Cointraffic Review 2023– Is It Best Bitcoin Advertising Network?


Overall Verdict

Cointraffic drives a highly targeted Cryptocurrency audience through multiple ads formats

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  • User-friendly design
  • Impressive client list
  • Personal managers
  • Performance control
  • High CTR
  • Convenient to use.
  • High-quality traffic.


  • No Referral system is available.
  • Approval time is usually 1-2 Days.


Price: $ 1

Thus, you’re probably searching for a Cointraffic Review. Right?

Naturally, anytime someone attempts to join a network, he or she checks for reviews first to see if the network is legitimate or a hoax.

As a result, I’ve written a full evaluation of Cointraffic to demonstrate why it’s the Best Crypto & Bitcoin Advertising Network in comparison to other Cryptocurrency Advertising networks.

Cointraffic Review

Cointraffic Review- 2023 Is It Good Platform?

What is Cointraffic?

Cointraffic Advertising Network Is A Leading Crypto Advertising Network That Has Provided Advertisers And Publishers Worldwide With The Most Innovative Advertising And Monetization Solutions Since 2014.

It’s Extremely Simple To Work With Cointraffic. You Can Join As An Advertiser To Purchase Crypto Ads Or As A Publisher To Sell Advertising Positions. Within Minutes, Anyone Can Begin Serving Ads Or Monetizing Their Cryptocurrency Website Using Our Self-Service Tool.

Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact One Of Our Managers With Any Enquiries.

Cointraffic’s in-depth understanding of market needs enables it to identify and address the pain points of ad network users. For Advertisers Who Frequently Lack the Time Required To Develop Creatives In-House, We Offer An HTML5 Banner Development Service.

This Approach Ensures An Effortless Campaign Launch While Optimizing Marketing Resources.

Today, Cointraffic Is A Pioneer In The Crypto Advertising Field, Providing Cutting-Edge Ad Formats That Capture The Attention Of Targeted Audiences. With the addition of new services and formats to our arsenal continuously, we are establishing a strong link between advertisers and publishers.

Cointraffic Features

How Does Cointraffic Work?

Cointraffic is undoubtedly the greatest Ad Network for small publishers looking to make a profit from their blog since it is the only network that assists publishers in increasing their earnings with their incredible ad optimization.

It is the only crypto ad network that generates a significant amount of targeted traffic via its diverse ad formats, which include multiple popular ad formats used by numerous ad networks.

Additionally to these formats, you may earn extra revenue by publishing Press Releases from network sponsors.

Major Features and Benefits of Cointraffic

1. Painless lead generation:

Native advertising is presently the most engaging and least obnoxious kind of advertising. Utilize Native Ads to generate action-ready and pre-heated traffic to assure the highest conversion rate possible.

Cointraffic- Native Ads

2. Initiate brand buzz:

They prepare a press release in 24 hours and distribute it within three days to the most major cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related websites. Create brand value, increase brand recognition, and amplify your cryptocurrency brand narrative.

3. Ads that won’t be ignored: 

Their many banner formats are optimized to capture the attention of your target audience. Available on both desktop and mobile platforms and mostly shown on the first screen for easy awareness.

4. Performance control: 

Simple-to-read performance reports enable you to improve and assess the campaign’s performance. This enables them to maximize their return on investment by combining all of their Ad Formats.

5. Relevant audience: 

Each Crypto website that displays your advertisements is periodically reviewed for both quality and relevancy. No bot traffic or pornographic websites are or will be tolerated.

6. High CTR:

They ensure that their advertising formats are placed in the most prominent and highly rated areas possible. This results in the greatest CTR on the crypto market.

7. Quick launch: 

In five minutes, you can begin an advertising campaign. Are you missing banner designs or press release copies? They will be created for you in 24 hours by our staff!

8. Keep your visitors happy: 

The primary advantage of Native Ads is that they do not seem to be sponsored advertisements. By using this unobtrusive approach, you may earn money while keeping your visitors pleased.

9. Get content and profit at the same time: 

Assist Cryptocurrency companies in spreading the news about their products and services while earning a reasonable fee for each Press Release issued. It is one of the simplest and most secure methods of monetizing your project.

Cointraffic- Press release distribution

10. Fully-packed banner solution: 

With a variety of banner styles available, it’s simple to pick and position relevant advertisements on your sites. According to the CPM model, both desktop and mobile visitors will generate revenue for you.

11. Tons of active ads: 

There is no need to spend time selling advertisements; instead, concentrate on developing your website and letting us handle the monetization issue for you.

12. Fast payouts: 

Directly deposit your commission into your Bitcoin wallet or bank account of choice. You may request at any time!

13. Easy to set up: 

The majority of their advertising formats are deployed with the addition of a single unified piece of code to your website.

14. High commissions: 

Maximum market prices are guaranteed owing to the network’s acceptance of only the highest quality Crypto websites.

15. Sponsored articles and other content-marketing promotions: 

They are always willing to conduct a customized content-based campaign to meet your specific needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact their advertising department to discuss specifics.

16. Leading industry reporting and analysis capabilities: 

They can supply you with the most up-to-date campaign stats down to the last detail thanks to their technology and in-house best practices. Additionally, they will keep you informed on the success of your Press Release campaign, allowing you to fine-tune your plan.

17. Different languages and geographic areas are covered: 

Your Press Release may be translated into a maximum of ten different languages. In summary, language does not impede publishing.

Indeed, more languages equate to more coverage, and a global reach for your public relations campaign equates to addressing your target Crypto audience in their original language!

18. Experienced team of PR professionals:

They have learned how to overcome market hurdles and obstacles via their years of expertise in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency marketing field.

As such, they may give specialist assistance with the circulation of Press Releases. They understand what a successful marketing strategy should look like and would be delighted to share their knowledge with you.

19. Approve the Publishers: 

You may substitute another website for anyone on the list if a certain Publisher does not fit your needs. Once the list is validated, they may begin creating and distributing material.

20. Get the list of websites: 

Their intelligent constructor develops a list of cryptocurrency and bitcoin-related websites for your public relations publication based on your preferences.

21. Set up the targets: 

Create a new public relations campaign and define the budget and parameters to assist in generating a list of Publishers that exactly meet your public relations objectives.

Cointraffic Supported Ads

Cointraffic provides a variety of ad styles, including static banner advertisements, slide banner advertisements, sticky footer advertisements, native advertisements, mobile banner advertisements, and desktop and mobile pop-under advertisements.

Cointraffic- Bannerads

1. Desktop Pop-under Ads: 

This ad structure is perhaps the most effective way to direct the audience’s attention to the product or service you’re promoting. When a person visits a website, popup advertisements show after a few seconds and direct the visitor to your targeted link.

2. Pop-under Mobile Ads: 

Pop-under mobile advertising employs the same technique as Pop-under desktop advertisements, in that they show popup adverts to attract the audience’s attention while they are on the site and direct them to the targeted link.

3. Background Banner Ads: 

Background banner advertisements are regarded as the king of audience generators due to their placement on the left and right sides of the page and their ability to increase your audience’s awareness.

4. Sticky Banner Ads:

Perhaps you’ve seen a banner advertisement that displays as the website loads and you navigate across it. This advertisement will remain visible while scrolling until you hide it. This sort of banner advertisement is referred to as sticky banner advertising.

5. Premium Headers: 

As the name implies, a premium header is another sort of banner advertisement that spans the whole width of the user’s screen and is located at the top of the page.

6. In-Page Banner Ads: 

In-Page banners are the finest solution for marketing in today’s times due to their optimal placement and high brand exposure.

7. Slide Banner Ads: 

The banner displays in the corner of the screen above the primary content in this scenario, immediately capturing the audience’s attention.

Cointraffic for Publishers

As a publisher, if you’ve been seeking methods to monetize your website, Cointraffic is the finest option you’ll ever make, as it is well-known for having the best Crypto and Bitcoin Advertising Network that caters to both publishers and advertisers. enables you to establish cash streams by monetizing your website with highly targeted Crypto advertisements. On your websites, you may employ a variety of ad styles, including banner advertisements and pop-under ads.

Once you’ve completed the setup, you’re likely to see a significant increase in your profits while utilizing Cointraffic. As a publisher, you have various options for monetizing your website, including link shorteners, affiliate marketing, and adverts.

However, being approved on Cointraffic is not as straightforward as it seems, as they will reject sites that are unrelated to cryptocurrency or have low-quality material. Therefore, before applying to this network, ensure that you adhere to all of the network’s laws and regulations.

Cointraffic for Advertisers

Would you want to market your business? Not able to locate a reputable site on which to spend your hard-earned money?

If you answered yes, Cointraffic is the ideal platform for advertising your company. Cointraffic is the finest bitcoin advertising network, with thousands of advertisers marketing their businesses on our platform.

Simply said, you must begin by designing a campaign for your brand and distributing advertisements to a targeted audience to maximize engagement and conversions. The more conversions, the more money you’ll make.

Creating a campaign is straightforward, requiring just three basic and straightforward steps. To begin, use the Cointraffic self-service interface to choose the ad layouts you like.

Secondly, complete certain important specifics for the campaign’s debut, and last, increase the campaign’s budget. Once the campaign is developed, Cointraffic will review it and approve it within a short period, which is another wonderful function of Cointraffic.

Cointraffic results

Is choosing worth it?

Yes, selecting Cointraffic is a no-brainer!

However, why? Without a doubt, the issue of why choose Cointraffic over other Crypto Ad Networks is a legitimate one.

As you’re probably aware, Cointraffic has grown in popularity and earned a stellar reputation internationally as a result of the high-quality services it offers to publishers and advertisers. Its expertise in the cryptocurrency business has had a significant influence on various advertising efforts, enhancing its quality significantly.

Cointraffic supports a variety of ad types that are both mobile and desktop adaptable. These ad styles include in-page banners, slide banners, background advertisements, pop-under advertisements, header banner advertisements, sticky banner advertisements, and native advertisements, among others.

Thus, this is the optimal chance to monetize your website via these various ad forms to optimize your earnings as a publisher.

It is a leading Bitcoin advertising network that provides a slew of premium services to assist users in generating additional revenue streams.

The following is a list of the several features available to Cointraffic’s authors and marketers.

Cointraffic Pros and Cons

Cointraffic Pros

  • Dedicated assistance
  • Payments made on time. Publishers would be compensated on schedule.
  • The payout threshold is low
  • Publishers may also start an ad campaign directly from the dashboard.
  • Numerous ad types
  • This advertising network partner with reputable advertisers.
  • Competitive prices
  • Very restrictive in terms of publisher approval. This network is mostly interested in high-quality websites.

Cointraffic Cons

  • They need time for approval.

FAQs- Related to Cointraffic Review in –2023

🙌 What types of websites can be accepted by Cointraffic?

To maintain the integrity and performance of our advertising network, we do not accept advertising from HYIPs or other profit-guaranteed businesses. Additionally, we reject publishers with irrelevant or low-quality traffic websites.

👍What payment methods are supported by Cointraffic?

Through The CoinGate System, We Accept Payments Via Bank Wire, Credit Cards, And Cryptocurrencies. Bank transfers typically take between one and four business days, whereas cryptocurrency payments may take up to one day. Visa and Mastercard payments are instantaneous.

🙋‍♂️ What budget do I need to start with Cointraffic?

The minimum budget for a single banner ad campaign is twenty euros, however, please be aware that the minimum marketing budget that may be deposited in our system is five hundred euros. Starting at 1,500 EUR, a press release distribution campaign may be launched.

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Conclusion- Cointraffic Review 2023

Cointraffic is the greatest cryptocurrency advertising network that has been developing fast and has established a solid reputation in the cryptocurrency sector due to the high quality of service it provides to both publishers and advertisers.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the greatest leading crypto advertising network, I strongly advise you to use Cointraffic, since it is the leading bitcoin advertising network.

If you’re still having difficulty making a choice, you may read additional Cointraffic Reviews to see what others have to say about it.

Consequently, what are you waiting for? Proceed now and begin your trip with Cointraffic.

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