Cloudways vs WPMU DEV 2023: Which One Should You Choose?

Cloudways vs. WPMU DEV, two of the hosting platforms, might have often confused you. After all, these are two of the most innovative and informative platforms enabling us in the formation of productive and resourceful websites.

The former proclaim, that these hosting platforms direct the eCommerce platforms and agencies to manage or create a blueprint as to how these websites are needed to be hosted .the latter, facilitates the users to enjoy the offered services and even provides a toolkit with maximum features, it is one of the WordPress experts, which embraces its professionalism by providing the operators necessary and valuable help.

Both the appropriate website builders incorporate and encompass dozens of features like providing marketing tools, managed hosting,24/7 live support, performance security, and much more to dwell upon why would anyone not wish to enjoy the features it has to offer?

Plus the proficiency it has to portray is highly exclusive. splendid characteristics with high-quality help make it a super awesome hosting platform.

This is indeed an amazing platform for all the individuals who are freelancers, agencies, and developers looking for a good website making opportunity with explicit aspects and attributes. one has to be cognitive enough to not focus everything theoretically, but it has to be experienced in practical ways as well.

In the following article, we can get deeper glimpses and insights regarding the snippets mentioned above. let us disclose and unroll the wonderful attributes it has to offer, and yet, let us decide which hosting platform overpowers the other in every aspect.

Cloudways vs WPMU DEV: Overview

The important website builders or hosting platforms which have been reviewed, following are as follows-

Cloudways – Overview 

Cloudways vs WPMU OverDEV - Cloudways Overview

Cloudways offers individuals with simplicity, choice, wonderful experience, and amazing performance on a silver platter. taking care of the users and their choices and serving them with countless applications, good customer support properly equipped with automated total, Cloudways is all you got to explore and discover how splendid and amazing it is.

WPMU DEV – Overview 

WPMU DEV is an extraordinary hosting platform, it has to serve you with, humongous advantages and features namely- site management, the introduction of super amazing plugins, marketing, and most important security. customers have found it extremely worthy and useful, they have been drawn to more of its merits than disadvantages.

Cloudways vs WPMU OverDEV - Cloudways Overview

Thus, let us unveil more and more attributes to enjoy the usage of such brilliant hosting platforms.

Cloudways vs WPMU DEV: Key Features

The important features and traits which are needed to be highlighted for Cloudways are as follows-


Best hosting features

  • Cloudways has one of the best organized, maintained WordPress hosting platforms. The so-called one of the best hosting features primarily includes Cloudways cache, Cloudways CDN{for quick performance}, when all the other features are combined it provides you with one of the best web hosting experiences.

High-quality performance

  • Cloudways is quite feasible, offering a greater and faster performance with remarkable accuracy, packed with security, and also gives you high-quality content.

Real-time monitoring

Cloudways vs WPMU DEV - Real-time monitoring

  • Cloudways serves you with countless and innumerable applications with real-time monitoring, ever ready control panel along with managed security and amazing experience.


  • It has inbuilt CDN, 5 cloud providers, an optimized stack, and automated healing servers.

Remarkable efficiency

  • It works more like a masterful and skilled hosting platform providing the business with adequate support in managing the web apps productively and resourcefully with remarkable efficiency.

Live within a few minutes

  • Cloudways is quite skilled and helps us to avoid complexities associated with the management of websites, yet helping us to go live within a few minutes


Cloudways vs WPMU DEV - Cloudways Managed Security

  • It provides its customers with well-laid security ensuring and keeping the full security over the operator’s content, keeping the work untouched and intact keeping their work highly safe, secure, and intact.

Datacenter locations

  • Datacenter locations as mentioned for Cloudways are – it serves its integrations with Tokoyo, Japan (Google compute engine)
  • Mumbai, India – Amazon Web services
  • Oregon, US – Google compute engine
  • Toronto, Canada- Digital ocean


Facilitates hosting

WPMU DEV Membership Review- Pricing Plan

  • It facilitates hosting, which proclaims that WPMUV DEV is quite excellent and indeed a dedicated hosting platform with mind-blowing features and guess what, even more, interesting is the bonus it offers to its one of the members of the team as hosting credit and that to provided monthly.

Excellent performance

  •  Assurance of High-level performance, providing us with access to software like hummingbird and smush pro and besides, operators are blessed with access to the exquisite or astounding features provided the unlimited control over these spectacular optimization tools which can be used across multiple sites and platforms.

Diverse plugins 

Cloudways vs WPMU DEV - WPMU DEV Diverse plugins 

  • Diverse plugins with stunning functionality, including the SEO, migrations, backups, forms, and most importantly the stats. and yet, we can even unleash the numerous premier plugins provided only under the exclusive membership.

Well packed security

  • Offering tight held security, keeping your site completely secured, safe, intact, and untouched. It is profound in managing the security without having you pay the additional cost to that.

Organizes email list

  • WPMU DEV  enables you to build or organize the website and its email list, helping you to have happy clients your way who will eventually choose the new businesses associated with it, yet, this feature is quite unlimited specifically in this regard.


  • Customers have proclaimed such a hosting platform to be highly exquisite and efficient, they have scored WPMUDEV with a 4/5 rating. The security options ensure a regular security scan to prevent it from getting hacked, and it has even been equipped with security shields, scanners, and other such technologies.

Exceptional support team

  •   They have claimed that it does have a great support team that is quite hospitable and receptive to the customers and their queries. they claimed the team to be highly understanding and helpful.

Splendid efficiency

  • Many individuals told us that it is worth the money.

Incredible performance

  • Claiming company with fantastic service. the extremely amazing performance offered by WPMUDEV. It is quite efficient, reliable, and provides excellent performance.

Datacenter locations

  • Available data center locations are found in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, India, United Kingdom.

Cloudways vs WPMP DEV: Pros and cons

Pros of Cloudways


  • Such a remarkable hosting platform has gained an abundant appreciation regarding its operation and functionality. Many have claimed it to be highly productive and resourceful. Cloudways has gained a score of 5/5 ratings as it has been quite incredible and mind-blowing.
  • Customers have enjoyed using unlimited applications, they said that it is extremely easy to install along with other respected features.

highly receptive

  • Many individuals have said that it gives a quicker, clear, and excellent performance where tools are easy to use ensuring. efficient communication and immediate responses have made it even more awesome and worth the use.

Incredible speed and performance

  • The team is quite spontaneous and immediate with the queries of the individuals, support has been proclaimed as highly wow and spectacular, thus, people are very much pleased with whatever functions it offers the customers and that too wholeheartedly.

Offers you a free trial period 

  • Cloudways offers you a free trial period, any individual or a customer can experiment and get to know the platform and the services it has to offer. It allows you to perform and implement the services for a few weeks. Yet, it signifies it as a perfect feature.

Automated backups

  • Cloudways has been designed in such a manner that helps us to unleash the most important trait which is automated backups, by setting our server in such a manner that it facilitates the regular updates automatically because a backup can be our savior once we lose all our matter, it would just take a single click to recover the lost content. This is highly unique and amazing for its user.

Easy installation of apps

  • It stimulates the easy installation of content management related apps like CMS or PHP, We can even use the innumerable and countless integrations associated with it.

Limitless downloads

  • Cloudways offers us limitless downloads for installing a number of websites without imposing any kind of restriction or criteria.

Cons of Cloudways

Lacks email hosting and file manager

  • Cloudways lack functionality in some cases like, it does not provide the feature of email hosting which is an extremely important trait to dwell upon. it even does not include the appropriate application meant for the file manager.

Doesn’t register the domain name

  • Secondly, we are not correctly able to register the domain name, sometimes the technical support offered creates loads of issues and happenings which seem difficult to solve and decipher.

 Higher the  server higher the price 

  • The pricing involved in Cloudways proclaims that if we adopt a particular plan with a huge server it demands an equally exclusive and higher fee for that.

Limited multisite SSL

  • The spectacular attributes come into the spotlight with a restriction too like usage of multisite SSL Limited to only 100 websites.

Pros of WPMU DEV

Splendid hosting services

  • WPMU DEV specializes in providing the hosting features, as it might not be that much well known but it does offer its users and operators a great advantage like the focus and its size.

High-quality performance

  • WPMU DEV unleashes its highly favored attribute which is providing a high-quality hosting platform and performance.  WPMU DEV is even known for the spectacular and high-quality WordPress support offered by it. as well as remarkable and explicit quality plugins.

Worth the money

  • Worth the cost and pricing offering you with the apt hosting platform services, any customer can choose the desired plan for example- opting for the $49/mo. the same person gets all the advantages and benefits followed by the availability of super plugins, amazing support, etc.

remarkable customer support

  • The customer support offered by the WPMU DEV hosting platform is highly appreciated. The customers exclaimed that the interaction conducted with the team is highly productive and resourceful.

Cons of WPMU DEV

Expensive pricing plan

  • WPMUDEV encompasses a pricing plan which is extremely expensive for hosting. Many customers felt dissatisfied with the required services the plan has to offer which mainly includes as they considered it to be highly inflexible.


  • WPMUDEV does not maintain its versatile nature and usefulness associated with the hosting platform. the speed, stability, and other things are not at all found available and easily in it.

Cloudways vs WPMUDEV: Pricing Comparison

Cloudways Pricing

The pricing involved behind the Cloudways along with its packages and timely deals it offers is as follows-

Plan 1

  • Plan – $10 per month
  • RAM-1 GB
  • Processor-1 CORE
  • Storage-25gb
  • Bandwidth- 1tb
  • Most importantly, the features and attributes it has to offer within the required plan are as follows- it provides you with 24/7 support, free migration, team management, automated backups, real-time monitoring, free SSL, and dedicated firewalls.
  • These are the list of important attributes that will be included within this plan and package.

Plan 2

  • Plan-$22 per month
  • RAM- 2GB
  • Processor-1 core
  • Storage-50gb
  • Bandwidth-2tb
  • This plan particularly includes the features which are listed are as follows:auto-healing, guaranteeing security, customer support, staging environment, optimized with advanced caches, team management, free migration, unlimited access to application installation, along with CDN add-on.
  • These were the necessary and required options equipped in such a plan.

Plan 3

  •  plan-$42 per month
  • RAM-4gb
  • Processor-2 core
  • Storage- 80gb
  • Bandwidth- 40tb
  • This plan has been equipped with important traits and features which are as follows, Dedicated firewalls, free migration, free SSL, team management, staging environment, HTTP/2 enabled servers with 24/7 monitoring, regular security patching.
  • This is one of the most popular plans and is even used mostly by its operators and customers these, plans are equipped with splendid features and attributes

Plan 4

  •  Plan- $80 per month.
  • RAM- 8GB
  • Processor-4 core
  • Storage- 160gb
  • Bandwidth-5tb
  • This plan even includes the similar features as mentioned above but these plans even include some of the additional flexible traits which are only offered within a particular plan, the special features which it includes are mentioned areas follows-free SSL, CDN, add-on, auto-healing, automated backups, and dedicated firewalls
  • Yet, these are one of the most important and valuable featured plans constituting innumerable and unlimited characteristics, customers would want to avail these required plans to enjoy the features it offers.

Cloudways vs WPMU DEV : Cloudways Pricing

WPMU DEV Pricing

The pricing plans and offers along with timely deals as offered for such an amazing hosting platform is as follows-

The monthly plans as mentioned is as follows-

Plan 1{ specifically for the starters}

  • Price- $15per month
  • It even offers a 7-day free includes features like- performance and uptime pack, manage 1 site, SEO and marketing pack,24/7 live support, with 11 pro plugins, with security and backups pack,10gb smush CN and most importantly automated safe updates.

Plan 2{ specifically meant for professionals}

  • Price- $29 per month
  • It too includes a 7-day free trial yet, the features which incorporated under this are – 50gb smush CN, all 11 pro plugins, packed with security and backup with 24/7 live support, automated safe updates plus there are the two most additional features only provided within this premium plan is white label all plugins and white label client reports

Plan 3{which is the most popular plan and with a wonderful value, specifically meant for freelancers and other agencies}

  • Price- $59 per month
  • For the experimental basis, any individual can afford to implement and experience a 7-day free trial, with catchy aspects like management of unlimited websites, 100 GB smush CN, performance and uptime pack, SEO marketing pack, 24/7 live support, plus the additional features like white label client portal, white-label all plugins, 1 site host, users and roles{countless seats}

These were the plans of major value and worth of WPMUV DEV.

Cloudways vs WPMU DEV -WPMU-DEV-Pricing

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👉 What is the limited period for trial supposed to be?

Cloudways offers you a maximum of 3 days of free trial so that the individual gets to become known with such a valuable platform, the period begins with the establishment of the trial server.users and customers are told beforehand, that they need to update their accounts much before the trial gets expired. The team informs the customers about the necessary details and information which needs to be looked after before they undertake or continue with the desired plans and programs.

👉 What all is included under Cloudways hosting service?

The Cloudways hosting services include- Assuring in every way, that they are taking care of features related to server level which is security updates, O/S firewalls rules, and regulations, etc in total, managing the server. Equipped with fabulous and amazing customer support, in case of any support required from the team be it related to website migrations or another thing, the team will revert you immediately and they would even be quite spontaneous with the queries of customers.Such a hosting platform can be operated very easily along with various web applications and unlimited and innumerable SSL certificates, establishing a staging environment, performance of a level of customization, and server management.

👉 What are the best plugins which are needed to be adopted for the WordPress mu?

The plugins which should be adopted for the WordPress mu are located and found on the plugins folder, which can result in activation only based on the level of per blog which is found in the blog dashboard only through the plugins page .yes, there are more than 4000 plugins but some do not work with the WordPress mu. The operation involved in the functionality of plugins helps you and allows you to search and install the required plugins from the dashboard.

Conclusion: Cloudways vs WPMU DEV 2023

Both Cloudways vs WPMUDEV hosting platforms and their features are equally exquisite and unmatchable at the same time. The most desired attributes and features have overpowered the hosting platforms because of which it has invited loads of appreciation it’s way, customers have been working within these platforms and consider these platforms as highly incredible and worth the use.

Thus, we hereby conclude that both of them have amazing features and even give us equally astonishing and astounding results be it in the fields of pricing, plugins, hosting features, management of the server, domain name, etc both have won in every possible way and their own regards.

With this, I am sure you have come to an opinion of your own about the topic of Cloudways vs WPMU DEV Hosting Services! So why not, get started?

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