Chainers Review 2023: It This NFT Game Worth it?

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Ease of Use
Customer Support


  • Community access
  • Create & trade
  • Craft in-game assets
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Creative economy system
  • Creative economy system
  • Completely free to play
  • More than 100 levels of NFT progression
  • More than 1000 unique NFT items


  • There needs to be better documentation and paid help.

A Chainers is the starting point of the game. You will soon be able to get your own Chainer and modify them with new NFT capabilities daily. Chainers is an ambitious project developing a blockchain-based virtual world that enables users to trade NFTs. Chainers aims to create a metaverse game in which a player controls the environment, focusing on non-fungible tokens and community-driven development.


Are you looking for an Unbiased Chainers Review, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

There are a lot of different blockchain games out there, and it can take a lot of work to know which ones are worth your time. 

With so many new blockchain games being released daily, it’s hard to know which ones are worth trying. 

Chainers is a different kind of blockchain game. It’s an innovative mix of strategy, social simulation, addictive gameplay, and various NFT application scenarios. It is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the NFT (non-fungible token) ecosystem.

Users can create everything around them, including character customization, producing in-game objects, and even their own gameplay experiences.

Let’s check out Chainers in detail. 

Chainers Review: What Is Chainers?

Chainers Review

The Chainers NFT game is built on an internal blockchain based on Polygon. It implies that there are no transaction delays, enabling you to purchase and trade NFTs swiftly and enjoy the Chainers world without interruption, a must for play-to-earn games.

Chainers is a browser-based NFT metaverse game, meaning that no hefty downloads are necessary to get started. There are no constraints on the platform players choose to use — from desktop to mobile, players can enjoy Chainers anywhere, with progress stored on the blockchain at every level.

In addition, the project has a fully doxxed crew of 80 Web 3.0 experts with expertise in classic game creation (including AAA titles) and high-traffic crypto-based games.

The project’s reach has already surpassed 80,000,000, with over 50,000 followers across all social media platforms (Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram), demonstrating tremendous excitement for the game before its release.

What Makes Chainers Different From The Others?

Chainers Review

1) Chainers: Best Features & Benefits

Chainers: Best Features & Benefits

Core features of the Chainers ecosystem include Free-to-Play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games where players can access any game in the metaverse for free, immersive and addictive gameplay with an engaging story, and a browser-based platform where players do not need to download games before playing.

The games are also built so that users can monetize their metaverse involvement using play-to-earn mechanics. A substantial portion of the money will be distributed to and by the community. Therefore, it encourages everyone to contribute to the game’s creation actively.

The metaverse is a new and vibrant industry. With initiatives like developing novel methods to make the metaverse accessible to everybody in any browser and on any platform, the “future of the Internet” has bright predictions. Chainers NFT holders have an abundance of benefits. For instance, they obtain access to the Chainers game. Here, players have the opportunity to build the virtual area as creators.

In addition, users may engage the in-game non-fungible token marketplace to buy various collectibles. Moreover, they may manufacture digital assets and sell them as non-fungible tokens.

It will be the game’s governance token. NFT custodians will have the opportunity to vote and participate in community decision-making. Additionally, NFT holders get direct access to community activities.

2) Chainers in-game tokens:

  • Shop token $COIN – used as a reward or to pay for items or commissions in the dashboard. It has an infinite emission and is only for internal use.
  • Token $CHU – will be used with the release of MMO as the main currency in the reward pool. All players will receive some part of this reward pool with the CHU token. Card sales on the marketplace will initially be the same token.
  • The $CCC token is also a reward pool from which we issue some amount of this token to players. This token will be used for voting within the game (put this item up for auction, vote for the next update, and in general, voting will affect the further development of the game)

Key features of Chainers communities on Twitter and Discord:

  • the game has gathered a large and active community, and it ALREADY has a bunch of cool activities and contests for participants.
  • the more participants the community has, the more activities there are for them.
  • in the future, the community will influence the game development process and introduce new features using various voting mechanics

How To Get Started With Chainers?

How To Get Started With Chainers

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Chianers from here and click on ‘Get Whitelisted’.

Step – 2: Choose a Sign-up method.

Step – 3: That’s it. You are good to go. 

Why Do I Recommend Chainers?

Chainers is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game (MMO) with a narrative-based plot that allows players to explore diverse places, gain prizes via p2e minigames, and even construct their own NFT empires.

The Chainers metaverse game is founded on the notion of UGC (user-generated content), which allows users to create their own graphics and gameplay using in-game tools. A built-in marketplace enables participants to purchase and sell NFTs, allowing them to steer their Chainer and its ecosystem in whatever way they want.

Chainers are more than simply intriguing and entertaining individuals; they also possess worth in many ways. There are 15 distinct races of Chainer, each with over 500 qualities, and users may sell or purchase new Chainers on the in-game marketplace.

Each individual who registers with Chainers will get a complimentary Chainers NFT. For the duration of the airdrop, players that check onto the site daily after registration will get a random assortment of free NFTs.

These NFTs may contain apparel, accessories, tools, and actions for personalizing Chainers, among other things, enabling players to level up regularly. The amount of daily free NFTs is limited. Therefore, it pays to arrive early.

The Chainers team suggests keeping a watch on the leading social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Discord, for additional information on the debut of Chainers and to find out when players may begin collecting their free NFTs.

What Is Chainers Monetization Strategy?

You may build most of the game’s components, own unique assets as non-fungible tokens, harvest resources, and develop community-based assets using editing tools.

You may establish communities with your creating gameplay, demonstrate your support and get incentives for doing so, or participate in various activities. Meet new friends, oversee the quality of the information provided by other users, and make future development choices, among other things.

What Is Chainers’ Use-Case?

On the Polygon network, something beautiful, voxelated, and technicolor is now being developed. A gang of anarchic non-fungibles called Chainers would shortly arise on the blockchain. They will give unique access to a universe of browser-based games they will make available to everyone for free.

If you are interested in exploring the NFT metaverse, the next generation of blockchain games offers a wealth of gaming features, collectorship prospects, and play-to-earn experiences. All of this is achievable with a robust social component and a development mechanism.

What Is Chainers Unique Selling Point (USP)?

Chainers is a free-to-play game, and NFTs required to engage in metaverse games can be claimed for FREE on the Chainers’ official website. Anyone may join games and have the opportunity to win prizes. The community will contribute and get a significant amount of the funds.

Players will be able to craft exciting and essential things for the marketplace. The game’s unique features are a voting system and a voxel editor that allows you to create anything in the game’s world. 

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Conclusion: Chainers Review 2023

Chainers may be one of the most successful blockchain-based games presently under development. This game is still in its infancy, but we’re eager to see how well it does when it releases. This finishes my review of Chianers. I will keep you informed when further details become available.

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