Cloudways Affiliate Program To Make Money Upto 200$ Per Sale

The Revamped Cloudways Affiliate Program: 5 Awesome Benefits

As many of you know, I review and keep an update on some of the best affiliate programs in the industry to share helpful advice on how to best grow your passive income.

Cloudways Affiliate Program To Make Money

Recently, I came to know that Cloudways (one of the leading managed hosting providers) has recently launched its revamped affiliate program and stepped up offering with multiple commission models to help affiliates earn bigger bucks.

After going through their affiliate program myself, I must say I’m impressed; it’s easily among the top web hosting affiliate programs at the moment. This is why I’ve decided to share a few details on Cloudways Affiliate Program and some of the amazing benefits it can offer you as an affiliate.

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How Does It Work?

Cloudways offers the following three different commission structures to help affiliates earn at their pace: Slab, Hybrid, and Custom.

Each of these has a different commission policy and intended to give affiliates greater choice in expanding their passive income.

Cloudways affiliate program reviews

1. Slab

The Slab model is CPA-based. This means that you earn commissions based on the number of referrals who convert to Cloudways as a customers every month. The total number of commissions on a monthly basis depending on how many sales you achieve and the matching Slab number and commission per sale.

In the example below, if you refer 5 customers a month, your total earnings are calculated based on Slab 1 commissions, giving you $250. But, if you refer 10 customers, your earnings are calculated based on Slab 2 commissions, giving you a total of $750 instead of $500.

Cloudways affiliate program reviews discount


In other words, the more customers you refer, the higher your Slab number, and the more commissions you make per referral.

2. Hybrid

The Hybrid structure is a recurring commissions model where you earn commissions based on the number of referrals who stay as active Cloudways’ Customers.

Cloudways affiliate program review coupon

In this model, you earn a $30 signup bonus in addition to a 7% recurring commissions for a lifetime so that the longer a referral stays as a Cloudways’ Customer, the higher are your passive earnings.

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3. Custom

The Custom model is a special tier for affiliate wizards and veterans. If you have the swagger to refer more than 80 customers every month on a consistent basis, then you can enter into a customized agreement with Cloudways in which you can earn commissions from a combination of Slab and Hybrid commission policies. The exact details will depend on your sales performance and your strengths.

Cloudways affiliate program reviews coupons

5 Reasons to Choose Cloudways Affiliate Program

As varied as Cloudways Affiliate Program commission structures are, the story doesn’t end there. The program offers several amazing benefits to you as an affiliate. These are as follows:


  1. More Earning Choices
  2. Ideal for Your Preferences
  3. Get Monthly Payments
  4. Hands-on Affiliate Marketing Support
  5. Affiliate Tracking Panel for Performance Reporting

1. More Earning Choices

As explained above, Cloudways’ Slab, Hybrid, and Custom commission models offer immense flexibility and options to help you choose how you want to earn. Unlike other web hosting affiliate programs in which you’re only restricted to earning one particular way, Cloudways Affiliate Program gives you more room to grow as an affiliate.

For example, you can choose to earn under the Slab model and then switch to a Hybrid model if you want to earn recurring commissions. Or, if you feel you have acquired a large enough monthly traffic to your website and have what it takes to refer to a sizeable number of customers, you can switch to the Custom tier to earn even higher commissions.

The Slab is the default commission model for anyone who joins Cloudways Affiliate Program. So, if you want to change to either a Hybrid or Custom model, you’ll need to contact the Cloudways Affiliate Manager.

2. Ideal for Your Preferences

Any affiliate marketer who’s been earning commissions for a while will tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all commission model that works best for every affiliate. Rather, you will find that some affiliates will prefer one structure or another depending on the type of work they do on a day-to-day basis.

With Cloudways Affiliate Program, you don’t get that problem. It gives you a full spectrum of earning possibilities so that regardless of whether you’re a blogger, agency owner, or a performance marketer, you can choose to earn the way you want.


The Slab, Hybrid, and Custom are each best suited for all types of affiliate marketers. Have a look below:


  • Slab: best suited for performance marketers, entrepreneurs, and media publishers
  • Hybrid: ideal for bloggers, digital agencies, developers, and freelancers
  • Custom: ideal for highly experienced and skilled affiliate marketers

3. Get Monthly Payments

There is often a concern among affiliates of earning stable commissions in the form of monthly payments. At Cloudways, you get monthly payouts on your commissions as long as you reach to the minimum threshold of $250 total commissions. All payouts are sent via PayPal, but you can also request to receive your commissions via Wire Transfer.

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4. Hands-on Affiliate Marketing Support

Cloudways affiliate program review discount

You’re probably reading this and wondering if becoming a web hosting affiliate is only for affiliate wizards who have years of experience in this field. How else would newbies make their first buck, right?

Wrong! As a Cloudways hosting affiliate, you gain from a variety of learning resources to learn all the ropes to refer affiliates links and earn commissions the right way. You get everything from how-to guides and articles to ebooks and promotional banners in multiple sizes to help hone your skills as a seasoned affiliate marketer and earn thousands of dollars every month.

Also, you are assigned a Cloudways Affiliate Manager, acting as your guardian for any issues or concerns for your affiliate marketing needs.


So, if you’re unsure how to do affiliate marketing, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Cloudways offers extensive marketing and affiliate support to help you become successful as an affiliate.

5. Affiliate Tracking Panel for Performance Reporting

In affiliate marketing, you’ll have to spend a lot of time on testing new practices and tricks. Cloudways Affiliate Panel is geared to provide you with advanced performance reporting and referral tracking so that you never lose watch of your efforts and referrals.

Cloudways Affiliate Panel’s Reports section gives a consolidated overview of all key reports and stats on your conversions, signups, commissions, and payouts.

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Get Started Today!

In view of the above, I can safely say that Cloudways Affiliate Program is a major step up from its earlier version. The versatility of its program and multiple earning opportunities makes it a top web hosting affiliate program for anyone who’s looking to expand their income in 2018.

Click here to join Cloudways Affiliate Program and hop on board to become their affiliate.

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