Cognixia Review 2022: Legit or Scam?? (Honest Review)

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  • 150,000+ Professionals Trained
  • Tailor-made, agile courses
  • Industry renowned instructors
  • Lifetime access
  • Cognixia provides future-proof digital learning solutions for companies and individuals
  • Highly customizable and adaptable curriculum


  • Referral program is very poor

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Cognixia, A Digital Workforce Solutions Company, provides online and offline learning support to clients looking to redefine their digital strategies and capabilities. Cognixia is a one-stop destination for corporate training on new technologies and tools. It offers live training programs, conducted by teachers at your own pace.

With more than 250 courses, Cognixia has become a global powerhouse for technical training for individuals and groups. The customized program and training solutions are our specialty, and Cognixia graduates have internationally recognized qualifications.

Cognixia Training Reviews & Product Details

Cognixia Review- company overview

Cognixia is a large team of more than 4,500 industry experts, offering more than 400 comprehensive digital technology courses and state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the best possible learning experience for everyone. The extensive range of online courses, classroom training and online tutoring conducted by teachers at your own pace covers a variety of specialties, including the following:

  • IoT
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Machine Learning
  • AI & Deep Learning
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • DevOps

Cognixia is led by several reputable companies among the five emerging technology training companies. Cognixia also worked with MAPR Advantage, the Hortonworks community, Red Hat Enterprise, Microsoft Silver Learning, and a recognized training partner for Dell EMC, Pivotal, VMware, and RSA technologies.

Cognixia has a special affiliate program that enables businesses and individuals to be authorized resellers and accredited training partners. Through this program, partners will be able to add Cognixia’s world-class training offerings to their portfolio and add an additional source of revenue to their business while providing the support Cognixia needs.

Popular Courses Offered By Cognixia

Cognixia reviews online

 1. Internet of Things Security Expert Training

The Internet of Things Security Expert Course is a 360-degree training program offered by Cognixia to professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT). The program is based on extensive knowledge of various IoT security platforms. This program was developed by industry experts to provide hands-on training with tools to speed up the training process.

The program includes comprehensive training starting with Python and advanced IoT training for IoT security, an essential element for IoT security experts. These modules together provide a solid foundation and a competitive advantage in the learning process.

This course is designed for passionate professionals who want to learn the next level of IoT and already have basic Python skills.

Why Go For 360° Master’s Program In IoT Security?

With the Cognixia IoT Security Expert Program, applicants can:

  • Build, test and deploy applications with Python
  • Learn about the benefits of Python and use it to write applications, scripts, and cloud-based devices
  • Gain advanced knowledge to design, build and implement IoT projects, from choosing the right components to securing the ecosystem with relevant tools and technologies
  • Create a security plan, extend security to devices, and familiarize yourself with the basic cryptographic algorithms required to protect IoT systems

Module Overview Of IoT Security Program

Candidates for this program will receive a rigorous 120-hour course in which to study the three major modules and the following key case studies at the end of the program.


The goal of this module is to provide a clear understanding of Python as a versatile and popular programming language. They familiarize candidates with the basic and advanced features of Python. It provides an overview of Python, data types, functions, classes, modules, and libraries. The inherent scientific nature and a set of optimized scientific libraries make Python the best option for the development of IoT applications, especially for IoT analysis.

In this module, candidates will learn about the architecture, design, development, implementation, and security of IoT ecosystems. Participants learn the concepts of data, information, knowledge, sensor data collection, exploration and analysis, and the development of automated systems into autonomous systems.

This module will cover several case studies and actual use cases, such as: For example, inventory tracking, health monitoring using handheld devices, the Smart City application, and more. The course has been structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the tools, technologies and best practices for designing and delivering the best IoT solutions in its class.

IoT Security:

This module is intended to inform applicants about various aspects of the safety of IoT devices. Candidates will learn the IoT architecture, practical attacks, threats and risks, practical hacking sessions, vulnerability disclosure, related product protection, and many other interesting topics. It covers the implementation of end-to-end security from peripherals to clouds using standard security structures.
Each module is followed by hands-on assignments to be completed before the start of the next course to ensure that the candidates learn properly and clear all their questions before proceeding.

Who Can Complete IoT Security Expert Training?

This course is designed for technology experts who want to acquire in-depth knowledge of the Internet of Things. In addition, it offers promising advantages to newbies, experienced developers and architects, IT professionals, engineers, and other professionals.

2. FULL Stack Developer Training

The FULL Stack Developer Training is a 360-degree training program offered by Cognixia that trains participants in creating professional server-side code applications using the Node.js framework Express, front-end encoding. with Angular.js and databases with MongoDB.

This training program has become one of the most popular and popular programs because it offers all the benefits of a combination of technologies. Web developers who want to advance in their careers can do so with FULL Stack Developer Training.

After completing the training, participants will become experts in the front-end and back-end JavaScript technologies of the very popular MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js). This training program aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of FULL Stack, MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js technologies and more.

Why Should You Complete A 360-Degree Master’s Degree Program On Full Stack?

  • Become an expert on MEAN front-end and back-end JavaScript technologies (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js) that are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Gain a complete understanding of Angular to master front-end web development
  • To train in one of the most popular NoSQL databases

Module Overview



With this module, you can become an expert in the NoSQL database. The sessions will help you learn how to develop and manage MongoDB by acquiring knowledge in modeling, data collection, consulting and data replication. You can also work on specific projects.


This module provides detailed information about Express.js concepts such as routing, middleware, and model engines. In addition, the authentication and security paths are covered by Express.js security.


In this module, you will learn the most advanced version of Angular, namely version 5.0, as well as all other Angular versions. You can also explore different concepts, such as Dependency injections, pipes, directives, routers, and other components. You will also learn various test tools such as Jasmine, Karma CHAI and other E2C tests.


This module covers the basic concepts of Node.js, from the introduction of node concepts and several modules in .js to working with processes and file systems.

Who Can Enroll In This Training Program?

The FULL Stack Developer Training is ideal for web developers, project managers, technical managers, professionals and students looking for a career in the development of FULL Stack.

Big Data Architect Training

The Big Data Architect Program is a 360 ° training program offered by Cognixia to professionals wishing to deepen their knowledge of Big Data. This program is adapted to current industry standards, which include the major sub-modules as part of the training process. This program was developed by industry experts to provide hands-on training with tools to speed up the training process.

Cognixia Review- Big Data Architect

The program includes comprehensive training courses on Java, Hadoop, MongoDB, Scala programming, and Spark and Scala development, which are essential for big data architects. Together, these modules provide a solid foundation and a competitive advantage in the learning process.

This course is specifically designed for passionate professionals who want to upgrade to the next level of big data architecture and have already gained experience in basic Java development.

Why should you complete the 360 ​​° master training in Big Data Architect?

Cognixia training reviews

With the Cognixia Big Data Architect program, applicants can:

  • Discover concrete projects that allow you to build high-quality Java programs by developing and implementing the Java framework.
  • Conduct the development and implementation of Hadoop in any rule with excellence.
  • Load information from different datasets and translate complex, functional and necessary technical details into a detailed design.
  • Implement Hive & Pig, HBase, MapReduce Integration and Advanced Indexing.
  • Learn the key concepts of NoSQL and become familiar with MongoDB’s query language, indexes, scalability, and high-quality features.
  • Use the Spark and Scala module to bring in-depth knowledge of Big Data processing using the Hadoop and Spark environments.

3. Cloud Development Professional Training

Cloud Development Professional is a 360-degree training program for professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge and experience in AWS cloud computing. This program is updated regularly to comply with the latest industry standards. It is created and delivered by certified experts with a passion for their work.

Cognixia Review- cloud computing

This Program Includes Two Complete Courses:

  1. The AWS Solution Architect track: at the associate and professional level
  2. DevOps Full Track (DevOps Plus): Elementary and Advanced

This course is designed for professionals who want to learn concepts and integrate the capabilities of cloud computing and AWS into their work.

Why You Need To Enroll In The 360 ​​° Master Program In Cloud Development?

With the Cognixia Professional Cloud Development Program, candidates can:

  • Familiarize themselves with the AWS infrastructure and AWS services
  • Formulate solution plans and provide best practices advice for AWS architectures
  • Design and implement scalable, high availability and fault-tolerant systems on AWS
  • Migrate complex, multi-layered applications to AWS and implement cost control strategies
  • Get hands-on with the DevOps deployment model and get to know DevOps and its advanced tools
  • Learn how to automate all aspects of a modern code implementation and deployment pipeline using a variety of tools

Module Overview

This program consists of 132 hours of rigorously structured training with three major modules and several key case studies. The three modules are:

Associated level for AWS Solutions Architect

Learn the basics of the AWS platform and cloud computing, including concepts such as Virtualization, EC2, Glacier Storage, Cloud Training, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Certification Guidelines AWS Details, Well Architect Framework and Its Columns, AWS Price models, etc.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional Level

Familiarize yourself with key concepts such as AWS, Cost, Security, Data Storage, Network Design, Scalability and Resiliency, Cloud Migration, Hybrid Architecture, and Presentation from SQS and SWF, Elastic File System and Trust Advisor, AWS Automatic Scaling and Scaling Types, and Identity Access Management

DevOps Plus:

Participate in extensive training on the origins of the DevOps tools and get to know the concepts of cloud computing, virtualization, VAGRANT and GIT. The module also covers topics such as SaltStack for configuration management, Ansible for software sourcing, configuration management, and application implementation, Kubernetes for container clustering, and application automation. CI / CD pipelines.

Each module is followed by practical tasks. These tasks are compulsory for the course to ensure that students properly learn and dispel their doubts before proceeding.

Why Cognixia Is Different From Others?

Cognixia doesn’t only provide the best training solutions for everyone, but it also wants to build partnerships with individuals and organizations to help them move toward digital transformation.

Cognixia Review- Why it is different?

1. Veteran Instructors

Cognixia participants benefit from direct tutoring sessions with instructors who are veterans in their area. All of her trainers have extensive industry experience and experience in this field.

2. Training Modalities

Whether traditional classroom training, virtual instructor-led training, tailor-made or hybrid training modalities; Cognixia is an ace in everything.

3. Individual Training Solutions

Customized courses for international business clients are selected after intense technical discussion and collaboration between Cognixia’s SMEs and stakeholders at the end of the client.

4. Lifetime Support

Practice makes perfect, and it’s rare to get it right the first time. To ensure the continued support of Cognixia students, each course has access to the Lifelong Learning Management System.

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Conclusion: Cognixia Review 2022: Online Courses For Training & Certification

Cognixia is one of the most recognized digital technology education companies in the industry, providing the world’s best interactive online technology courses and certifications to companies and individuals worldwide. If you want to learn about digital technologies like the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, machine learning, AI and Deep Learning, Blockchain, Cloud, DevOps, and more, I recommend Cognixia.

Let me know in the comments section below, which course you think is the best fit for your career or uplifting your skills and what you liked the most in the Cognixia review above.


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