Cloudways vs Forge: Which Do You Choose for Laravel Hosting?

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Cloudways provides excellent hosting services to both new and experienced clients. Then there’s Laravel Forge, a fantastic tool designed by the creators of the Laravel Framework for deploying and configuring Laravel and PHP apps (or web applications that use any PHP Server.)

So, when it comes to Laravel installation and performance, which one wins?

What is the relationship between Laravel and Cloudways and Forge?

You don’t need any specialist abilities to setup and launch a Laravel project with Cloudways; we’ll show you how in just a few steps.

Cloudways also has a number of Laravel-friendly features, such as PHP 7.3 ready servers, a custom-built CDN, and an optimised stack, all of which help to improve application speed and performance.

Laravel Forge is a server administration tool designed primarily for deploying PHP and Laravel web apps. Laravel’s inventor, Taylor Otwell, developed this platform to monetise the open-source system, and it was so successful that he decided to make it his full-time job. Although there are other versions of Laravel, we have written about the most recent version, Laravel 9.

Forge is a fantastic addition to the Laravel product family. Developers can concentrate completely on development rather than worrying about deployment and hosting. The control board is attractive, straightforward, and useful, but the platform currently lacks a few features and might benefit from more support and performance.

Nonetheless, Forge’s simplicity makes it a good choice — especially for side projects or small PHP apps that don’t require a specialist basis.

So, which is better for performance: Cloudways or Laravel Forge?

Let’s compare the security and performance aspects of the two platforms to find which one is best for your Laravel project.

Stabil­i­ty & Secu­ri­ty

When it comes to security and stability, Laravel and Forge have certain similarities. Cloudways offers SSL certificates, encrypts data on your website or Laravel application, and passes it through a secure connection, allowing you to safely manage sensitive customer data.

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Laravel Forge, like Cloudways, logs into your server through SSH and instals all of the programmes required to execute the most complex PHP projects. This method has the advantage of being convenient: you can transfer hosting providers at any time while maintaining reliable server installations. Furthermore, Forge simplifies the process of installing bundles and configuring your server’s security settings.

Providers of services

Both Cloudways and Forge allow users to choose from a variety of top hosting providers. Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode, Google Cloud, and Vultr are the top five cloud service providers available through Cloudways. There are no additional software or installation packages necessary to deploy Laravel applications on any cloud provider in just a few clicks. Also, take a look at the upress variant.

You can choose among Digital Ocean, AWS, Linode, and Vultr as a service provider with Forge. You can also utilise Forge with a bespoke Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) if you choose.


Cloudways’ one-click feature makes it incredibly simple to use. It merely takes a few clicks to create webpages and add apps. WordPress, Magento, and other software are very simple to set up. If your site is older, Cloudways offers a proprietary plug-in that makes migrating simple.

Laravel Forge is a user-friendly control panel for hosting PHP applications on your own servers.


Computational control becomes a bottleneck as your CPU and memory reach their limits. This is where the two platforms begin to diverge significantly. You can use Cloudways to boost your performance by vertical scaling before things get out of hand. This will assist your server in managing high traffic and ensuring that your applications run smoothly.

While Forge is great for the vast majority of Laravel PHP projects, you may find that it downloads a lot of unwanted software. This may cause your applications to slow down.


Cloudways avoids unjustified price increases and convoluted billing strategies by offering a variety of Pay-As-You-Go cloud hosting plans that only charge you for the resources you utilise.

You must pay for both your web hosting and Forge’s provisioning software while using Forge. While Forge options start at at $12 per month, your web hosting expenses will depend on your specific requirements. Get the Cloudways coupon code now to get it at a very low price.

The Final Word

Many tasks are handled for you by Cloudways and Laravel Forge. You can use Forge for any site, PHP or otherwise, but Cloudways makes deploying Laravel projects a breeze. Cloudways not only allows you to tailor for your individual application’s demands, but it also gives you more options in terms of scalability and pricing plans. Installation, on the other hand, is a breeze.

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