BuzzBundle Review:Drive Traffic with Powerful SMM Tool

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Managing your blog and creating a following takes time. One of the most difficult aspects of managing a blog is lack of a facility that combines all the tools necessary for managing your website. Driving traffic on a blog is not an easy task. Social media is one of the best ways to generate traffic on your website and raise awareness among masses.

Social media can play an important role in growing your business. But tracking activities related to your niche and tracking your competitors is not an easy task. If you sit down and start doing it manually one by one, you will end up spending days in doing so. But there is a tool which can do it for you in minutes.

Yes, you read it right, that tool is called BuzzBundle. Today I am writing this BuzzBundle Review in which I am going to explain its various features and uses of.

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BuzzBundle Review

What Is BuzzBundle?

BuzzBundle Review Social Media Software Features

BuzzBundle is a piece of software that can help you Driving traffic to your blog and website by targeting your target audience on various social media websites, blogs and forums. It scans:

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • LinkedIn
  • Yahoo! Answers
  • YouTube

BuzzBundle scrapes mention of your target keyword from various websites, blogs and forums. You can raise awareness about your website and create a following of your website by using BuzzBundle regularly. You can use BuzzBundle to manage all your social media networks from creating an account to scheduling of social messages. With the help of BuzzBundle you can find blogs, forums and social network pages where visitors are talking or discussing about your product.

Competition and Public relations are the two most important aspects of blog management. BuzzBundle tracks the competition before posting data to the various social networking websites. BuzzBundle uses the following methods to track the competition:

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Build a Powerful Social Media Strategy

Based on keyword and URL searches

BuzzBundle scrapes similar keywords and campaigns. It can increase traffic on your website by tracking YouTube channels, social networking websites and other websites related to your niche.

Track competitive SEO strategies

With the help of BuzzBundle you can track your competitor’s SEO strategy. Sounds unreal, right? But it is true; tracking the strategies of successful competitors can prove to be very beneficial, especially for newbies. You will get to learn a lot of things which will also help you in the long run.

Send messages to social networking websites at once

BuzzBundle review- the smartest of the social media management tools
Sending messages on various social networking websites one by one can be a time-consuming method, with the help of BuzzBundle you can send messages to various websites at once, which will save you a lot of time and also keep the visitors informed and updated. You can add specific messages to your individual avatars.

SEO Management

BuzzBundle is a great SEO tool. It creates a strong social link by engaging visitors quickly, continuously publishing your content, comments and messages will create a following and increase traffic on your website.

BuzzBundle Review

How to Get Started with BuzzBundle?

When you open BuzzBundle you have to create a project and save it. You can start as many projects you want and manage them from the menu in the right-hand corner.

You need to make some changes in the settings before you start using BuzzBundle, especially search safety setting.

First of all, enable all of the Human Emulation settings and select the Random User Agents under User agents tab.

If you are monitoring lots of keywords then it is advised to use Driving traffic.

Making these changes is important as google might start giving captcha because of sweeping search engine data with too many questions.

BuzzBundle Review

How To Setup a BuzzBundle Campaign?

1) Creating a campaign with BuzzBundle is very easy

  1. a) Go to File
  2. b) Click on create new project
  3. c) Click on “Add Streams”

Now you can add your keywords and related content in the software. You can add or delete the social media websites you wish to post your content.

2) Layout
you will see 4 columns in each stream which can be edited. Each column will have a gear at the top. In order to edit the layout, click on the gear and select ‘’edit this stream’’. You can uncheck social networking sites and video sharing sites on which you don’t want to share your content.

3) Set Up Your Proxies

If you are using multiple keywords, then using a proxy is strongly recommended.

To setup proxy click on preferences> Search engine safety> proxy rotational and import them.

4) Setting Up Your Profile and Persona

In order to do so, click on personas and profiles tab at the left side.
It will ask you to upload an image and enter the name with which you want to be known as.

Fill out the registration info like username, password, email and email password.

At the last step it will ask you to enter your Date of Birth and website. After this click on ‘’connect profile’’ button to add your Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Replies will be given using these profiles.

You are done setting up your BuzzBundle account and are ready to start interacting with your Driving traffic. There is no limitation on the number of personas you can create, and switching between personas is very easy too. You don’t need to log in or log out in order to switch personas.

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How to interact with people using BuzzBundle?

Like all its functions, this action is easy to perform too!

Enter your target keyword and click on the ‘’Find Buzz’’ button, present at the top of BuzzBundle screen. The software will then scrape the websites and find posts related to your keyword you entered. You will see a list of content related to your content.

BuzzBundle review

Look for people who have queries that are relevant to your content. Reply to them with the relevant information and leave your content’s link. Click on OK and your comment will be submitted. Wollah!! You just engaged a bunch of people who are looking for information that you can give them. More and more people will visit your blog looking for information. This is a sure shot way by which you can create a good network and create a following on your blog.

You can also reply with photo messages, retweets and make other blogger’s posts your favourites.

It is advised to create a few templates which will save you a lot of time, also add a personal touch. And never spam! It is better to write 5 good responses rather than posting 500 template responses.

You can also schedule your posts and replies according to various time zones. In this way your interaction with your audience will continue even if you are sleeping or spending time with your friends and family.

BuzzBundle review


After using BuzzBundle for a while, I can confidently say that it is a great tool to Driving traffic on your blog and create a loyal following. It has some incredible features which, if used wisely can prove to be a great help in growing your business. If you are still not sure whether you want to use this tool or not, then I would suggest you to use its free trial. You can download the trial version from their site and give it a try. If you like the software, which I am sure you will. You can buy the full version.Join BuzzBundle on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin

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