high volume of data.

Almost everyone who gets certain volume of business tries to write one’s own systems. Most of them don’t succeed even after they spend more than several hundred thousand dollars and considerable amount of time.

After we created high traffic volume on our own CPA system, we wrote such system. It was not designed for sale originally. After using it for over one year, we built the system to the shape that we were satisfied. We used the best programmers available; those who are familiar with billions of actions and high load. We made the huge effort to create the best product on the market.

OneClickCPA features

Today our system can accept billions of clicks. It works with amazing speed and in real time at the same time. Clicks, leads are shown in statistics of webmasters simultaneously. The statistics is one of the most functional for webmasters.

The platform is built on newest architecture and database which became available on the market only in 2015.  All processes were perfected on more than $1 million turnover of More than 1 000 000 leads and hundreds of millions of clicks. More than 1000 offers.

You can see the speed of work in the demo account:


Login: [email protected]

Password: admin

Any statistics is loaded in one instant. Even if you work with data created for one year period. Such high speed is preserved even when you have more that 1 000 000 leads and hundreds of millions of clicks.

Thanks to the right architecture of the system, 1 server easily processes 10 million of clicks a month and one server is held in reserve. Cost of the server is all your recurring monthly costs instead of $5-7 thousand in case of leasing similar system.

We created the system of multi streaming which spreads evenly all data between servers if you have hundreds of millions of clicks.

Reasons why wrote our system and why it is wise to chose Oneclickcpa from the start, opposing to renting similar system.

We rented CPA systems for our own business. We tested 5 most popular systems. Once we faced an issue that our site received more that 10 million clicks of clickunder traffic and we were billed more that $7000 in rent.  It is impossible to negotiate such high bills with the CPA engine owners. You have to pay. Those who rent the engines will understand what I mean. We have to pay the bills and switch off the webmasters with very low conversion.

Main setbacks of using our competitors systems (i.e. hasoffer, getcake, etc.) that we have resolved:

OneClickCPA features testing

– You cannot create original CPA system on rented scripts. We tried to create skins for rented systems, but the speed of API work does not allow creating really high quality product.

– Rented systems often have multiple errors linked to storing multiple campaigns in single cloud. Loss of traffic constitutes up to 10%. Statistics periodically shows faults when part of statistic data are simply lost. That happened on one of the biggest CPA system. All such cases are denied when you try to find out what is really happened.

OneClickCPA support

– Slow speed of work. There is no real-time. Statistics is loaded with 15 minutes delay.

– Weak functionality of statistics, which is below popular trackers.

All of the above problems we have resolved with writing Oneclickcpa. We have done huge work and made big effort to create really good product, which we use ourselves and we are satisfied with how it works. We don’t stop on what we have done. We are developing new functionality features, part of which we will be giving away as a bonus to the buyers of our system.

Please get in touch with me if you decide to pursue the opportunity further.


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