ClickFunnels Review 2021 Does it Really Improve CTA and CTR? (100% Tested & Reviewed)

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Ease of use
Technical usage


  • Simple Drag and Drop Webpage Editor
  • ​Quickly Build Sales Funnels That Convert!
  • Smart Shopping Cart With 1 Click Upsells
  • Generate Leads that converts fast
  • Follow-Up Funnels
  • Everything organized in one simple dashboard
  • Create an EASY, non-confusing check-out process for your customers, and reduce cart abandonment
  • Special Webclass Training ($149 Value)
  • Awesome Webinar Event Pages
  • Use Our Advanced Customization Tools Get The PERFECT Look For Your Pages


  • Only 14 days free trial
  • Expensive for newbies

Price:$ 97

Every internet marketer or an online merchant knows the importance of various tools; they not only do most of the work for you, but also save you time and tons of money. These tools can do the work of 10 employees alone. They are fast, reliable and margin of error is negligible. But the problem is buying these tools separately can cost you a large amount of money.

clickfunnels review

Though they are a one-time investment, still you need to have money in the bank to buy all the tools you need. But what if I told you there is one tool which can do the work of more than 10 different tools; yes, there is a tool available in the market which can literally save you thousands of dollars, ClickFunnels or as I like to call it the ‘’Swiss army knife of internet marketing tools’’. Streamlined to build pages ClickFunnels offers marketing tools meant to publish your business on the go. If you read on, you will find that ClickFunnels has so much that it cannot be classified under one tool. It was also mentioned by the Forbes magazine.

What Does ClickFunnels Do?

ClickFunnels can be one of the most important tools to create sales for you. It is basically a sales funnel tool which creates a Landing page for your site. With the creation of landing page, it also creates the sales page by using the drag and drop editor and builder. ClickFunnels has a number of customized templates that suits your need and create an efficient landing page for you.  A user can easily navigate from one page to another by sliding through the sales funnel page.

For instance, if you own an E-commerce store, you would want to capture leads sales as well as get the conversions done for you. ClickFunnels does this multi tasking by creating the landing page as well as the email subscription form with the navigable product pages. It is one of the most useful funnel tools in the industry.

Customer Friendly Interface

ClickFunnels have got the most intuitive and customer friendly interface in the industry. Once you enter the ClickFunnels site, you will be introduced with animated videos and descriptive information about the sales funnel. What I loved about its own Landing page is that they have used big and informative texts instead of using small and stuffed words.

After signing up and entering the billing information, you can choose create a quick page or form for your sales.

  • Choose a Funnel type
  • Choose a suitable template
  • Move your elements, add pages or delete them.
  • Add logos, videos, images and make your sales page more attractive
  • Add the products that you want to sell
  • Quickly create split test
  • Manage Email lists and track your leads or conversions



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Page designing

clickfunnels review page design

You may not be a page designer by profession, but that does not certify you of being low on imagination or creativity. In order to best review this tool I had to do it on a comparative scale and so I went on to use the already market leaders. The Optimize Press 2.x plugin tool uses drag and drop option; hence the page is easier to build but lacks an edge. I also found LeadPages to be quite a genuine purchase due to the regular updates on its page designing tool

Check out this demo by ClickFunnels

After trying in some sample page building I switched to ClickFunnels and got to discover its extensive platform of diverse and vibrant formats. With it you can add a dynamic shade to your business page and also utilize its list of templates that can be modified according to the purpose.

Clickfunnels review featured image

Add funnels

Building page is the first step to making an online presence, but business is more about running the establishment. ClickFunnels focuses your online efforts by adding funnel to almost all its features. Majority of people purchase this product for its Sales funnel which has proven to provide a better conversion ratio.

Watch this video to know how easily you can add a sales funnel

The varieties of funnel that ClickFunnels owns seems endless with Option funnel, Webinar funnel, Automated webinar funnel, Invisible funnel, Launch funnel, Membership funnel, Sales video funnel etc. It is like the master of funnels that not only aid percolates the target audience but also helping monitor the growth activities of your business.

We compared some of the best funnel builders in the market. Want to know which one came out to be the best? Check out this article on Builderall vs Clickfunnel vs Leadpages vs Karta.

Multidimensional Templates

clickfunnels review automated

The templates that come with ClickFunnels are not localized to just page templates but also funnel templates. As the optimization process is a frequent task and may involve pushing mails on a regular note, the need of template becomes dire. ClickFunnels adds templates of varying application to its tools in order to tackle the most unusual issue with better solutions offered by its team of professionals.

The current scenario for templates is so demanding that ClickFunnels has plans to start an online place for the sale and purchase of these templates. It will aid within the collection of more unique and new issues that have been tackled successfully.

Automated email pushing

clickfunnels review automated email

Whether you are selling a product or providing services, every business form involves contacting clients. And if your job demands client interaction on a regular basis, then you can say goodbye to more of your productive time. Or, you can schedule your ClickFunnels tool to forward emails in a timely manner. It also facilitates you with adding category so that you can queue your emails in group and send them to multiple addresses. By adding categories you can handle bulk emails while reaching a much-pinpointed target audience.

In built billing & payment gateway

ClickFunnels Review payment gateway

Once you have shifted your business online, you must also learn to accept the concept of an online transaction. So far the best facility that I have found with ClickFunnels is the freedom to make sales from inside of your sales page and prepare invoice at hand. Like other Web and Mobile payment methods meant for developers, ClickFunnels will allow you to receive instant payments via wire transfer and do billings right away. This way you have been taken care of for sales, accounting, Tally work and receiving payment, which adds to a net saving of time and money.

Chatting & Split Testing

ClickFunnels Review split testing

The chat option available with ClickFunnels allows you to maintain a constant touch with teammates and monitor chats throughout the sales funnel. With a traceable chat history and a well-coordinated team layout, you will be able to pitch sales with greater ease.

Other than providing full scale funnel overview of your sales entry ClickFunnels also handles split testing. Some of you might not be familiar with the concept of split testing, but it helps compare two templates against each other in terms of responses. The inbuilt testing feature will provide you a competitive edge over others, as it is you who can provide a better insight to the client with more confident templates.

Reach target audience

The means of reaching out to the mass audience may have turned easier, but making them aware of the product is still a difficult task. With ClickFunnels every sign up in the webinar is a target audience who should get to know, what you want them to know. You can select your targets among the list of audience who signed in the webinar and categorize them in all diverse ways, whether to email everyone, or those who didn’t see webinar, or those who attended a part of the webinar and missed the offer, or didn’t buy the product despite looking at offer and even the prospects that were successfully pitched.

How Easy It Is To Use ClickFunnels?

With its amazing and catchy interface, I must say ClickFunnels is a breeze to use. With a lot of tools available to use, you can easily create your landing and sales page with the one that fits you. After you log in, you will get a user-friendly interface where all the primary features are available at the top of your page such as the etison editor and backups about which you will read later in the section. Besides this, the analytics tool to track your sales and landing pages is available at the center of the page.

The availability of drag and drop builder and editor tool makes it more intuitive to use. Select any templates you want to use and move it anywhere you want it too. Everything is easily available in the section. You just need to choose and you can edit the text elements inline. After you log in, you will be entertained with some games to kick off your funnel campaign and understand the ClickFunnels better. You will get a 4 day challenge such as integration, creating pages or custom domains. Though, it is optional.

. Thus, ClickFunnels can be called as one of the most easy page builder in the industry with each element readily available. What makes it more user friendly is the ClickFunnels discount coupons that you get with each plan.

ClickFunnels makes the Integration Easy

ClickFunnels make the integration of 38 apps easy. They help you in integration of the well known e-commerce apps that you use to functions everything directly through sales funnel. It uses Zapier tools – an automated tool that connects the software using the native integrations.

Various apps such as-  Aweber, Mail Chimp,GetResponse, ConvertKit, Drip, Constant Contact API, Active Campaign, infusionSoft API, Kajabi, Market Hero, Shopify, ZenCart, Zoom, Twiio SMS, and various others.

Moreover, it makes your site’s functionality and sales funnel by integrating it with some payment gateways such as PayPal, ClickBank, Stripe, BrainTree, Recurly.

clickfunnels integration bloggersideas

ClickFunnels Pricing


ClickFunnels Pricing Page

More Products from ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels company not just gives the ClickFunnel builder for the conversion and sales purpose but it also give other products which are necessary for your sales.

Etison Editor

This tool lets you create an amazing web page with a breeze. You just have to select the templates from the design arena that you want to be in your webpage. After selecting the template, you need to edit or add some objects to the template design. With the drag and drop builder and create your landing page with ease.

Clickfunnels Handcuffs


After you have created the sales form and landing pages, you can look for a follow up funnel by creating your list and using the autoresponders to create the followup.  Using this tool, you can follow up via email, direct mail, messages or more. Create a custom email with the email editor which promises to bring the conversions to you. After you have created the follow up, you can check up the action score of each of your subscriber and how worthy it is to you. You can send the bulk email by creating a broadcast list. At last, you can check all the stats of your follow up funnels such as number of mails opened, number of emails sent or unsubscribed number or even the bounce rate

16 Actionetics Explainer


If you want to create sales and get more leads, BackPack does that for you. It creates the affiliate program for you which can help you generate. All you need is to choose a referral partner, and set up the commission for your affiliate program. Thus, it tracks your affiliates sales and set up your commission.

Backpack Explainer

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages

Let’s compare the two best sales funnel in the industry- clickfunnels and leadpages.

While the ClickFunnels is considered best for the newbies, marketers and developers or new product launch, LeadPages is best for the PPC marketers.

ClickFunnels Review features

ClickFunnels LeadPages
Integrates with multiple apps such as PayPal, MailChimp, GetResponse, Recurly and many more Integrates with major apps but does not integrate with any payment gateways.
Flexible Page Builder with readily available templates Drag and Drop Builder
Builds Landing Pages, sales page and create forms to drive leads Builds Landing pages only to gather leads
Affiliate management tool and autoesponder tools available No such tools available
Pricing Ranges from $97 per month to $997/ 6 months with etison editor and backpacks included Pricing ranges from $37/month to $79/ month but with only limited options available.
Extensive Customer Support with live chat, email and phone Only live chat and email

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Some Helpful Videos from ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels – How to Create a Custom Quote Box or Testimonial Box

ClickFunnels - How to Create a Custom Quote Box or Testimonial Box

How to Use ClickFunnels Pricing Tables

How to Use ClickFunnels Pricing Tables

Conclusion : ClickFunnels Review 2021

clickfunnells review pros

A smart business person realizes the potential of anything that has a future or if he can make one out of it. Trying to reflect the same quality within myself, I have appraised this product after comparing it with its counterparts and the advantages that they hold over each other. ClickFunnels is currently available for a whooping subscription value of $97 per month, but the subtotal price of all the products that it manages to replace still makes its price tag look minor.

If you have been using other similar tools already, then you will start to enjoy this one as the advanced version of everything that you have ever known.

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