The year 2015 is  just days away. The times have changed in the blink  of an  eye. That’s a breath-taking speed. When it comes to speed and performance, cloud hosting is the best option for you. It helps your website stay alive.

 In these modern times, seeing a website going down is surely a bad experience. Businesses with large  customer base can’t afford to have slow websites.


 Don’t be so….. christmas Sale

Cloudways, the next-generation cloud hosting solutions provider offers you with the most reliable, dedicated, and optimized hosting servers to keep your website live and healthy. You just have to build your website. Let us handle the rest. We have some awesome features just for you!

With dedicated servers and unique IP addresses for all your servers, you can enjoy complete control of your server operations. And you know what! You can host as many servers and applications as you want in just a single click. That’s really incredible.

Once hosted on Cloudways, all your cloud servers are monitored and managed by a dedicated team of cloud engineers. And with platform level firewalls and military grade security mechanism, your servers are protected against all potential security threats.

What about the time, when you experience a sudden hike in user traffic at any instant of  time? This issue is taken care of as well… With a powerful and feature-rich cloud console available, you can always scale up your server size to cater your resources.

In addition to this, you can also use console to keep a track of more than 20 server functions in real time. You can also monitor 15+ performance metrics with Cloudways console.

Businesses also tend to remain concerned about their website’s data. That’s no big deal for Cloudways. You can always trust Cloudways when it comes to data security.  You can always take backup of your data. You can also restore or rollback a previous backup taken with just 1-click. You can also launch multiple SSL certificates on a single server in a simple 3-step procedure.

And behold! Cloudways also offers you with integrated Git, SSH, and MYSQL features to enjoy complete control of  your website. With Cloudways, you also get some fabulous addons for email and DNS.

Make your holiday season a memorable one. Check out Cloudways’ exclusive deals and give yourselves a moment to cherish for the lifetime.

Here are the deals

  • Get a 15% LIFETIME discount on 1 GB and 2 GB DigitalOcean plans. Just use the code XMAS15 during the sign up. (Yes, the discount is lifetime unless you scale.)
  • Get up to 65% discount on 4 GB and 8 GB DigitalOcean plans. Use the code XMAS65 during the sign up, and launch your server. (The discount is only on the first month’s invoice.)



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