CallHippo Review 2021: Is It Worth The Hype? (20% OFF Discount Code)

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Ease of Setup


  • Affordable pricing
  • Reliable Dashboard
  • Quick Setup
  • Annual Billing
  • CRM Integrations
  • Number Portability


  • Metered Calling
  • Customer Support needs improvement.

CallHippo does not simply provide you with a business phone number but also considers various important tactics such as engaging the customers and monitoring the call reports. The pricing for CallHippo is fairly reasonable. Above all, it gives a free plan with most of the basic needs. The dashboard is quite navigable and all the tabs are present on the right hand panel of the dashboard.

Price:$ 8

Startups are the most important part of today’s age. You need to consider various factors to boost your business and get your customer’s support. Starting from the social media promotions or be it the discount coupons, each of the factors is important.

If you are providing the services or selling something, you need to deal with your customers and stay in touch with them. Though your customers can reach you via mail or live chat sometimes they do need more assistance and thus your customers need voice support.

You can’t give away your personal phone number to the customers as you can’t always attend to the customer’s call. This is where Virtual Phone Systems like CallHippo works well. CallHippo is one of the best Virtual Phone Service Providers for small businesses.

Today I will review this Phone Support system for the Startups and including the CallHippo features and pricing and how it can benefit your business?

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CallHippo Review 2021: Reliable Phone Support System? 

About CallHippo

CallHippo was established in 2016 and is headquartered in South California. It is quite easy and instant to set up your business phone number with CallHippo. The company currently serves 50 countries and promises to set up your call centre within 3 minutes.

CallHippo Review With Discount Code- Virtual Phone System for Business

The company makes it easy for your customers and for you to communicate with them. You can receive calls from all around the world using a web browser.

Your team member can even communicate with each other using this service which makes it easy to exchange ideas, collaborations and friction-free discussions.


CalHippo gives a number of features and benefits in its plan. The most basic features are:

  • Get local phone numbers in over 58 countries with no desk phone required.
  • Call Forward your call if you are not available to your team within a fraction of a second.
  • Manage your teams, clients and collaborate and discuss with your team.
  • Whenever a customer calls on your business phone number, all of the team members will be notified about it with a ring.
  • You can also record all the calls attended y your team for a better user experience.
  • Your customer can also send the voicemails which will be received in your inbox. You can play the voicemail in your inbox.
  • Track and monitor all your call for better customer support. Keep a check on the % of missed calls and call load.
  • Waiting for the customers can be irritating for the customers. Keep them engaged with music while you are busy attending the other customers.

What Else Does CallHippo Give?

There is a long list of the benefits that CallHippo gives to its customer. Moreover, you don’t need to wait long to get your business phone number.

  • Instant Virtual Phone Number

Getting a phone number for your business is as easy as getting registered. Once you have registered, go to the Dashboard and click on ‘Numbers’.

Select the country at which you are located.  If you have a local business, then you can keep the number type as local or else ‘Toll-free’.

CallHippo Review- add a new number

After choosing the desired number, you just need to buy the number which starts from $6. CallHippo is available in almost 55 countries including USA, UK, Australia and others.

  • Call Forwarding

With Call Forward feature, you can add an alternate number so that the customer’s call gets answered even when you are busy. You can schedule the call forward for a specific time too.

Call Forwarding- call hippo review

You can integrate the forwarded calls with the CRM software so that it can be monitored for analysis.

In the dashboard, go the users’ panel and click on the phone number that you wish to forward the call to. You can only forward call to one phone number.

  • Call Recording

This feature is not available with all the plans. To improve the better user performance, all the incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded.  Call recording improves the performance of your team, clients and employees to prepare reports.

 Call Recording- Call hippo discount

Recording a call can serve various purposes such as:

  • Avoid the tedious task of making notes for the customers
  • Improve the quality and train your employees better.
  • It also serves as evidence for the compliance issues.

It is available in the number tab where you can switch to call recording. Make Sure it is legal in your country.

  • Voicemail

Set up the voicemail for your customers to keep them engaged. If you are busy attending to the customers, you can keep the customers engaged with some text message or voicemail greeting.

You can also upload the voice chats and greetings for your business.  In the dashboard, click on the number panel and set up the voicemail.

Voicemail Feature- CallHippo review

There is on-hold music for the customers so that they can wait for the long and an e served better if your executives are busy attending the calls.

You can upload your greetings as the on-hold music r anything that you can do to keep your callers engaged. This certainly results in better call conversion.

  • Call Distribution

It is a great way for big businesses to handle customers with ease. You can manage and distribute all your calls according to your wish.

Select the order in which you want to adjust your calls so that you can route your calls and handle it accordingly.

CallHippo Review With Discount Code- Call Distribution

With this feature, you can route the calls to all the members of your tea so that it reaches the desired team member. Similarly, you can set the order at which the call is received.

For instance, you can set the call such that it will be first received by you and if you are busy then by your executives.

This feature keeps your team management well maintained. You get the advantage of equally distributing the calls to your members. Also, it increases the efficiency of handling the calls.

  • Interactive Voice Responsive System

Interactive Voice Response a.k.a. IVR is a feature that gives you the benefit of using your customer support as the call centre. You can set up and switch on the IVR for your business.

Voice system- Callhippo coupons

Whenever the customer will contact you, he will be greeted with the automated voice message in the same ways as we hear while we hear contacting our network providers:

Press 1 To Know your Balance

Press 2 To Check Your Current Plan

Press 3 To Talk to our Customer Executives

IVR is a pre-recorded voice system and it will take your customer to the right department. Similarly, you can also set up the multi-level IVR system.

  • Number Portability

Porting is better than getting the new phone number as it helps you get the benefits of the network providers without the need of updating the new number.

It has more perks than owning anew number as you don’t need to update the number. Also, you will not lose your customers as they will still contact you on the number you own.

To port a number for your account, you will have to contact the support team and provide with all the relevant documents so that it is is proved that you are the owner of this number. This might take about 3-4 weeks.

  • Stand Alone Dialer

Most of the Virtual Phone Systems have stand alone dialer that lets you make the call from your dashboard. The open dialer is present at a different subdomain so that you do not face the complication of logging in to the dashboard repeatedly.

The Stand alone dialer has a different subdomain with the same credentials.

CallHippo Integrations

CallHippo gives you the integration with your CRM so that you can manage things from your CRM account and need not jump every time to the web browser.

  • Pipedrive Integration

CallHippo integrates well with your PipeDrive account and displays the customer’s contact information and history when a call is connected. On integration, your PipeDrive manages all the automated workflow and you can create the notes without leaving the Pipedrive.

It synchronizes the contacts including all activities and data between the Pipedrive and CallHippo.

 Pipedrive Integrations- CallHippo Review

  • ZenDesk Integration

ZenDesk is a CRM software that integrates with CallHippo making it easy to manage your customers. ZenDesk is one of the most popular CRM software that generates the ticket, quick guide and support for your website.

If you use Zendesk, you can integrate it with CallHippo to get a better user experience. It synchronizes the contacts as well as the ticket system for you. Also, you can make a call from Zendesk console with just a click.

Zendesk Integrations- callHippo promo codes

  • Intercom

Intercom is another awesome CRM software that sets up services like Business messenger, in-app messaging and help centre for your business needs.  It integrates with your CallHippo account and keeps you updated about the callers history as well as synchronize the contacts.

CallHippo Review With Discount Code- Intercom Integrations

Besides this, CallHippo also integrates seamlessly with other CRMs such as Zoho, Freshdesk, Groove, Slack, Zapier and Dynamic.


CallHippo suits best for the small businesses as you cannot spend a large amount on your business. The company also gives a free plan to its customer.

Besides this, it has three more pricing plans with different features.

  • Bronze ($10 per user/ month)
  • Silver ($18 per user/ month)
  • Platinum ($40 per user/month)

If paid annually, you can save up to 20% on each plan.

CallHippo Pricing Plans- CallHippo review and discounts

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CallHippo Review Verdict: Is It the Right Provider for your Business?

Virtual Service Providers are important for all kinds of business needs. You need a robust platform to stay connected with your customers. CallHippo does not simply provide you with a business phone number but also considers various important tactics such as engaging the customers and monitoring the call reports.

The pricing for CallHippo is fairly reasonable. Above all, it gives a free plan with most of the basic needs. The dashboard is quite navigable and all the tabs are present on the right hand panel of the dashboard.

This was my review of CallHippo phone system for your business needs. If you have used it earlier, share your feedback with us in the comments box.

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