Sales Innovation Expo 2019: Europe’s Leading Sales Event


Looking to increase productivity in the sales sector and generate more clients? Sales and Marketing are the most important aspects of the business. PRYSM Group will be organising another event relates to the sales sector. Sales Innovation EXpo 2019 is … Read more

MTEX 2019: Europe’s Leading Martech Event


Europe will be leading another series of marketing technology this year. MTEX will be organised in London providing you with another portal into the future of marketing technology, this is an event not to be missed! Marketing Tech Expo: Why … Read more

Why BlockMumbai is the Best Definitive Blockchain Conference in India?

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As you must be aware, India is now making great strides in blockchain technology. Blockchain is becoming a game changer for India. Many corporates are now experimenting using blockchain technology to build India’s economy. Very soon successful implementations will proliferate India’s prominence … Read more

Why Should You Attend Brand Marketing Summit in Europe?

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Knowing your customer and their journey has become essential to delivering customer engagement. Customer expectations are rising from personalised interactions and an experience that delights, the customer is empowered, and the modern brand needs to rise to the occasion. The … Read more