Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2021 For High-Performing Websites

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  • Free Migration
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Applications


  • Pricing plans should be more flexible


Cloudways is one of the renowned hosting providers in the cloud industry. With the number of hosting providers piling up, it is always essential to choose the one which is affordable and provides useful features. When it comes to hosting a WordPress website, no one does it better than Cloudways.

Thus, Cloudways is a one-stop solution for WordPress hosting. I have given detailed information below about the best host for your WordPress website.

Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting Review 2021 For High-Performing Websites

About Cloudways

Founded in 2011 in Malta,Cloudways has evolved drastically in 9 years. They are providing their services in almost 43 countries with thousands of website hosting on their platform.

Cloudways Review- Managed WordPress Hosting


The most used service of Cloudways is its managed WordPress hosting.

Why Choose Cloudways for WordPress Hosting?

Well, like it or not, the cloud is complex.

Doing it right on your own can easily become doing it wrong. This is why I like Cloudways. Because of its one-in-all reasonable package, user-friendly interface, fastest response time, and much more, I will recommend you to try it out because I am sure you’ll love it.

Cloudways Coupon Promo Code August 2019

Simply add promo code “CWBLOGIDEA” when you sign-up with Cloudways and $20 credit will be applied automatically. You can also start with 3 days free trial of Cloudways and your discount will be applied automatically when you upgrade to higher plans.

Reviews of Cloudways


This web hosting provider has one of the fastest servers in the world offering cloud hosting. The reason for the faster servers and drivers is ThunderStack which includes a number of features in its interface such as the Vanish, Apache, nGinx, Redis and few others which include fast servers, databases or caches.

Along with its lightning speed, you can get certain features such as the 1-click installer or 1-click backup and restore. Moreover, the servers in this web host are all based on different IP addresses and designed with different assets. You have full access to web applications.


This web host provides you a sleek security system. It guarantees protection against hackers by IP whitelisting. Further, you can settle any issues related to your site or security by using two-factor authentication.

You can safeguard your site against the malware or threat using the Click and Go safeguard which is a firewall for blocking the malware. You can backup your data anytime automatically. Just set the frequency of the backup and you will have your job done.


With the experts and cloud engineers in the assistance 24/7, this web host certainly gives the other competitors the run for the money in terms of features as well as the support. The dynamic customer support would resolve all your issues with a breeze. It also offers the ticketing support system for all the specific issues.

A unique CloudBot has been assisted for the customer’s convenience for any queries. If still the issue persists, you can have a live chat or phone or even email support. With premium support at some additional cost, you can get certain additive support such as the private Slack channel or email support or private customization.

Features of Cloudways

So what makes Cloudways different from other cloud hosting platforms? Here is a list of reasons why one should choose Cloudways as their Web Hosting Platform.

Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure identifies what cloud services are offered to its customers. Cloudways has the best cloud providers in the world right now and they are none other than Google Compute Engine (GCE), DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode and Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Cloudways Review- Cloud Infrastructure

Optimized Stack

Cloudways is different from all other hosting platforms because of its unique VMAN technology. Combining Nginx, Apache, Memcached, and Varnish it creates a powerfully configured server environment for hosting WordPress websites.

Cloudways Review- Optimize Stack

Managed Security

Potential threats have increased. They are becoming more and more hostile with each passing day. At Cloudways, its team of experts offers managed security to individuals through platform-level firewalls.

Cloudways Review- Managed Security

This makes server data as safe and secure as possible. Moreover, Cloudways regularly patches OS and firmware with the latest security fixes.

Easy to Setup

It takes only a few steps to launch a cloud server on Cloudways Platform. Just select your managed application, managed cloud provider, server size, and server location.

Cloudways Review- Easy to Setup

Cloudways Review- Easy to Setup

Once you are done with setting attributes, hit “Launch Now”. There you go! As easy as catching a fish in a barrel.

Feature-Rich Platform

Cloudways WordPress Hosting Platform comes with a feature-rich console that allows customers to manage their servers and applications easily. Every feature is a single-click solution. This means you do not have to be an expert to run cloud servers when your web apps are hosting on Cloudways.

How Does Cloudways Work?

Once you have launched a server on Cloudways, you will be directed to a page with a server window containing buttons such as Start, Stop, Delete, Add App, and Clone. Located at the bottom of the window is a “Manage Server” button that will lead you directly to the administration screen.

Compared to other web hosting platforms, Cloudways offers you managed cloud hosting that means you can get a wide range of options to play around with. The Cloudways Platform has two different sections: 1) Server Management and 2) Application Management. What surprises do they hold for you? Let’s discuss them a bit.

1. Server Management

Making cloud server administration easier for you, the Server Management at Cloudways provides you a number of features. The Summary section lets you overview general information about your launched servers, its current status, and its interrelated resources. Master Credentials section displays the SSH access details of your server.

The “Monitoring” section displays graph-based details about different performance aspects of your server. This way you stay updated on all things server related. Vertical Scaling allows users to scale resources (like RAM, storage size, etc.) for your server depending on your website functionalities and traffic.

Cloudways Review- Server Management

The “Managed Services” section lets you manage stack functionalities for running applications on your server. 

The “Server Settings and Packages” section helps you change your server settings whenever such changes are necessary.

The “Security” section allows you to check whether your IP is blocked for SFTP/SSH Access and further helps you whitelist your blocked IPs for SFTP/SSH Access.

The “Vertical Scaling” section allows you to scale up or scale down your server resources. This will save you bucks if you are not using them,

The “Backups” section enables you to create backups of your server data at anytime you want. Furthermore, Cloudways comes with automated and managed backups. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing any of your information at any instance. It’s all safe and secure on an offsite cloud.

The “SMTP” section provides you add-ons that can be easily configured on your server. You will see two email-based add-ons during your trial: SMTP and Elastic Email.

2. Application Management

Similar to the “Server Management”, you have “Application Management” as well. It allows users to set attributes related to your web app. It starts with an “Access Detail” section containing admin area login, database username and password, Database Access and SFTP information.

The “Staging Management” section allows you to test new changes on a staging site. Once you finalize the changes, simply push them to the live website.

The “Disk Usage” section provides you with the real-time stats of your server, such as application disk usage, file usage, database usage, etc.

The “Domain Management” section provides a control panel for domain name administration. Through this tool, you can quickly point a domain to your WordPress site. Enter your website’s URL in the primary domain name and click on “Save Changes”.

Cloudways Review- Server Management Changes

The “Cron Job Management” section enables users to set and manage cron jobs at scheduled times. You can choose basic or advanced settings for your cron job.

The “SSL Certificate” section lets users deploy SSL protection on web apps. Furthermore, Cloudways is one of the few hosting mediums that allows multiple SSL protected websites on the same server. All you need is to enter the domain name and the email address. Click on the “Install Certificate” and your site is secured.

The “Restore” section allows you to revert back to older copies of your web apps.

The “Deployment via Git” section allows you to deploy code to give access to the Git repository. Once you have generated the SSH key and code, you can enter the repository address and click Authenticate. Once you have authenticated, you get access to the deployment and make changes or give access to anyone to make changes to your site.

The “Application Settings” section offering addons for your WordPress application, like “Application Migration” for moving your WordPress website, “Application Update” for updating WordPress version and “Application Load Test” for checking how much traffic your WordPress website can handle.

The “Migration Tool” that lets you migrate your WordPress website automatically to Cloudways WordPress Hosting Platform.

Finally, there’s “CloudwaysCDN”, a must-have service for those who serve the audience globally and want to reduce the latency for their visitors. Once you have entered the URL, you don’t need to worry about paying at different places.  Get your bill added to your final invoice. CDN integration is not available with your free account. It costs you $1 for 25 GB per application.

Pricing and Plans

Depending on the selection of cloud server, location, bandwidth, and storage, Cloudways follows a single package payment method.

Cloudways Review- Pricing Plan

The most economical and reasonable cloud service is DigitalOcean where the pricing plans are as low as $10/month. Amazon and Google infrastructure options are available as well. However, their costs vary depending on your server requirements.

How to Launch WordPress on Cloudways?

Cloudways offers its customers managed WordPress hosting. Launching a WordPress website on your Cloudways is a breeze. You just need to have the Cloudways account before installing WordPress.

Installing WordPress

Once you have logged in, click on “Select your Application” to proceed further. From the “Application & Server Details”, you can choose different instances of WordPress. 1) WordPress (latest), 2) WordPress with WooCommerce (latest), 3) WordPress Multisite, 4) Clean WordPress (without optimization).

Cloudways Review- Installing WordPress

In the first step, choose your WordPress application, name your managed application and server, and then select your project.

Choosing a Cloud Platform

After entering the information, next, you need to choose your cloud. Each of the following clouds is available for a 3-day free trial period. You can choose any of the available cloud infrastructures.

Cloudways Review- Choosing a cloud Platform

Choose Server Size

After choosing the cloud platform, you can select the Server size by scaling your server size. In some of the cloud hosts such as AWS or Google Cloud Platform, you can choose the server size, RAM, Bandwidth and storage.

Cloudways Review- Server Size

Choose Server Location

You can also choose the server location according to your target audience. The server locations can be chosen by clicking the drop-down button. 

Cloudways Review- Server Location

Out of the 5 managed cloud infrastructures, different cloud platforms have a different number of data centers spread around the world. Flexible Enough!

Launch Your Server

It’s time to launch the server. Just click on the “Launch Now” button.

Cloudways Review- Launch Your Server

In the next screen, want for a few minutes until your server is getting ready. After that, you have “Server Management” and “Application Management” is in your hands.

How Does Cloudways Perform Cloning? Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting Review (2019) For High-Performing Websites

A lot of tedious tasks can be made handy by using this host. It makes your WordPress site cloning looks easy. You can clone your website from one of your local servers to the Cloudways server as it offers better hosting and faster speeds. This web host lets you increase your server size anytime by vertical scaling.

With its WordPress cloning feature, you can replicate your whole website without missing any files or without any errors. It does not replicate any site directly.

Before creating a live site, it creates a staging environment for that website. A staging site is a complete copy of your site which is created to test for any errors before appearing live. After the errors are fixed, you can deploy it to your live site. Further, you can add or install any themes or plugins to your staging site and check it on your live site.

You can also clone your web applications on any other server. Its cloning feature lets you clone, share or transfer servers to another account.

How to Migrate WordPress to Cloudways?

Migrating a WordPress site has never been easy for the non-techies. Be it the migration of the content or migration of your shared hosting to VPS or cloud hosting, this web host gives it all at an affordable price. This is done using the Cloudways WordPress Migrator. What’s more exciting about this plugin is that it is free of cost.

What Makes Cloudways Different?

What separates it from the other web hosts is its sheer performance, management, and functionality. It gives the best cloud hosting for WordPress. With just one click, you can host your WordPress site on the cloud servers.

  • They have got an incredible managed server site security. You can use your website without the fear of any security breach. The multi-layered security system makes it more reliable among the users. Moreover, you can get regular updates of your server which makes it a top-notch web host.
  • The fastest cloud hosting servers and they are also the most reliable one among its users. This is attributed to its Thunderstack which is a stack of a number of servers including (Nginx, Varnish cache, Apache, Redis, PHP-FPM), out of which some are fast servers, some of them being the databases or even the cache. Thus, the group of these makes it faster among its competitors.
  • With just 1 click, you can install the WordPress and clone or backup or restore everything with just a single click. You can manage the number of WP sites and e-commerce websites using this web host.

Advanced Caching Technologies

A multi-layer mix of advanced caching technologies and cloud platforms results in higher optimization and better performance of your WordPress site. These technologies with advanced caching systems such as Varnish, Redis or Memcached provide features which even premium hosting service providers cannot.

Zero Maintenance

Hosting on a cloud platform can be a tedious task. It takes a lot of things to keep your WordPress site working. If you are running your WordPress on Cloudways, all you need is to set up your account as everything comes up pre-configured. There is no maintenance required for the servers too as the experts supervise our servers well.

Flexible with Plugins

It is essential to use plugin s when you are using WordPress as your platform. A number of hosting provider has the loophole where they do not give full access to all the WordPress plugins even if they provide WP hosting. This makes it quite ambiguous. CloudWays gives access to all the plugins on WordPress with all the freedom to use. You can use every plugin in the same way you would use in the WordPress hosting.

Affordable Pricing

With the fairly affordable pricing and features available in the package, what becomes more amazing their pay-as-you-go principle. It means that you will have to pay for the resources that you have used.  Isn’t that cool?

Free staging

You can stage your site any time from life to the staging site by just one click. Clone your live site into a staged one. You can test your website before going live.

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Final Verdict: Cloudways Managed WordPress Hosting Review (2019) For High-Performing Websites

Taking web hosting service to a whole new level, Cloudways provides your website the optimization it requires. Offering multiple features and effective migration, it is one of the most secure hosting platforms for your WordPress website. I would like to add that the technical support team at Cloudways is pretty reassuring while providing quick response time.

I must say from my Cloudways, that it is the most commendable solution for WordPress hosting. Do give it a try.

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