Cloudbazaar 6th Dec 2019 : The Conference & Trade Show For WEB PROS

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Web professionals in India – A look at our community and more

As you know, my work with this blog is dedicated to helping you learn how to grow your blog or what is really your ‘web business’. We are all essentially ‘web professionals’ and today I’m taking a look at this or rather our community.

Web professionals in India are quite interesting and distinctive from other parts of the globe. In India, a web pro is largely self-taught (sound familiar?). In terms of web business, a web pro’s core offering can include web services like web design, web development, digital and content marketing and more.

While we are not novices in the web world, we do have some challenges. Let me know how many you identify with:

  1. Fickle customers whose requirements keep changing mid-way through projects
  2. The huge cost and effort involved in hiring/training staff to be available 24X7 for your web business
  3. Online marketing– but I have you covered there 🙂

It would be nice for the many of us who feel this way to meet, talk and learn from more established pros! I’ve recently discovered an event this year that is dedicated to doing just that.

Cloudbazaar conference - web pros

The event is called Cloudbazaar and it invites you to interact with fellow web pros, discover new partnership opportunities and learn the latest developments in technologies and ideas from industry veterans. Plus, since Cloudbazaar’s aim is to ensure maximum access to web pros, you can attend Cloudbazaar for free (as long as you register online).

Cloudbazaar Theme In 2023

The theme for Cloudbazaar this year is ‘Web Pros-To The Future!’ which I find quite apt for a space that changes so rapidly. While I encourage you to find out more about the event on their website-, here is a brief idea of what you can experience:

Cloudbazaar theme

  • A Conference:

10 speaking slots by industry veterans on topics ranging from technology, design, digital marketing, business and more. This year, I’ve been told to expect speakers from Automattic (the company behind WordPress, Jetpack and WooCommerce), Microsoft, Intuit, Freshworks, Mirum India, Verisign (the brand behind .com) and more.

  • Masterclasses:

Tutorials and workshops on advanced and intermediate topics that matter to a web pro. You can expect workshops on advanced digital marketing, web design, business strategies, etc

  • Speed Networking:

An excellent, organized and efficient way to get the community meets, interact and form new partnership opportunities. If you’re shy or never too sure how to go about networking, this is something you should try. You’d never know who you’d meet and in my experience, opportunities formed through networking can take you places!

  • Trade Show:

An exhibition by leading brands showcasing innovative products and services to cater to web pro needs

The event will be held on the 6th of December at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai. International attendees are welcome, of course, and there is plenty of time to schedule a trip to Mumbai. The weather is perfect at that time of year, by the way. You can register for free at Let me know if you’re thinking of going!

Cloudbazaar event

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