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Click Fraud Technology


  • All Core Features
  • Up to 1,000,000 clicks /mo
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • 2 year data retention
  • 30-Day Free Trial on All Accounts
  • Easily Track Entire Sales Funnels
  • Geotargeting/Mobile Optimization
  • 24/7 Click-Fraud & Link Monitoring
  • Fanatical One-On-One Support
  • Works Everywhere You Advertise


  • Support can be improved
  • Only 15 Days Free Trial

As an Internet marketer and specifically if you want traffic, you need the useful tools to track your sales and conversions. If you are running or campaign or running some ads, you need to understand that it should bring some quality traffic. If your ad doesn’t bring traffic, then its none of your use and eventually you will end up wasting your money on ads with no sales and conversions. I have explored the internet in search of the tool which can actually track my campaign and ads. Tracking will tell you a lot about what is not performing and will eventually give you a chance to improvise your campaign. I am going to share my ClickMagick review and will take you deeper down the details to help you.

The best tool for the click tracking that I have found recently is ClickMagick. ClickMagick is the best affiliate tracking software in the industry with its robust and variable features.

This click tracking tool allows the free analytics for your campaigns and keeps check on the performance of your ads. Also, it takes care of various factors such as testing the price points, payment methods, sales, page design and a lot of factors.

I have given a detailed review of ClickMagick here and why it is is one of the best click tracker tools in the industry lately.

Bottom Line: ClickMagick is an amazing tracking service which helps you to track your ads and focus on where your most profitable traffic is coming from. ClickMagick can track email campaigns as well. Test ClickMagick yourself and grab a special discount coupon today.

What is ClickMagick? ClickMagick Review & Discount Coupon Code

I was looking for the tool that creates the tracking links for me and also brings some quality traffic for me. ClickMagick which is often misspelled as click magic, ClickMagic or Click Magick is one of the best affiliate tracking software.

ClickMagick Review- Track And Optimize All Your Marketing

This tool will most importantly tell you about the conversion rates of the ad or the campaign.

FeatureCLICKMAGICKOther Trackers
Link Cloakingimage descriptionimage description
24/7 Link Uptime Monitoringimage descriptionimage description
Automatic Bot Filteringimage descriptionimage description
Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysisimage descriptionimage description
Custom Tracking Domains (Unlimited)image descriptionLimited
Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimizationimage descriptionLimited
Effortless Conversion Tracking (Of ANY Action Or Sale)image descriptionLimited
A/B Split Testing w/ Automated Winner Alertsimage descriptionLimited
Multi-Mode Link Rotatorsimage descriptionLimited
Add 4 Types Of Pop Ups To ANY Linkimage descriptionimage description
Add Content & Notification Bars To ANY Linkimage descriptionimage description
Add A Countdown Timer To ANY Link Or Pageimage descriptionimage description
Add Retargeting Pixels To ANY Linkimage descriptionimage description
Dynamic Affiliate Linksimage descriptionLimited
Advanced Postback URL Trackingimage descriptionLimited
Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passingimage descriptionLimited
Facebook Sharing – Custom Title, Description & Imageimage descriptionimage description
True Real-Time Statsimage descriptionLimited
Google Analytics Compatibleimage descriptionimage description
Lightning-Fast Link Redirectsimage descriptionLimited
Easy-To-Navigate Detailed In-Depth Statsimage descriptionLimited
Public Stats Sharingimage descriptionimage description
Import & Export Your Data & Statsimage descriptionLimited
New Features Monthly Based On User Feedbackimage descriptionimage description
Growing Tutorial & Training Video Libraryimage descriptionLimited
Fanatical US-Based Support Teamimage descriptionLimited

ClickMagick gives you a one-stop solution if you are an affiliate marketer.

  • You can know the conversion rates
  • The click-through rates
  • The profit which your campaign is making
  • Quality of your traffic
  • Location wise traffic
  • Which ads are converting and so on…

ClickMagick Review – Best Email Tracking Service

ClickMagic is a very useful link management system for online marketers, but it is especially important for those who sell or buy traffic. It not only tracks every visit and every conversion but also controls the traffic flow by blocking false clicks such as bots or users via VPN. You can maintain traffic quality by setting a geographic or daily limit.

Clickmagick also provides additional tools, such as a pop-up window or a banner bar, to invite users to another page.

ClickMagick has recently strengthened its anti-spam policy and prohibited users from using certain spamming techniques. This is great news that will guarantee that the traffic we process comes from legitimate sources.

Split test A / B

Each conversion of the tracking link can be tested separately. It’s very easy to put it in its place. When entering two or more URLs (any number), enter the percentage of traffic each page should receive. Then copy the ClickMagick tracking pixel code and paste it into your thank-you pages.

After configuration, traffic is randomly distributed across all pages, and you can view statistics for each page separately. ClickMagick can also automatically determine the winner if the “confidence interval” is 95% or more and notified by e-mail.

Instructions, help, and support.

Offering multiple functions is one thing, but finding everything quick and easy is another. What I find excellent with ClickMagick is the ease of use. How things are presented in this tool.

ClickMagick review - help and support

Better still, wherever a selection needs to be made, there is always a help button to see exactly what each option means. Steve’s instructional videos are the best I’ve ever seen. I think this guy is a genius to explain things (no, he did not pay me to say that!).

There are many instructions in the Help menu. Follow-up manual, frequently asked questions, video tutorials, news, system status, and support service to which you can send a support ticket.

Links and Rotators

ClickMagick links are commonly used in traffic exchange companies, which are typically used for individual ads by both buyers and sellers.

A buyer builds a tracking link and delivers it to his or her seller so that both parties can monitor traffic and agree on the number of clicks (visits).

A provider would indeed configure the buyer tracking link on the rotator. They often have more than one buyer at a time, so the traffic they provide will be “in rotation,” meaning that traffic will be shared equally among all their buyers. Or they want it anyway when setting up.

The IP address of each visitor is recorded on the statistics page and the total number of clicks is displayed accordingly.

The total number of clicks (TC) and single clicks (UC) is displayed separately. If a user visits the buyer’s URL multiple times, the total number will be displayed on TC, but the number in UC must remain at 1.With ClickMagick you can control and monitor traffic in a number of ways. Each function is simple and complete.

I will guide you through the top menu and you will see what I mean.


  •   User-friendly Interface

The dashboard of Clickmagick is too simple and navigable to use even for the newbies. If you are an affiliate marketer who is willing to learn you’re a/B and test and track the links, Clickmagick can prove to be the best tool for this purpose.

First of all, it offers a 30-day free trial period which is enough to learn and test the links. It has also the tracking features which are essential to track the campaigns and features such as tracking your opt-in, sales up-sells, conversions.

Secondly, you can split test the links and look at the dashboard to check for the best-performing links in your campaign. Also, you can set the testing parameters to check for the default settings.

  • Track Pages that aren’t yours

There’s something unique in ClickMagick which not all the link tracking tools offer. Normally, when someone makes a purchase on your page, they will be taken to the thank-you page where you can notice that the conversion has taken place.

But, ClickMagick also tells lets you track the conversions in the external page. This means that if someone purchases something from your page but you want to send the traffic to any external page too, you can do that using this feature.

  •  Measure Your Traffic Quality Score

ClickMagick also tells about the quality of your traffic. It does so by calculating your traffic score. The traffic score tells you and gives you the idea of how big the traffic is in comparison with the huge and expanding data.

You can check the overall traffic score as well as the traffic individually in three tiers; Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. The data can also tell you about the unique as well as the proxy IPs used by the vendor for showing you the traffic.

The idle score for the traffic quality must be more than 75 and that will actually tell you that the traffic is real. This feature is really helpful when you are using the paid traffic and want to track it.

  • Re-Targeting

One of the coolest features of the ClickMagick is that it can increase the conversions by using the targeting pixels code.

This pixels tracking code can be used to re-target and boost the sales. You can increase the exposure to all your offers by using the re-targeting features and your visitors can follow you from all over the web.

Thus, you can add the re-targeting pixel and copy it to your any of your tracking links. Make sure that the link you have used is properly tested.

  •  Countdown Timer

The best way to grab the sales and get the conversions on is by giving the scarcity.

The really cool feature of increasing the sales to some extent can be the useful countdown timer. The countdown timer is really helpful if you want to sell some product quickly and with the discounted price.

Clickmagick lets you use this countdown timer on every link. Let us imagine that you add cloak some sales page of an affiliate offer and use this countdown to grab the quick conversions.

Creating the countdown timer would take you less than 5 minutes and you can use this with any link which makes it the most amazing feature.

  • Create Pop-ups

Pop-Ups create sales. Yes, you heard it right.

Some pop-ups can actually bring you sales and also helps you improve your marketing experience. Though, there are lots of tools that can be used to create the pop-ups and they might not even be pocket –friendly in some cases.

With ClickMagick, you don’t need such tools and creating pop-ups is easy using this tool. It offers 5 different kinds of pop-ups for you; on-load or delayed, exit pops and exit redirects.  They can be easily added to your site.

With the pop-up tool, you don’t need any website of your own or any permission. You just need that pop-up tool with the tracking link to which the visitor will point to.

If you have the access to this tool, you can collect the leads, promote the sales offer, share videos and also add the countdown timer for the scarcity. Pop-ups are the best way to motivate your traffic to opt-in for your list and promote those stuff.

Pop-up on load: This pop-up appears when the visitor appears on a landing page and thus the visitor can interact instantly with the pop-up.

Exit Pop-up: This pop-up appears when the visitor’s exit from your landing page.

Delayed Pop-up: This pop-up appears after a specific time.

ClickMagick Review- Features Compared To Other Tools

  • Rotator

This rotator feature is awesome and it carries the number of links with it to rotate and promote. You can set the traffic parameter for your various traffic links and this way you can allow a number of links to rotate with a common rotator link.

If you have got a number of links to be shared as an affiliate link and you want to share them all. You can place them all in one common rotator and share the rotator link.

For instance, if you have traffic to sell to two buyers; say A and B, the buyers will give the link to their website and you can set up these two URLs under the single rotator.

When it will reach your e-mail subscribers, they will reach them in the form of either URL A or URL B.

  •  Magick Bar

The magick bar feature is really awesome. It is also called the ribbon feature. You will find these features in very expensive plugins but ClickMagick has this magic bar which places the stripe over any website.

You can place the strip or any countdown timer at the top or the bottom of the page and the visitors can easily see your content. This way, you can get more traffic and more visitors if you have created an appealing Magick Bar.

  • High Uptime Monitoring

ClickMagick also monitors your link and makes sure that it doesn’t go down. No one would like to go to a page which keeps down.

Thus the ClickMagick monitors your link to which the sales page has been attached and make sure that it doesn’t go down. When your site goes down, a notification will be sent via email or phone number.

ClickMagick reroutes the traffic for ads or pauses the ads until the time being.

  • Speed

ClickMagick also contributes to the speed by using their servers. Usually, people run the click tracking scripts in their own hosting providers. But, it might not be healthy for your speed as click tracking scripts are not always supported by the hosting providers.

ClickMagick review - speed


Using the ClickMagick’s click tracking scripts, the pages load faster and this improves the user experience. This way it also makes easy for you to determine the speed and quality of the traffic.

  • Automatic Split Tester

ClickMagick doesn’t just offer a link tracking tool but also the automatic split testing winner. If you have launched a campaign and have done the split tests, the winner in the split test gets notified so that you can focus on that one link.

Thus, ClickMagick is one of the best affiliate tracking software for the affiliate marketers who wish to test variable links and get quick results for that too.

  • Filtered Automated Clicks

To improve and have better user experience, it is best to use the clean IPs and filter any proxies or bots from your traffic.

ClickMagock filters the bots, spiders and fake IPs from your traffic and only displays the real traffic for a better user experience. ClickMagick has a large database of noisy IPs which can easily filter out between the real ad the fake traffic.

  •  Notifications to your inbox

This is the latest feature in the ClickMagick’s arsenal and this is surely not offered by most of the link tracking tools.

In the right-hand side, click on the notifications and enable it. You will then need to enter the email address and the phone number.

There will be a cog icon with each of your links where you can turn the notifications on. When the parameter gets down below certain criteria, it will notify and thus you can change your focus on other links with better performance.

Who Should Use ClickMagick?

This ClickMagick review of mine will help you decide much better by the end. Anyone who has an online conversion goal can use the magic of the click. It is especially useful for affiliate marketers and anyone who buys or sells traffic.

Affiliate merchants can track the effectiveness of the campaigns they are running on their merchants.

ClickMagick review - Track And Optimize

As I mentioned earlier, Clickmagick offers subsidiaries different ways to avoid the problem in order to measure its profitability. Experienced partners understand how much the game is changing.

Only buyers and sellers of ads rely on Clickmagick. If you are unfamiliar with solo ads, I wrote an article explaining how they betrayed me when it was published.

If you use Clickmagick when buying individual ads, you can have a much better idea of ​​whether your traffic is legitimate or not and whether that traffic will not be converted and harm your business. You can avoid how I get cheated.

Additional Benefits Of ClickMagick

Not only is Clickmagick rich in features, but it is also software and a very well run company.

ClickMagick understands that your software can be confusing at first. Therefore, they must support and train their users.

Each page has detailed Help buttons, and your customer support is incredibly fast. They promise to answer all technical support questions in less than an hour. So far, this applies to all the questions I have asked.

How To Get The Most Out Of ClickMagick 

Are you like me selling on Clickmagick? If so, you should address your new marketing toy.


Clickmagick has made every effort to prepare its users for success by providing a full Startup Guide to follow-up links.
It’s worth the time it takes to report about it.


Do not be shy to follow everything you can imagine.
Affiliate merchants and content creators want to track and optimize many different things.

Do not lose the quality of the course (make sure you configure it correctly), but it will not hurt if you have too much data unless you are “paralyzed” by the analysis.

Clickmagick is a powerful tool that becomes more powerful as it is used. As Peter Drucker says, “it measures what is measured”.

ClickMagick review- use or lose

Once you use Clickmagick, you’ll quickly find that you have many links that you could and should follow. In my case, I realized that I had dozens of affiliate links, sales tunnel URLs, and paid traffic campaigns that needed to be set up.


Every important feature of Clickmagick includes a detailed explanatory video. These are amazing free resources that will help you sync much faster.


I had hours of work when I started Clickmagick. I wanted to track everything as fast as possible and dove into the software.
However, I knew that I had to be patient and make sure I got things right. I watched the videos and took the one-hour customer service channel seriously.

Although I worked hard to do other things well, I was not worried that things were not absolutely perfect. If I had done it, I would not have done anything. I agree that I must go back over time and repair or improve things. The practice of following links never stops, does not feel like “never”.

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick review of mine mentions three available pricing plans and all of them have scads of features in them. The company offers the 30-day trial period for its service and you can test this tool for 30 days.

ClickMagick Review- ClickMagick Free Trial Offer

There is even a better option when choosing the yearly plan where you can save up to 30%.

  • Starter Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Pro Plan

Look at the pricing and features below:

Clickmagick Pricing

Pros and Cons of ClickMagick


  • Batch Editor: If you are using the rotator or just the link menu, you can simply edit, reset or delete the rotators if it is not performing. You can also change the rotator URLs fro batch editor without much delay.
  • IP Manager: Set the IP range or enter IP addresses manually to filter or block them.
  • IP Lookup: You can also keep track of a particular IP and filter its activity. With this tool, you can look up for the op-ins, sales for all events on this IP address. Thus, you can identify and filter the suspicious clicks too.
  • Data Importer or Exporter: If you want to sell the data o for any purpose, you can export the rotator data, link data or the rotator URLs to any party and the same way you can import that too.
  • Content Locking: Include the sharing and the like option on all your content.
  • Compatible with Google Analytics: It integrates successfully with Facbook as well as the Google Analytics so that you can keep track of your visitor’s activity.
  • Solo Seller system: If you are willing to sell solo ads, you can set up a business of your own using this tool and everything else will be done by your link tracking software.
  • Creates the affiliate link: Set up the affiliate link and you will be able to earn the cash by directing them wherever you want them to go.


  • A bit difficult for newbies: If you have never used something like this before, I would suggest you have a look once over the tutorials as there are a number of features and functions which are hard to understand by the newbies.
  • No live chat: One of the major drawbacks with this link tracking software is that it doesn’t offer the live chat support. Live chat is the need of the hour for every tool. Though it offers the responsive email support but doesn’t offer the live chat.
  • Potential Conflicts while setting the custom domains

User Reviews

ClickMagick Review- Marketers Testimonials

Quick Links:

Conclusion: ClickMagick Review 2020

If you are an online marketer and wish to start your solo ad business and make marginal sales in the industry, then this awesome link tracking tool suits best. ClickMagick review shared by me here has  delineated all the features that can analyze and optimize your clicks as well as filter the real or fake IPs.

It is even more than a click tracking tool, it is the best affiliate tracking software and which can even help you get the conversions better. You can determine well that what is working and what isn’t.

It is a cloud-based service and can be managed with everything from a single dashboard. Thus it is the best tool for the ones who have multiple sites to manage.

Above all, it gives the 30-day free trial and gives the comprehensive tools to geotargeting, sales funnel, organic tracking and link monitoring, all of which can be useful for better sales.

This was my ClickMagick review- The best click tracking tool and I hope you have liked my review on it. You will be surely ready to subscribe to any of these plans. Click the link below to subscribe for your desired plan.


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  1. Giovanni

    Since I started using Clickmagick, my convertion rate increases, thanks for the review!

  2. Aditya Baru

    I have been using Clickmagick for over 2 years. I have never, ever seen it experiencing downtime. I am so amazed the links are so stable for continuously. at least I know of. To save money I tried a couple of other tracking software but they are far too unreliable. I wish CM was a little cheaper but I am not complaining. Thanks


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