Buying TikTok Likes 2024: Should You Buy TikTok Likes? Here are the Pros and Cons

Should You Consider Buying TikTok Likes? Here is a detailed review with pros & cons.

Are you planning to boost your TikTok account’s growth? Well, you have some options that are proven and tested.

For instance, you can buy TikTok likes as much as you want or even followers.

If you’re not the type who enjoys instant gratification, well, you can resort to TikTok bots, a surefire but slower way to increase your followers through organic engagement.

Both of these methods are tested to work, but we’re here to give a verdict, which is a better investment if you want a sustainable way to gain a large following.

But before anything else, let’s talk about the new kid on the block, TikTok.

Buying TikTok Likes: What Is TikTok

TikTok’s current user base has surpassed the billionth mark.

What’s impressive about this is that the platform is still considered young and that it is expected to receive more growth as more people discover the application.

If you want to buy TikTok likes, you probably have already perceived the direction of the platform and would like to leverage on that matter.

Not that long ago, the social media called Vine was a thing, and it somehow shares the same concept that we currently see on TikTok.

You record short videos, upload them, and people from across the globe can see them instantly.

While YouTube might already be there, Vine was able to gain more creators because of its accessibility, simplicity, and reach.

However, Vine is pretty limited since it only allows its users to upload six seconds of content.

After four years of having a good run, the Twitter-owned platform has been closed, and since then, the internet has gone back to watching cat videos on YouTube.

Buying TikTok Likes- what is tik tok

With the emergence of TikTok, however, the spirit of Vine somehow has been resurrected.

Unlike Vine’s six-second video rule, it is better in most aspects and isn’t limiting their creators.

Combined with the ability to edit videos on the application itself using various effects, TikTok became a giant in video content generation.

Much of why people would like to buy TikTok followers is not just because of the numbers and self-gratification.

They certainly want to make it big on TikTok and become what they call an influencer.

Having a vast following would allow anyone to collaborate with brands easily and have many paid advertisements on their content.

On paper, it’s an excellent way to earn money and is a sustainable one, considering TikTok’s steady rise in popularity.

However, to reach this stage, you must put in a lot of work to pump those numbers, and in the current landscape of TikTok, doing so is a thorough but worthy process.

Buying TikTok Likes: Pros & Cons

The process of buying content interaction like views, likes, and follow is already dated; it has existed before through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Since then, most of the websites that offer services have transitioned and focused most of their resources on managing TikTok accounts.

However, straight-up buying likes and other statistics for your account have a very rough reputation.

Sure, they work, but do they benefit your account?

Since we’re pitting two methods with one another, we would like to properly understand how each works by providing some of its pros and cons.

Buying TikTok Likes


Let’s start with the pros of buying TikTok likes:

1. Instant Service:

Most of the accounts that will follow your TikTok account are ready-made, so expect to see fast addition to your follower count.

Even better is that these numbers that they tell you to expect are very accurate.

2. Your Money And Credit Information Are Safe:

Even though we don’t recommend using this method, we should still give credit where it’s due.

TikTok follower sellers are still legitimate services for specific people, so they’re certainly not a scam.

As long as you’re dealing with a website with certificates and security protocols, all your payment information is safe.


Now, here are the cons of using this service:

1. Not Suitable For Your Account’s Engagement:

Let’s face it, these followers that you’re supposed to be buying are fake.

They won’t bring a positive impact to your content, let alone help your account grow.

There’s also this discrepancy that TikTok might notice, and the algorithm will do something to boot you out of exposure.

That said, it’s better to have smaller but high-quality followers rather than an inflated one filled with fakes and dummies.

Remember, always go for quality over quantity as it is needed to improve on TikTok.

2. Followers Won’t Last That Long:

Bots and fake-made accounts are toxic for TikTok’s community.

That’s why we don’t recommend this type of thing, as those purchased followers might be gone after some time.

TikTok itself will do some countermeasures to detect abnormal increases in following, and they will do everything to remove your gains.

While they won’t be banning your account or disabling you from using some features, they can still prohibit you from entering the “For You” page, which is the main feed of TikTok users.

3. It Won’t Trick Anyone:

All of these followers you will be getting once you purchase service are simple and unidentified ones.

Most of them are just labeled as “Tik Toker,” which by itself is already a red flag. Most experienced ones on this platform already know what’s up if they discover someone being followed by these bots.

That said, this isn’t healthy for your reputation since people will have a negative understanding of your branding.

The chances of them following you for content are slim to none.

As you can see, there are far more cons for buying TikTok likes because this service isn’t meant for someone looking to grow their account organically.

Those that draw happiness from self-gratification and instant fame may enjoy this service, but even they will soon realize that these numbers are useless, and they just wasted their money.

Now you might ask, “What should I do to increase my following, then?” Well, our article is still not done, and we’re just about to introduce a better alternative.

Subscribing To A Bot Growth Manager: Pros & Cons

While some people might think that TikTok bots are “cheats” or “hacks,” it is a very safe method for anyone to get a headstart, especially if you’re planning to become a full-time influencer.

Unlike buying TikTok likes and followers, TikTok bots run through automation and do everything they can to ensure that every interaction made with your account is authentic and organic.

It, however, requires a lot of work to become effective.

For instance, you have to first understand your target audience before committing.Subscribing To A Bot Growth ManagerResearch what your content is perfect for and understand what location would do best.

Depending on the TikTok bot that you choose, there are some parameters that you can select to make the whole process effective.

These are commonly known as filters, and they’re entirely customizable to fit your needs.

Before TikTok bots became a thing, many services focused on Instagram.

Like TikTok bots, those dedicated to Instagram are meant for organic account growth, but sadly, the platform is now keen even for this method.

TikTok, on the other hand, is not strict when it comes to this, or we don’t know when they will implement changes that will affect TikTok bots.

In the meantime, this method is still the safest and most effective way to grow your account from scratch.


Now that you have understood how TikTok bots work, let’s proceed to all the pros it could offer:

1. Effective on Helping Your Account Grow: 

TikTok bots work slow and steadily to maintain accuracy and quality.

Because they work based on a targeted audience, they evaluate different accounts and conclude whether it would be a worthy interaction.

A TikTok bot will often follow or interact with an account that has a high chance of following back.

They’re also keen on finding those that will also watch your content for a long time.

2. Transparent With Analytics:

Famous TikTok bots like FuelTok and MediaMister offer a dashboard where their clients may accurately monitor all the interactions the algorithm is doing.

In this case, analytics is essential as you can use them as future references if you’re planning to tweak your preferences.

3. Cost Effective: 

TikTok bots often run in a subscription-based service and constantly offer options for their clients to pay monthly or annually.

You can instantly tell that they are expensive, but if you imagine all the work they can do for you, you’ll appreciate and understand the value for money underlying this service.

Buying TikTok followers is arguably cheaper since they can be purchased in tiny increments.

However, as we said, you have to realize that these followers are all fake and useless.

4. Safe To Use And Often Comes With A Money-Back Guarantee 

Since TikTok bots are established services usually used by famous influencers, you can rest easy knowing that your payment information is safe.

Aside from the essential consumer protection, famous TikTok bots also offer a money-back guarantee.

That’s how they trust their service and operation that they can comfortably tell people to get their money back if they’re not satisfied.

5. Live 24/7:

TikTok bots are made with consistency in mind; that’s why they can be operated 24/7, even if you have logged out of your account.

They can take care of comments, but take note that there’s a limitation to this feature since bots are still having a hard time understanding digital human interaction.

TikTok bots may only provide basic and programmed responses to the comments on your content, but it is a perfect setting to enable people that don’t want their audience to wait.


Even if TikTok bots are overwhelmingly recommended, there are some cons behind it that we should discuss:

1. It Takes Time To Work:

TikTok bots are inherently slow to show results, which is understandable considering how they’re given a preference.

We can’t recommend TikTok bots for impatient people because it is a service that requires frequent monitoring and tweaking.

2. It Might Create Suspicion For Your Audience:

Since TikTok bots are designed to work 24/7, there might be cases where people would figure out that you’re using a boosting service.

While, of course, it’s not illegal, views of TikTokers regarding bots are still divided, so this might lead to a decreased audience and tarnished reputation if you’re not being careful.

3. It’s Not For Everyone:

What we mean is that TikTok bots aren’t for everyone because the system isn’t intuitive and requires a lot of practice to get used to.

That said, influencers just starting might see this as a daunting task.

However, if they’re persistent, they can unlock all the possibilities and benefits of a TikTok bot within just weeks.

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Conclusion: Does Buying Likes on TikTok Help?

TikTok as a platform is still in its infancy, and developers are still constantly pumping out new features that could help creators with their journey.

It’s also a platform that encourages and provides a lot of support for its influencers, with its promotion features and ad-friendly system.

Once you have a stable and vast number of followers, doing business using your TikTok account will be a piece of cake.

However, reaching that stage is the hardest part, and just like Charlie D’amelio and Bella Poarch, you must start from scratch.

With all these influencers at the top, along with others showing promising results, it’s tough to enter and become part of the competition.

That’s why there are some cases where you’re tempted to modify your account and resort to increasing your followers with the help of third-party services.

Directly buying TikTok likes and followers might be a legitimate process, but it is not something that we’re a fan of.

It promotes nothing, aside from uselessness and a short burst of self-confidence thanks to the quick spike in followers.

Buying interactions is not the right way to become an influencer from the very bottom.

Instead, you must always go for TikTok bots because they’re safe and creator-friendly.

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