Coinzilla Review 2023: Is It The Best Finance & Crypto Ad Network?

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Bitcoins and many other cryptocurrencies have been a rage on the internet over the last 5 years. So much so, that numerous ad networking platforms now support payment through crypto!

Coinzilla is one of the very few modern ad networks that pay publishers in Bitcoins and is a complete solution for advertisers and publishers. They offer multiple ad formats that are super responsive on both mobile and desktop traffic. So basically, you can easily monetize your traffic with this network whether you have mobile or desktop traffic.

Here is a detailed post about this ad networking platform with everything you need to know, along with all the connected benefits for advertisers as well as publishers!

Coinzilla Review 2023: Is It Worth Try??

About Coinzilla

Coinzilla is a digital advertising network and one of the leading crypto/bitcoin advertising networks that work with crypto associated websites & projects. Based in Romania, the network allows advertisers to get the most of their advertising campaign by providing standard IAB banners & native banners.

Coinzilla review


The big thing about Coinzilla is that they accept all kind of websites except the ones which do not comply with their terms, which also includes adult content websites. The community guidelines laid down by this network for publishers are very simple and their requirements are also not high. Allowing publishers with a good quality website to join this network without any hassle!

Benefits for Advertisers

Coinzilla review for crypto

One of the very few ad networks that actually pay in bitcoins, Coinzilla has been touted as a paradise for Advertisers. Advertisers who sign up with Coinzilla will relish the following major benefits:

  • Quality traffic;
  • Strict approval criteria for publishers;
  • The minimum deposit is 50€
  • Anti-fraud system
  • We offer sub ids for all advertisers;
  • Campaigns are approved in a matter of hours, even faster.
  • Budget Capping, Advanced Campaign Creation and Optimization, Native Ads
  • SEPA, SWIFT, BTC, ETH & Bank Transfers supported as payment methods

Ad formats for Publishers

Coinzilla crypto for publishers


Publishers that sign up with Coinzilla will get to experiment with a variety of ad formats to monetize their websites. The network currently offers the following 5 ad formats for publishers to utilize.

  • Classic Banner Description

Coinzilla Ad Formats


These offer an easy way to capture your audience’s eye. On the user’s display, they are extremely noticeable and improved by HTML5 posters that can deliver excellent outcomes to your campaign.

The native ads for blogs are ideal. Their format mirrors the website design and editors can use their public API to customize the ad format. MGID is reliable and robust native ads marketplace for advertisers and publisher, you can check out detailed Mgid review here.

  • Pop-under Description

The pop-under format launches a cabinet that contains the landing page of the advertiser behind the contents of the active window of the user. Single Opt-In offers mainly use this ad format.

  • Header Banner Description

Header banners are always put at the bottom of the website, similar to sticky flags. Their placement always draws a visitor’s attention, making it extremely effective.

  • Sticky Banner Description

The sticky flag is always put at the bottom of the table and will only appear when websites visitors navigate through the website.

Pricing Models



The working model of Coinzilla is CPM and CPC (native ads).  They have lately created a self-service ad network that can be used as they wish by the advertiser and publisher. They give different marketing strategies for editors depending on website performance and content. Statistics are updated every 5 minutes and everyday payments are provided.

The sales designs that this ad network uses are CPM and CPC, so both notes and clicks will pay you. Coinzilla enables editors around the world to monetize their traffic with them. They also give the largest filling prices so that none of your traffic remains unsold.

Any Pre-requisites?

Coinzilla crm


Conzilladoesn’t really have very high requirements, apart from the ones we’re mentioning below. Thus, this ensures that any publisher with an average website can apply to join this network:

  • The Alexa traffic rating of your blog must be less than 1 million. Any median website of traffic can readily reach the Alexa score below 1 million. But if you’re having trouble getting a nice Alexa rank then you can follow our post.
  • The reference age of your website should be at least 3 months. Domain-age websites below 3 months of age are not permitted to enter this network. I don’t think this is a very big necessity either, because after 3-4 months we generally begin receiving some traffic.
  • Your website should look professional and have some material of quality. If your website has a pleasant portable layout, it will be a plus point for you.

Any Restrictions?

Coinzilla for publishers


Even the best of things come with certain restrictions, and Coinzilla is no exception! This network does have some restrictions that are pretty similar to the ones you may find on various other ad networks. Your website MUST NOT:

  • Be linked to illegal activities.
  • Contain content like child pornography, hate-mongering, violence, obscene or vulgar language, physical harm, deceptive investments advice, etc.
  • Be an adult content website.
  • Deliver spam or bot traffic.

**You can also check their terms of service page for more information regarding their restrictions.

Signing Up with COINZILLA!

Like most other contemporary ad networks, Coinzilla also provides publishers a very easy method of sign-up and acceptance. To sign up for this network, simply log in and enter a straightforward registration form. You can log in to your account immediately after that.

Coinzilla pricing


You need to do two important things inside your account before you can begin gaining cash from this network.

You need to check your email–You need to press an email checking key in your dashboard to give you a checking connection to your licensed email address to check your email address. To check your email and fully enable your account, you need to press that checking connection.

Getting Approved!

You need to check your website for authorization–You will have to check your website for authorization on this network, like most other ad networks before you can begin displaying their advertisements on your website.

When you submit your website, you need to check your website’s possession and to do so, you can upload your supplied text file to the root directory of your website or simply insert a supplied meta tag before your website’s closing head tag.

This network reviews all pages of publishers rapidly. All websites are usually checked within 24 hours of entry.

Explore and learn more with Coinzilla Academy!

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Apart from boasting of a super-responsive and highly productive customer support team, Coinzilla has also developed their state-of-the-art knowledge base consisting of several well-curated articles, tutorials, and guides to help users with most of the general issues related to their ad networking using cryptocurrency and more.

The Coinzilla Academy is your GO-TO CRYPTO KNOWLEDGE CENTER where you will learn how to outperform your competitors through in-depth articles about advertising, website design, and general blockchain technology.

Their database is regularly updated with new articles being posted every week to help customers stay at par with the latest trends in crypto and ad networking!

The Coinzilla Marketplace

The Coinzilla Marketplace is the ALL-IN-ONE CONTENT MARKETPLACE where you can easily and legally Buy Crypto PressReleases & Sponsored Articles. Publish your content across leading websites in the crypto & finance industry and get the exposure you need.

Coinzilla marketplace


Our partner pages allow you, regardless of your expenditure, to generate an effective PR strategy. Coinzilla’s group of professionals will generate distinctive press releases based on your requirements and send them to our pages of our crypto partner.

Our team will give you evidence of shipment as shortly as your press release is live, so you can maintain track of your campaign. And if an editor ever decides not to release your press release, don’t fear. You’re going to get a complete refund, with no exceptions whatsoever.

Creating your order, making a one-time deposit and reaching your decision of crypto pages & blogs. It will save you time and energy by managing all your press releases from a single interface.

You will receive live reports on how your press releases are distributed, so you can assess your effect at any moment. Both customer and vendor are protected by our security system, eliminating the risk of any possible chargeback.

Earn more Coinzilla referral program!

Coinzilla also gives you the opportunity to earn an extra stream of revenue through its network by participating in their native referral program. They offer a good 10% referral commission program to publishers. You can easily earn some additional income by using the referral program to promote their services.

You will receive 50 euro referral commission for every deposit of at least 500 euro.

The Final Verdict: Is Coinzilla Worth Money?

Coinzilla is certainly one of the most amazing digital advertising platforms and offers the best channel for advertisers and publishers. They offer multiple ad formats that are super responsive on both mobile and desktop traffic. So basically, you can easily monetize your traffic with this network whether you have mobile or desktop traffic.


Overall, it is a perfect platform for both the advertisers and publishers.  This was our review of Coinzilla platform. If you have used it earlier, let us know in the comments box

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