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User Interface


  • Integrated employee scheduling
  • Integrates with a variety of time collection device
  • Online and onsite software training
  • Builds a positive work environment and career growth for employees.


  • Log-in process is a bit cumbersome
  • There are too many feature, it is hard to know if we are using it to its fullest potential.

When it comes to maintaining an overall stability of a business, then proper workforce and labor management is of key importance. You can’t just expect to go out there with a business idea, lay a proper foundation, promote and expand it without proper or no Human Resource (HR) management. After all, what’s a business without workforce? And what’s a successful business without proper workforce management?

You might be thinking why I am laying so much stress on the term “Workforce management”. I am doing so because it is the backbone of every successful and well-established business. Business doesn’t only seek success, does it? It is equally important that the success is sustainable, and this can only be done through workforce and labor management.

Employee Scheduling Software - Celayix ReviewNow how to do that is the question. Over the past few years, there have been numerous apps, software and online services that provide and aid you with technical facilities and features to enable you to keep an organized track of the whereabouts and activities of your workforce. One such application that is popularly in demand today is the Celayvix Software.

So let’s talk more about this application in detail.

What is Celayvix Software?

Celayix Software is an attendance and employee scheduling solution developed in the year 2000 by Celayvix, Inc. designed to assist organizations to manage their labor workforce and maintain a proper track of their activities. This software offers a powerful suite of workforce management tools, including employee scheduling software, time record & attendance as well as employee communication for customers and consumers from various industries.

Employee Scheduling Software - Celayix ReviewMore than software, Celayvix is a solution designed to meet the needs of small and medium scale businesses while addressing the complexity of enterprise organizations. Hence, this business solution is appropriate for businesses scaling from small, single store retailers to larger, multi-service companies in a variety of industries. Industries including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail are best suited to use their software for their own benefits.

Celayix - What we do!

Highlight features of Celayvix

The Celayviz Software solution can be deployed on-premise, via the cloud or as a hybrid of both that operates on devices running on both Mac and Windows platforms. This software has an expansive list of useful features that will come in handy for you during HR management situations.

Employ scheduling

employee-schedule-celayix reviewThey have an integrated employee scheduling software called eTime Xpress that will allow you to manage your workforce more effectively, by preventing undesirable over time and improving communication.

Time and attendance record.

time-attendance-celayix reviewThe software integrates with a variety of time collection devices and software applications to provide an opportunity to strategically manage your workforce, plan budgeting, and any other important union rules specific to a business.

Employ communication.

Employee Communication- Celayix ReviewCelayix Software communication solutions are powered by Team Xpress, eTime Xpress, and Voice Xpress, that enable you to more efficiently manage operations and effective distribution of employee schedules.

Payroll integration.

Payroll Intergration Celayix ReviewCelayvix easily integrates with two of the most common types of business software systems, namely payroll services and accounting. This system helps export “Time and Attendance” data to the payroll or accounting solution of your choosing. 

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Online and on-site software training also offered.

For a better understanding of their features and the use of their services, they offer both online and onsite software training so that you earn the best results.

You can also get a free live demo of all these features and a lot more from their official website www.celayix.com

Major Pros

  • Easy to use and highly customizable.  Can be configured to each user’s business needs.
  • Perfect time management ability to ensure the correct employees are scheduled at the appropriate times and locations that are most effective and beneficial.
  • Enables your business to deliver high-quality products and services that solve real problems.
  • Helps you conduct a business with high level of management, integrity and work ethics.
  • Builds a positive work environment and career growth for employees.
  • Integration with payroll, HR, billing or finance systems.
  • Great and prompt customer support via phone or email that help meet or exceed customer expectations.
  • Online and on-site software training also offered.

Ask me?

It is not very often that you get to find a perfect solution to suffice your business purposes. There have been numerous software and services that have been developed with an aim to enable easy and effective workforce management but most of them failed the test.

Celayvix Software, on the other hand, has done fair justice to the scene of Human Resource and labor workforce management. It is very user-friendly and Celayix has worked hard to develop a program to meet all your specific needs. From staying on budget, replacing employees, real-time notifications, preventing undesirable over time and real time employee communications, this software handles everything seamlessly.

If you are looking to switch from manual scheduling to something more organized and quick, the Celayvix is the best bet you have.

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