Chargebacks911 Review 2024 🚀 Top Features & Pricing (100% Guarantee Fraud Protection)

Chargebacks911 Review

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Chargebacks911 offers a comprehensive and widely used chargeback management solution. They can help online businesses prevent fraudulent charges, minimize loss from them in the first place as well as fight back against those who partake on these schemes by reporting them to authorities if necessary!

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  • Tactical Representments
  • Powering Over $1,165,664,785 in Revenue Recovery
  • Chargebacks911 has more industry integrations
  • Affiliate Fraud Shield
  • Chargeback Alerts and VMPI
  • 100% agnostic - compatible with existing systems


  • Support is only via email
  • No iOS app


Price: $ 100

Looking for Chargebacks911 Review we are here to help you.

Chargebacks are a serious problem for businesses. If you don’t have the right tools in place to handle them, your business can be severely damaged.

The best way to fight chargebacks is by knowing about them before they happen and having the proper systems in place to deal with them effectively when they do occur. But that’s easier said than done; there are thousands of different reasons why customers will initiate a chargeback, each requiring its own solution.

Chargebacks911 has developed software that allows merchants to identify and prevent future chargeback activity, as well as quickly respond to possible fraudulent transactions on their accounts. By combining these two elements into one system – prevention and response – merchants can ensure that all of their sales remain intact without any loss or damage occurring during the process.

Chargebacks are a very important and crucial performance factor for an e-commerce business which many people tend to overlook. If you own an e-commerce store, then you need to realize the fact that having more chargebacks in your business will eventually hamper your revenue and profits. It is very important to minimize your chargebacks to recover your lost revenue. If you can’t, then you won’t achieve desirable profits.

Chargebacks911 Review

🚀  Bottom Line Upfront :

Chargebacks911 is a company that specializes in chargeback management for businesses. They have locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia so they can provide you with expertise specific to your needs no matter where on this planet of ours it may be located! You’ll find compatibility issues less often when using their services because not only do they use DCC technology but also any other currency needed by card schemes across coverage areas which means less hassle when trying get things done quickly without delay.

Chargebacks911 is a company that has protected over 10 billion transactions and recovered $1B in falsely disputed or stolen revenue. Our clients include just 12 merchants to 45,000 when we expanded our connection hub with 500 data integrations (Fi).

In addition chargeback management was also extended from end-to-end lifecycle services for financial institutions/payment facilitators which includes donations ($1M+). Celebrating 200 students graduating from its not profit educational programme Paid For Grades; ChargeBack’s success isn’t limited only at helping companies protect themselves but through giving back too!

What is a Chargeback? Chargebacks911 Review 2024: Chargeback Remediation & Loss Recovery 

For those of you who don’t know what a chargeback exactly is, let me give a few examples to boost your understanding about it.

Example 1:

Suppose a customer purchased a gift from your e-commerce store, to be sent to a relative. Now it often happens that after a month or so, he doesn’t recognize the charge on his bill, so he asks to have it refunded through his bank. This results in a potential chargeback for your e-commerce store.

Example 2:

Sometimes a customer comes to your site with fraud in mind. He buys a pair of boots and then claims they were never delivered and asks his bank for a refund.

Both situations showcase unintentional and malicious customer approaches, but both end up in customer refunds which may end up costing your company big bucks if the chargebacks aren’t handled properly. This can be done by employing the right tools and services. One of the most popular services to handle this unique and unattended aspect of e-commerce is Chargebacks911.

In this post, we have featured Chargeback911 Review 2024 that includes all the detailed insights if this amazing chargeback management program. 

Chargebacks911 Review 2024: Why You Should Use It?

About Chargebacks911 Reviews

Chargebacks911 is an online chargeback management platform that helps owners of e-commerce businesses analyze every chargeback through their store and run it through a process of deciding the most effective way to handle it. The service is efficiently run by dedicated and skilled account representatives who thoroughly analyze the complex chargeback codes based on the situation in hand and help dispute the chargeback on your behalf if needed.

Chargebacks911 Review- Chargeback Remediation Loss Recovery

Chargebacks911’s user base and customers spread across various countries including the USA and major European countries. About 60% of their customers come from the United States, with another 40% as international customers.

They have international offices in the US and Europe, thus making sure that their services are readily available to a wide range of locations. They’re even fully compatible with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

Gary Cardone, CEO of Chargebacks911, added, “Right now, we’re in a moment of history where the world is digitising at a staggering rate, causing an upwards trajectory of global ecommerce which is expected to grow 16.5% from 2020 to $2641.1 billion in 2021.

Chargebacks911 Merchant solutions & tools

Chargebacks911 offers a wide range of merchant solutions and other tools for satisfying customers with the best and profitable results for their e-commerce businesses. All of these tools I’m going to tell you about are systematically arranged in a neat and intuitive dashboard which you can access by signing up with them FOR FREE!

Affiliate Fraud Shield

Chargebacks911’s Affiliate Fraud Shield in a way works like a firewall protection for you. The tool has been designed to detect and prevent the most common forms of affiliate fraud, thus mitigating and effectively preventing fraud from illegitimate affiliate marketing ploys so that you don’t have to pay commissions on bogus sales. This reduces the threat to both your revenue and your processing rights.

Chargebacks911 Review- Affiliate Fraud Shield™

Source Detection

Identifying the actual source that triggered the cardholders’ actions is important to effectively prevent and dispute chargebacks. Chargebacks911®’s Intelligent Source Detection is a patent-pending, state of the art proprietary technology to analyze and tell you which cause is to blame.

Merchant Review

The exclusive Chargebacks911® Merchant Compliance Review offers unparalleled insight into merchant processes. The tool efficiently identifies actionable steps to reduce chargebacks and increase win rates.

 Chargebacks911 Review- Merchant Compliance Review

Chargeback Representment

Chargebacks911®’s Tactical Chargeback Representment product has been strategically designed to ensure guaranteed profitability and sustainability.

 Chargebacks911 Review-Tactical Chargeback Representment

Chargeback Alerts

Chargebacks911®’s comprehensive chargeback alert and dispute reduction toolset helps reduce chargebacks and ensure merchant account health.

 Chargebacks911 Review- Chargeback Alerts

How Chargebacks911 analysis works?

Chargeback codes are complex, boring and hard to track. This is the primary reason why most e-commerce business owners often tend to overlook this aspect. Chargebacks911 helps businesses break down the dozens of complex codes into three easier ones:

True criminal intent

True criminal intent can be roughly explained as the example no. 2 which I gave you at the beginning of this post. These forms of chargebacks are less frequent and often involve stolen identities, stolen cards and other forms of fraud.

Merchant error

Merchant error covers around 10% to 20% of chargebacks, where the merchant charges a customer twice or the incorrect amount.

Friendly fraud

The most common forms of chargebacks are categorized as friendly frauds that cover up to around 86% of the chargebacks. This usually happens when the customer made a mistake on their end. Common examples include when a purchase is made with the credit card accidentally or a charge isn’t recognized and the customer turns to their bank instead of resolving with the merchant.

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Why should you try Chargebacks911?

There are a set of key reasons why I can recommend Chargebacks911® to you. After reading this section, you will clearly understand that unlike other similar services available in the market today, the chargeback risk mitigation and profit recovery strategies employed by Chargebacks911 are completely based on real-world experience and proven effectiveness.

Chargebacks911 Review- PCI Level 1 Certified

Chargebacks911 focus solely on chargebacks

They are an end-to-end chargeback management service that is capable to tackle everything starting from prevention to recovering revenue via representment. The platform consists of highly skilled and experienced payment pioneers with over 145 years of combined industry expertise.

Solutions are tailored to satisfy every customer

Chargebacks911 has been designed to provide excellent personalized attention and suffice all types of customers with company-specific reports, personalized assistance, and a dedicated account manager.

 Chargebacks911 Review- Merchant Solution System

Work according to clients’ existing systems

Chargebacks911’s native software and custom installations ensure that their solutions are 100% agnostic, flexible and seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing business models.

True and in-depth analysis for each chargeback

Chargebacks911’s Intelligent Source Detection™ is a state of the art mix of automation and human analysis that helps analyze and figure out the reason and source behind every chargeback your business encounters by providing the most relevant and accurate data available.

 Chargebacks911 Review- Merchant Solution Chargebacks911 Review- Merchant Solution

Global coverage and flexible algorithms to fit every need

Chargebacks911 is a highly flexible and scalable solution designed to adapt to the ever-changing financial/technological situation. Their service spans across various business types and locations covering 27 different verticals in various industries in over 85 different currencies.

Guaranteed Results

Chargebacks911’s services are the only solution in the market with a performance-based ROI guarantee, thus making their work effectively risk-free. They adamantly boast of the highest win rates in the industry.

100% Security guaranteed

Chargebacks911 maintain the highest level of PCI1 and SOC 2 compliance, to protect every customer with all established regulations and security standards.

Prompt and ready to Work

The Chargebacks911 alert program was designed to provide prevention alerts in as little as 24 hours to every single client without any set-up fee and requires minimal client participation.

Bigger Data for Better Decisions

Chargebacks911 has made a reputation of being very proactive about preventing e-Commerce fraud and has more industry integrations and partnerships than any other provider.

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FAQs Related to Chargebacks911 Reviews

What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is the process of getting a refund from your bank instead, and it can be done on all types of transactions- even ones where you didn't buy anything.

What kinds of users and organization types does Chargebacks911 work with?

Chargebacks911 is the leading provider of chargeback management services for all types of businesses, from mid-size companies to enterprises.

What languages does Chargebacks911 support in their product?

Chargebacks911 supports these languages: English.

Does Chargebacks911 offer a free trial?

Yes, Chargebacks911 offers a free trial.

What kind of support options does Chargebacks911 offer?

Chargebacks911 works with these types of organizations: Mid Size Business, Small Company and Enterprise. The company offers support via phone or online to make sure the process goes as smoothly so that you always come out on top!

Which operating system does Chargebacks911 support?

Chargebacks911 supports the following operating systems: Web App, Windows and MacOS.

Who owns Chargebacks911?

Monica Eaton-Cardone is the Owner/Founder Chargebacks 911.

How Much Does Chargebacks911 Cost?

Chargebacks911 offers the most cost effective solutions, with pricing options that vary depending on your need.

CONCLUSION:  Chargebacks911 Review 2024: Chargeback Remediation & Loss Recovery

Overall, I would recommend Chargebacks911 to any online business owner that is constantly scratching their head at the site of chargebacks. Like we stated before, chargebacks are complicated and boring, so it’s good that we finally have a reliable company that prevents you from doing any of the work and brings back more money to your business.

On the basis of the extent to which I have explored their services and performance, I can adamantly state that no other service in the market today has more experience, knowledge, or data on all aspects of the chargeback process than Chargebacks911.

The techniques and technologies they have and employ are unavailable anywhere else, and through years of trial, error, and success, Chargebacks911 have gained an expertise that no provider can match.

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