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Today, we all use WordPress as a medium to build and grow our business. Websites are the stepping stones towards a dream business for every business person and blogger. But, as the business grows and expands more, there arises a need to keep everything in a systematic form. The details of the clients should be maintained in a systematic form in order to benefit the business more.

A systematic form based record, which includes the client’s name, e-mail address and many other details is the solution to this. Hence, we all need a form building plugin such as CaptainForm. In this post we are going to CaptainForm Review.

captainform wordpress review

CaptainForm features:

  • It is an intuitive form builder, which comes along with a drag and drop feature to make the operations easy. It allows you to build the web based forms within your WordPress form plugin dashboard. This is a modern editor that comes along with a number of features more than you will actually need. You will get all the form fields including text boxes, number fields, text areas, checkboxes, headings, Likert scales, email fields and more.



  • It allows you to edit each field and set the field size, labels and many other details. Most importantly, it provides you with two layout options that enables you to build different types of forms. You can find all these features in the “edit” tab of the plugin.
  • It includes Form templates and themes, which provides you with a gallery containing more than 30 free templates to choose from. CaptainForm also allows you to customize the templates according to your own wish and to choose from a wide range.


  • It allows you to maintain the entire data, including the attendee’s name, physical address, email address, date of birth and much more in a very easy and systematic way.
  • It provides centralised form management, which allows easy management of the forms.
  • It includes four different payment plâns and each of them includes live chat and email support, even the free one.
  • It includes notifications such aș form owner notifications and form user notifications.
  • It has an advanced level of security
  • y. It provides you with free SSL encryption, CAPTCHA or the password protection to provide the clients with the most advanced level of protection.
  • It has no add-ons and hence, it has built-in functionality.
  • It comes along with a number of different smart integrations in order to make the forms more reliable and easy to use. It allows you to add multiple 3rd party apps such as Dropbox, Braintree, Zendesk, ExactTarget, ActiveCampaign, Google Drive, Stripe and more.

captainform wordpress review integration

So, this was all about the features of the CaptainForm plugin.

Payment integration

payment captainform


In the payment section, you can set up the payment options according to your own choice. It allows you to assign values as well as  calculation formulas. Thus, you can create forms that will charge your clients and the attendees and hence, it helps you earn money in an easy and systematic way through it.  It comes along with several quick payment integrations.

Pricing of the CaptainForm plugin

captainform wordpress review pricing

CaptainForm provides you with four different types of plans to choose from:

  • The Free version of the CaptainForm lets you create up to 3 forms having 100 MB of storage with up to 15 different fields.
  • The next we have the Apprentice plan which costs $35 for a year. This plan provides you with 500 MB of storage and allows you to build and create unlimited number of forms.
  • The Master plan comes with a cost of $95 for a year and it provides you with a large storage of around 2 GB. This plan allows around 20K submissions for a month.
  • The largest of all plans is the Hero plan, which has a cost of $195 for a year. This plan includes around 100K of submissions/month and provides you with a large storage of 10 GB. It comes with multisite support and includes payment processors.

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Final verdict : You Should Try CaptainForm

CaptainForm WordPress form plugin seems to be very attractive and fascinating considering the number  and type of features that it has. It seems quite easy to be used by all the beginners out there that are looking to bring their business to a step further. It is also an ideal plugin for the well experienced business persons as it has numerous features that will fascinate them.

CaptainForm provides you with 4 pricing plans in total out of which 3 are paid and one is free and it includes complete customer support for the free plan, too. It does not require coding skills, so it can be used even by a non-tech savvy person.

The process of creating an online form is quite easy. It provides you with a number of 3rd party app integrations, which is a remarkable feature. The plugin even allows you to choose the type of form that you wish to create, which is not very common in the form creating plugins.

To sum it up all, it is an amazing tool for the beginners and works really well and each person should for once, use this plugin to create  web forms. I hope you like CaptainForm Review.

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