Seven Important Things To Check Before Your Website Goes Live

Things to check before website goes live

A lot goes into actually designing a website from scratch. In layman terms, it could be as big a task as single handedly preparing the Christmas or Thanksgiving feast, except the work of web designing actually stretches over more than one day. There are, after all, so many things to take into consideration, right from … Read more

Top 20 Cherry WordPress Themes For Your Website

From the ancient times people from all over the world compete to decide who’s the best. Even now, after centuries of struggle, nearly the same kind of competition goes in the Internet. And this one is even more massive than it was before. Everyone wants to take his place in this huge world. So, here … Read more

The Art to Developing Alluring and Exceptional WordPress Themes

Exceptional Wordpress Themes

Attractive design is a key element that’s capable of making visitors come back to your website. If you already own a WordPress powered website then it’s actually possible for you to switch to innovative site themes on a regular basis. You can easily customize your WordPress theme for a look and feel that matches the … Read more

Guidelines on Bonding with WordPress

Guidelines on Bonding with WordPress

Well, I’m sure you love bonding with your friends, relatives and colleagues. It’s good to tune your relations with people, who matter in your life. WordPress, although not a human being, definitely matters to a large community of developers, designers and website owners residing in different parts of the globe. Built by a team of … Read more

How to Disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress by 3 Simple Ways

stop annoying trackbacks and pingbacks in wordpress

Most of the professional blogger use WordPress platform for their blogs. Because WordPress provides different themes and many plugins to make your blog very powerful. So WordPress is undoubtedly the best choice for bloggers. Whenever you interlink to at least one of posts in your own website, WordPress generates it as a trackback and shows … Read more

11 Useful Free WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

Free Wordpress Plugins

Hi all, Today I am going to discuss WordPress plugins that are much needed by  every successful blogger. We tend to look plugins that make our blog more user friendly and also search engine friendly. So there are many WordPress plugins used by successful bloggers in their niche.   11 Free WordPress Plugins for Successful Internet Marketers … Read more