CallHippo Pricing Plans for Outgoing & Incoming Calls

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Are you looking for CallHippo pricing, don’t worry this post covers a detailed CallHippo pricing plans comparison.

What is your industry or group’s need for a new phone service provider? Finding the right supplier among the many available is a challenging process. Price, usability, and support are all important aspects to consider when choosing a new supplier.

Does the business make money? What services and features do they offer that will increase profits? Do you have easy access to information and assistance from them?  

In addition to providing you with a business phone number, CallHippo takes into account various important aspects, such as engaging with clients and monitoring call statistics.

The service is reasonably priced. The best part of it is that it offers a free plan with most of the basic necessities. There are a lot of tabs on the dashboard’s right-hand panel, and it is quite navigable.

Let us know in detail about the CallHippo pricing. 

What is CallHippo?

CallHippo pricing

CallHippo is a relatively new VoIP company. CallHippo, a company founded in 2016, provides local assistance numbers in more than 50 countries. With the simple sign-up process and system interface, you can create a call center within minutes.

Through charging only for the service and delivering very competitive pricing, CallHippo is able to satisfy small startups, huge enterprises, and everything in between. For budding entrepreneurs, CallHippo’s free plan costs only for calls.

CallHippos- Pricing

CallHippo Pricing Plans

In contrast to other corporate stakeholders, CallHippo offers transparent pricing. For small businesses, there’s a free plan that already has a lot of useful features, such as forward-to-device, and integration with third-party services.

The Bronze plan, available from CallHippo, unlocks features such as call recording and country blocking. In contrast, Silver adds call forwarding and call queuing to the mix, as well as a free standard number, 800 free minutes for incoming calls, and a credit of $2 per user.

Those who want everything will want the Platinum plan. Additionally, you’ll get custom integrations, premium support, 3-way calling, bespoke reports, $5 credit, and 1,500 free minutes of inbound calling, on top of everything included in the silver plan.

In addition to the free plan, CallHippo offers plans starting at $8 per month for each user. 

CallHippo is the most popular Silver package because it costs only $15 per user per month (plus annual fees) and includes free, standard numbers. In addition, Platinum charges $35 per month per user per year.


Quick setup – Within minutes, CallHippo’s team sets up the calling system. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to understand and navigate. 

Easily track calls and deals – CallHippo’s cloud-based technology allows tracking of data and calls in real-time. Multiple client details can be sorted and managed easily by CallHippo software. 

Assist in new employee training – New employees of the call center benefit from the recording feature. The CallHippo software allows easy sorting of recordings according to requirements. 

Great device compatibility –  You can use CallHippo on mobile devices and desktop computers. CallHippo’s mobile setup is quick and easy, unlike other call center management software.

The Takeaway

A VoIP service to keep in mind is CallHippo without a doubt. Additionally, it includes advanced features such as multi-level interactive voice response. As a CRM platform like Pipedrive, integrating numerous third-party services is always a plus. 

In addition, CallHippo has plans that are suitable for both small and large businesses. If you’re a new entrepreneur, you should use the free plan, but if you work for a large company, you should contact the sales staff for the best deals. 

For businesses in the middle, the Silver plan, which starts at $15 per month and includes a free standard phone line for each additional user, is ideal.

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