ClickFunnels Vs WordPress 2021: Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons) Who Wins?

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Finding it tough to decide amongst ClickFunnels vs WordPress. Here, I am explaining in detail the differences between both to make your choice easier ClickFunnels vs WordPress..

Businesses nowadays ought to have an online presence to reach out to their potential customers. They require websites to do so. Previously, website creation needed a professional to make one.

However, modern tools enable us to make a website on our own.

Two of these tools are ClickFunnels and WordPress. Both are wonderful in helping you make a website easily.

You might wonder about which of these tools is best for you. So, in this list, we will be discussing which one might be the one for you.

However, before diving into the topic, let us know more about both tools.

ClickFunnels Vs WordPress Overview

ClickFunnels Overview

ClickFunnels, in simple terms, is a sales funnel and landing page builder. It helps newbies with no prior experience make a sales funnel. This funnel helps in sales and promotions of your products or services. Specifically, ClickFunnels is not a website builder like WordPress but tends to work similarly.

Sales Funnel creation can be hectic and hard to learn. However, ClickFunnels can do this task easily. ClickFunnels simplifies the process involved in making sales funnels. Imploying ClickFunnels to your website can increase the profit earned.

 ClickFunnels Overview

Though ClickFunnels require some experience in the field of marketing beforehand to build successful sales.

ClickFunnels can aid you in making sales funnels or landing pages from scratch. It also has a list of pre-designed templates. ClickFunnels’ integration can make it work with paid ads too. This results in better lead generation and conversion.

ClickFunnel Features

 ClickFunnels - leadpages start Marketing Funnels Made Easy

  • Drag And Drop Editor

With the Drag and Drop editor, you can simply create the sales funnel. Just drag and drop the elements you need in your project. You can also customize these elements.

  • Wide range of themes and templates available

You can find many customized templates to meet your needs. This can save your time, which you would have to invest in designing the landing page from scratch.

  • Affiliate Program made simple

You can set up and manage affiliate programs pretty easily with ClickFunnels. To make it easy for you to understand, recruiting people to promote and sell products you are offering is very simple.

  • Host Webinars

Hosting a service-based or a product-based webinar is smooth with ClickFunnels. You can also run a webinar on-demand.

  • Email Marketing is a cakewalk

You get in-house email marketing solutions with ClickFunnels. This saves you from integrating with other third-party email providers. But this benefit is only for ClickFunnels Platinum and top-tier plans. Their auto email responders can help you connect with the subscribers automatically. You can also connect with your customers after they purchase or sign up for a webinar.

  • Added Website Hosting

You don’t have to hunt for third-party hosting. Simply add your domain to the ClickFunnels account.

  • eCommerce suitability

Whether your products are physical or digital, you can promote and sell them with ease. Receiving payments is pretty simple with ClickFunnels. It allows you to integrate with a trustworthy shipping service, ShipStation.

  • Numerous Integrations

Talking about integrations, ClickFunnels features everything from email marketing to eCommerce tools and even WordPress.

  • Hasslefree Membership Sites

This can prove out to be a great way to generate recurring revenue. You can promote your content, build an online community, and have users sign up and get a membership.

  • Analytics Functionality

You can keep track of the performance of your landing pages. In-house analytics functionality covers parameters like page views, user behavior, and the number of conversions.

  • Split Testing

With ClickFunnels, you can split test different aspects of your sales funnel or landing page. This will help you to determine which designs appeal more to your visitors.

  • Add Any Product

ClickFunnels also has a shopping cart feature, so you don’t have to integrate with any third-party application.

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WordPress Overview

WordPress is proper website-developing service. It helps you in developing a well-designed website in no-time. You don’t need to have prior experience before starting a website using WordPress.

It boasts a huge user-base. Some of the most reputed companies, such as Microsoft, use WordPress to make their websites. WordPress hosts over 35% of the sites on the internet.


WordPress’ website builder aids you to create all types of websites in a breeze. From homepages to service pages, WordPress helps you build all of them. Though WordPress is not capable of making sales funnels as easy as ClickFunnels. So both these tools are not suitable for both the jobs.

It enjoys organic traffic. WordPress is superior to ClickFunnels when it comes to SEO features.

WordPress can still be used in building sales funnels; it is very hard to do so and takes much time. But it is better suited as a website building tool.

WordPress Features


  • Massive Plugin Market

From shopping cart to a countdown bar, checking out to SEO optimization, WordPress has a plugin for everything you want. There are more than 55,000 plugins, both paid and free. Make sure to check reviews before you install them.

  • Beautiful Themes

You can choose from a wide range of beautiful themes created by both WordPress and third-party vendors. From building affiliate sites to eCommerce sites, they have themes for everything. Before buying or even downloading a theme, you can preview it.


  • Customize Codes

You can customize almost anything on WordPress if you know how JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and CSS work. You can change how your theme works, the visual elements, and also add videos and images. Simply use plugins if you are not tech-savvy.

  • Content Editor

You can add or edit posts or web pages in a single click. Though WordPress doesn’t provide a drag and drop editor feature like ClickFunnels. You can still use HTML to make much customization.

  • Image Editor

With Image Editor, you can crop, resize, add a caption to the image and even change the alt text.

WordPress- Image Editor

  • Numerous Integrations

WordPress has a wide range of integrations from MailChimp to YoastSEO and WooCommerce to Google Analytics.

WordPress- Build Simply

  • 70+ Languages

You can create content in more than 70 languages other than English with WordPress. This makes it great for people not fluent in English.

  • Helpful Community

WordPress boasts a very engaging and supportive community. There is an extensive amount of tutorials available.

WordPress Support

  • Smooth Installation and Updates

There is a wide range of one-click installers on WordPress, which eases the process of updating.

Comparison of ClickFunnels and WordPress

Both the platforms, ClickFunnels and WordPress,  are top of the line. These platforms are wonderful in doing their respective jobs. Thousands of websites use these tools to expand themselves and gain an online presence.

However, they don’t need to match your work-profile or the situation you need to use them for. This comparison will show you exactly how either ClickFunnels or WordPress will fit your requirement. In this article, we are comparing both these platforms to the following parameters.

  1. Funnel or Website
  2. Pricing
  3. Onboarding
  4. SEO
  5. Community
  6. Support
  7. Social Sharing

It is also possible that you might find both tools suitable for you. You can even use both tools for your website.

So let’s see the factors you need to understand before getting one of these tools.

Funnels or Website: What Suits Your Need

The first decisive feature between both the services is whether you need a sales funnel or website.

For building sales funnels, ClickFunnels is a no brainer. It is perfect for making any sales funnels in just a matter of time with ease. On the other hand, building sales funnels through WordPress can take much time and won’t be that good. Apart from time, you will need to install a hefty list of plugins to make it work.

The Awesome thing about ClickFunnels is that you just have to do some drag and drop elements to make a sales funnel. The ClickFunnels dashboard has various integrations and options, including a plugin for WordPress too. ClickFunnels also provide hosting options, whereas WordPress does not.

However, when it comes to creating a Website from scratch, WordPress is way better. ClickFunnels cannot be used for creating a website.

WordPress does not require any coding experience to make a website. Just use the elements and theme options available in the library, and your website is ready to roll. SEO tools are present in WordPress to index your site on the web easily. However, WordPress will not provide you with a hosting option. You will have to buy hosting on your own.

WordPress and ClickFunnels both cannot do each other’s jobs.

So clearly, if you want Funnels, you should go for ClickFunnels. For a Website, you should go for WordPress. No second consideration is required to choose one here.

ClickFunnels Vs WordPress: The Pricing Battle

Pricing is the most decisive part when it comes to choosing any tool or service. No matter how better a service can be, you will always have to go with the one which fits your budget. So let’s see the pricing part of both these tools.

ClickFunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels have a couple of paid options for you to choose from. The starting option is the ClickFunnels Basic option, costing you $97/Month. This plan allows you to create 100 webpages and reel in up to 20,000 visitors per month. You can also build up to 20 sales funnels.

The next option is the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. This plan will cost you $297/month. Choosing this plan will grant you access to ClickFunnels’ premium features. Backpack Affiliate Program and Actionetics Email Marketing are included in this plan.

 - ClickFunnels Pricing

Moreover, this plan includes creating an unlimited number of Funnels and landing pages without any monthly limit.

Actionetics integration means you don’t have to use third-party mail services like MailChimp.

The affiliate marketing program will allow you to start and manage your affiliate program. This eradicates the need to spend money on third-party tools.

For professionals, the platinum plan is worth every penny of its cost.

ClickFunnels provides you with a 14-day trial too.

WordPress Pricing

WordPress also provides you with a couple of pricing options. First in the list is the WordPress Blogger plan, which is completely free. This package is meant for new bloggers or those who are looking for free options. As a free option, you can run an average-sized online business here.

The next one is the WordPress Personal Plan. This will cost you only $4/month for an annual subscription. The benefits of this plan include a custom domain, live chat support, and business email access. This is very suitable for a small business to run on.


After this, the Premium plan comes in. It costs $8/month if billed annually. This is also the most popular pricing option among the five.

The next one is the plan for large businesses. Named as the Premium plan, it costs $25/ month when billed annually. This plan has custom plugins and themes,24/7 live chat, and a 200GB of cloud storage. It also has all the features of the previous plans.

Last but not least, the plan is the eCommerce plan. This plan costs $45/Month if billed annually. As the name suggests, this plan is for online stores. The plan, in particular, is very flexible. It can handle all your eCommerce business as well as help it grow.

It’s a no-brainer that if you want a website for your business, then WordPress has much better prices to choose from. The plans are also flexible on the WordPress side. Though, with WordPress, hosting cost is an extra expense that is included with the ClickFunnels plans. For a small or medium-sized business focused on the online presence of a website, WordPress would be the first choice.

Onboarding With ClickFunnels and WordPress

Onboarding is the process of starting the service for the first time. Easy and interactive interface usage means an easy onboarding. For new users, easy onboarding makes a better experience. A tool should give new users enough help and tips so that they can have an easy and fun experience.

Here’s where the time to set up these services differs a lot.

With ClickFunnels, you need to press a few buttons, click a bit, and you are done. With WordPress, you need a lot of integrations, trials, and errors before getting to it. You need to have some prior skill in page building to go on WordPress.

Though, if you don’t know about funnels, ClickFunnels can be pretty irritating too. However, you can learn them easily as there are plenty of videos available on the platform.

There are various books and resources provided by ClickFunnels to learn more about funnels.

Overall, both the platforms have a learning curve and maybe a bit of a tussle for newbies. However, learning them is not that big of a task as there are plenty of resources available.


Both platforms provide a great range of Search Engine Optimization options.


You can configure all your SEO metadata with ClickFunnels. But in comparison to what WordPress offers, it is pretty limited. ClickFunnels is a great tool for lead generation. Still, when you consider it for SEO integration, it is not that good.


If you have a fundamental idea of how SEO works, you can make the most out of Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress. You can add meta titles, tags, and descriptions with Yoast. It enables you to formulate and work on the finest SEO practices.

For SEO, WordPress is the definitive choice. You can’t go wrong in SEO with WordPress. WordPress’ USP is its ability to handle SEO like a breeze.

 ClickFunnels Vs WordPress: Customer Support

When you use a service, an app, or a product, Community interaction and support is necessary. A good community can help you learn many exciting things about the tool. The community also lets you discuss your experience and the issues you faced with others. You can help in solving other users’ queries too.

So let us see how these services stack up in terms of Community support.


ClickFunnels has an amazing community. ClickFunnels has an official group on Facebook. It also has an affiliate marketing group known as the Avengers.

These community groups comprise many successful entrepreneurs, goal-getters, and digital marketing professionals.

It does not matter whether you are a newbie or a full-fledged professional working in this field; these groups are really helpful for you. ClickFunnels’ communities give you a connection with around a dozen business owners and entrepreneurs and gain knowledge from them. Applying their advice to your business will achieve success soon.

All in all, ClickFunnels has a great community to grow into.


Searching for a community group for WordPress, you have bad luck. WordPress does not have any official community group. Moreover, you cannot find any unofficial group either. The only groups you might come across will be of themes, plugins, or some tutorial groups only.

These groups might prove useful too, but members in these groups hardly post things in common. Unlike what you would expect from a community group, you would barely get to socialize with users here.

Clearly, ClickFunnels emphasize on building an environment where every user can share their experiences and problems with others. ClickFunnels’ foundation is based on growing up with the community.

On the other hand, WordPress doesn’t provide anything of that sort.

If you like a good community and what to grow along with them, ClickFunnels is the thing for you. You cannot ignore the community support there.

Customer Support

Support is very much essential for any user. In a situation where you encounter any issue or problem, support is the first place you seek help. So support must be a must-look feature you need to watch for.


ClickFunnels has a very reliable and helpful support option. However, ClickFunnels’ support does not rank very high among other platforms in this field. Still, it is a very excellent support to seek help.

It is also better than WordPress, even though it is not the best. Unlike WordPress, ClickFunnels has a messaging feature for seeking help. This helps in finding the professional directly for support.

Moreover, ClickFunnels has a strong Facebook group to back up more issues. Just post your query or search for it to get instant solutions. This feature is also missing in WordPress.


With WordPress, there is a forum where you can see others who have faced similar products. It lacks a messaging feature like ClickFunnels. WordPress also does not have a very extensive community like ClickFunnels.

All in all, ClickFunnels is way ahead of WordPress when it comes to supporting and assistance. You can’t connect to a working company professional for aid in WordPress.

ClickFunnels is a clear choice here.

Social Sharing

In today’s time, we cannot ignore the importance of social media in growing your business. You can find excellent social sharing options on both ClickFunnels and WordPress.


With ClickFunnels, you can embed social sharing tabs into your funnel. You can also share your funnels on almost all social media websites. All of this will ultimately get you more leads and significantly improve your conversion rate.


You can find a wide range of premium themes that offer social media sharing tools. This will help your content reach out to the masses. Even if you opt for a free theme, you have the option of installing additional plugins.

FAQs ClickFunnels Vs WordPress

👉🏻 Can I use WordPress to create sales funnels?

Yes, you can, but it takes a lot of time and effort to do so.

👉🏻I need a website for my business, and I have a low budget?

In that case, WordPress is a clear choice. It is a tad cheaper than ClickFunnels and better suited to make websites.

👉🏻I need to generate leads for my business, what should I go for?

ClickFunnels is your first option when you want to generate leads. ClickFunnels is an interesting tool to build sales funnels and generate leads.

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Conclusion: ClickFunnels vs WordPress Comaprison 2021

So which option is better for you?

The choice you make depends on several parameters ranging from budget to goals of your business.

You Should Go For ClickFunnels if:

  1. Your focus is on selling services or products to earn a profit.
  2. You want to gain good returns from high-conversion sales funnels.
  3. Being Tech-savvy is not one of your traits.
  4. You want to save time
  5. Paid advertising is your plan.

You Should Go For WordPress if

  1. Content is your thing.
  2. You want to increase organic traffic.
  3. Want to optimize your website for search engines.
  4. You want to maximize SEO and have control over website features.
  5. You have time to invest in both learning and building the website.

But in my opinion, use both of them side by side. Moreover, they both provide a free trial to check what suits you and your business.

You can integrate both WordPress website for content, and ClickFunnels sales funnel for selling services and products. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

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