Cold Turkey Review With Discount Coupon 2021: Get Upto 21% Off

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Cold Turkey Review














Website Blocking




App Blocking


Frozen Turkey


  • Website Blocking
  • Application Blocking
  • Comes with a starting timer
  • Using the Scheduler
  • Frozen Turkey
  • Start a Block in Two Clicks
  • Daily Time Limits and Breaks
  • Cold Turkey Writer
  • The statistics feature keeps track of your biggest time-wasters
  • Set a password to prevent other users from viewing or changing your settings
  • Sprints are useful if you'd prefer to alternate the block on and off
  • Cold Turkey Micromanager
  • Also offers a complete free plan to its users


  • Limitations are there in the free plan

These days the use of the internet, social media and services have been increased dramatically. If you are a student and you are attempting to concentrate on studies or trying to concentrate on your work, you have to prevent a few sites from destroying your work routine. This will cause you to procrastinate.

Procrastination is one of the most ridiculous problems of youths these days. It can damage your potential, your career and mood.

Blocking these sites would surely help. You can block sites, for example, YouTube, Facebook or some other online apps or sites using some Google Chrome Extension. Cold Turkey is one such application that obstructs your site to enable you to concentrate on studies and work.

In this post, I will describe about Cold Turkey which obstructs more than 12000+ sites everyday and is one of the most reliable website blockers presently.

Cold Turkey Review With Discount Coupon 2021: Get Upto 21% Off Now

ColdTurkey Review- Website Blocking

Detailed Cold Turkey Review

As a matter of course, when you begin a timer, you can’t return and alter your perspective. It can also monitor time spent on sites and applications with the goal that you can see what your top time-wasters are.

Blocking extension can block Facebook, Reddit, and Youtube. Cold Turkey gives you a chance to block applications, the entire web, and even your whole PC.

ColdTurkey Review- Apps To Help You Focus

Not going totally Cold Turkey? Don’t worry about it. Limit your diversions by including Pomodoro-style breaks or a daily time limit. You can also utilize exceptions to make a whitelist or get a friend to password which secures your settings.

Whenever began, blocks will consequently influence every supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi (for Windows and macOS).

Specific Features of Cold Turkey Blocker

With Cold Turkey you will see a motivational quote whenever a website is blocked which reminds you that you should be working. Cold Turkey reminds you that distraction leads to procrastination and motivation leads to productivity.

Here you will see some of the best features of Cold Turkey:

  • Website Blocking

This is the main feature of Cold Turkey. If you want to get some work done and distractions are everywhere. With Cold Turkey you can block access to those time wasting websites and desktop applications in seconds. With the help of Cold Turkey you can say Goodbye to any distraction or online addiction for as long as you want.

You just have to use the distraction list or create your own tailored block lists. You can add an unlimited number of websites to as many block lists as you want. These block lists can be started by a timer or scheduled blocks.

ColdTurkey Review- Website Blocking

You can block your whole internet by using the Wildcard, just add *.* under the website tab of the blocklist then add the sites you need to access under the exceptions tab.

  • Application Blocking

Games and some social media platform can be distracting as well. It never blocks you from opening apps, but it prevents you from getting new notification. This app can’t stop your phone calls or text coming through, but it can decrease many of your Internet-related distractions by blocking access to them. Cold Turkey doesn’t turn your internet off because you are still able to connect to other sites.

Cold Turkey Review- Application BLocking Features

You just have to go to the Applications tab when editing your block list and then add the executable files to block them too.

  • Locked Mode

People always find a way to cheat anything. There are probably many ways to cheat the Cold Turkey. That’s why developers included a locked mode to help stop people from cheating, and it is properly effective.

Cold Turkey Review- Locked Mode

Once you enable locked mode, then you will not able to mess with the app while a blocked session is in progress. You can only add new websites to the blocked list. It becomes more difficult when you sign out from your Cold Turkey account, which makes difficult to unblock the websites you locked out of.

Cold Turkey Products

I have told you about Cold Turkey Blocker but there’s more products out there in the market. Cold Turkey also offers Cold Turkey Writer & Cold Turkey Micromanager for Windows and macOS.

  • Cold Turkey Writer

Cold Turkey writer probably the most stubborn text editor ever made. Cold Turkey Writer is basically difficult to exit before you arrive at your writing objective. Since Writer basically transforms your PC into a typewriter, you’d be astonished how little period you need to complete your work.

Your writing objective can either be a span of time or number of words typed. When the session is begun, there is nothing you can do to alter your perspective or exit Writer.

Cold Turkey Review- Turkey Writer

Cold Turkey Writer keeps running as an independent program, which means there is no installer. This makes it simple for you to duplicate the program on a USB stick and use it on different PCs. You can also share it with your friends, just kindly don’t share it online.

Cold Turkey  Writer Pro adds features for cutting edge writers. Minor efficiency tricks like disabling the backspace/delete key are incredible for typing the first draft.

Key Features of Cold Turkey Writer

  • Themes: Go simple on your eyes by utilizing a light theme for the afternoon and a dark theme around evening time.
  • Formatting: Font size can be changed between three accessible sizes and among serif and sans-serif fonts styles to your personal preference.
  • Typing Flow: Numerous expert authors want to type without the capacity to use certain keys so as to preserve their stream of the idea.

Try not to stress over tapping the save button. Your draft will automatically be saved to your clients “Documents” folder at regular intervals. If your PC crashes, you can locate the last form of your draft there.

To check how much time or words you have left, simply check the progress bar at the top. After you’ve arrived at your objective, you will see the alternative to rest (for 10 extra minutes) or save and quit. Pick what’s essential.

Cold Turkey Micromanager

Cold Turkey Micromanager locks your consideration into the applications you chose in your whitelist. Some other application you attempt to open will be limited or left.

Your efficiency endures when you attempt to part your attention over numerous tasks. Micromanager help you save time by giving you a chance to concentrate on the job needing to be done. One assignment at a time.

Cold Turkey Review- Turkey ManagerCold Turkey Review- Turkey Manager

The pro form of Micromanager lets you whitelist numerous applications at once. It also gives you a chance to set Pomodoro-style breaks or a stipend during a square to help you to oversee downtime.

Key Features of Cold Turkey Micromanager

  • Cold Turkey Micromanager will just give you a chance to utilize applications you added to your whitelist. Any other window you attempt to access will be limited or shut.
  • Pro clients can include a boundless number of applications to the whitelist.
  • You can micromanage yourself utilizing a commencement timer or until you restart your PC. You can set this timer as little as one moment to as much as 16 hours.
  • Micromanaging yourself until you restart your PC is an incredible method to include some adaptability around the square on the off chance that you need to access something in an emergency.
  • In the pro version, you can add breaks to your square. Pomodoro style breaks to offer you a predefined reprieve subsequent to working a specific sum.
  • If you’d prefer more control, stipends can be used so you can utilize different applications for a predefined time frame.
  • Cold Turkey Micromanager is intended to be difficult to get around. When you begin a block, there’s not much you can do with the exception of sit tight for it to end.
  • You won’t be able to uninstall the Cold Turkey, change the time or end processes using the task administrator to rashly end the block.
  • When a block is begun, you’ll have the option to monitor how much time is left before your square is finished. Your remittance and breaks remaining will also be recorded here.
  • You can further modify what notifications you see and what happens to non-whitelisted windows by tapping the Options button.

How to block with Cold Turkey

In this guide, I will show you how to block a certain website or application with Cold Turkey.

I will take YouTube as an example because this is the most distracting website blocked by Cold Turkey. People spend one billion hours of video on YouTube everyday and you know this is not very useful when you are trying to focus on your work.

Cold Turkey Review- Daily Stats

Let’s Begin!

How to block YouTube completely with Cold Turkey

Step 1: Creating the blocklist

  • When Cold Turkey Blocker is completely installed, click the “Blocklists” tab to see your blocklists. As a matter of course, Blocker comes with a rundown called “Distractions.” It contains YouTube and numerous other distracting sites.
  • If you simply need to block YouTube and that’s it, then the easiest path is to make another block list. To do this, simply click the green button that says “Add New Blocklist ” Next, name the blocklist “YouTube” at the top of the pop-up window. At that point, under the “Website” tab, enter the URL “” and press your <enter> or <return> key to enter it into the list below.
  • At last, click the “Save” button at the base of the pop-up to save the list.

Step 2: Starting a Block

Now you have your blocklist prepared, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin the block! As a matter of course, when you begin a timer, Cold Turkey will keep you from disabling it. This makes it practically difficult to fix the block until the timer is finished. If you don’t need this, make a point to turn off the “Lock timers” switch under “Settings > Locking.”

If you need to have breaks during a block, you will also need to make a point to go to “Settings > Breaks” before beginning a timer.

When that’s all setup, head over to the “Timers” tab. Discover the blocklist you need to begin, and set the date and time for when you’d like the block to finish. If you needed breaks for your block, select it in the drop-down.

At last, begin the block by changing the switch to “ON.” You’ll be given the last opportunity to confirm the length of the block and once you click “Yes,” the block will begin!

How to block a channel of YouTube

Cold Turkey blocks sites dependent on the URL you find in your browser’s address bar. Unfortunately YouTube structures the URL so that it only shows the video ID. This makes it a little hard to block all videos from a particular channel.

In spite of the fact that you can’t block all videos from a channel, you can still obstruct the main pages of a channel. As an example


Each one of the three formats may refer to a similar page, yet you just need to know one. The one you have to include is the link you usually use in YouTube or the bookmark you have in your browser.

At last, to obstruct the channel, simply include the URL(s) to your “Sites” tab in a blocklist by including:


To make certain you can’t get to any of the pages on the channel, you can also include next URLs. Notice how/* is included toward the end:


How Cold Turkey Collects the Data of Distracting Websites

Cold Turkey is a website and application blocker that blocks diversions when you’re attempting to do some work on a PC. When visiting a blocked site, Cold Turkey shows a block page with an inspirational quote. It ideally inspires you to remain concentrated on your work. But the block page is also what enabled us to figure out what the most diverting sites were on the Internet.

Previously, they redirected you to their block page when attempting to get to a blocked site. Doing as such would make your browser set the blocked URL as the referrer to the block page. To this end, all they needed to do to figure out the most diverting sites was to examine the referral information of their block page.

Cold Turkey Review- Scheduler

In May 2018, they quit gathering this data. On one hand, regardless they needed to gather referrals to their landing page. This is the way they find which sites their visitors are coming from. Then again, they didn’t have to recognize what sites people were blocking. All things considered, one of their objectives is to gather as little client information as could be expected under the circumstances.

To take care of this issue, their extension currently stacks the block page into an iframe. Doing this doesn’t give referral information to their block page. However, despite everything it enables us to track the total number of sites blocked.

Pricing Plans Of Cold Turkey: Cloud Turkey Discount Coupon Codes 2021

ColdTurkey Review- Website Blocking

  • Basic: You can buy Cold Turkey for both Windows and macOS for free. It will block an unlimited number of websites using timers and enable statistics to keep track of the biggest time-wasters.
  • Pro: You can buy Cold Turkey Pro version for only $29. Pro version will give you a lot of additional features include Basic. You will get a 30-day guarantee, free minor updates, discount on major updates and Email support.

If you are a student then Cold Turkey offers you an additional 20% off on Pro version.

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Conclusion: Cold Turkey Review With Cold Turkey Discount Coupon 2021

The main reason of these websites are so addictive is because of its persuasive design. In a survey, psychologists openly blamed social media companies for using hidden manipulation techniques to keep people busy. Website designer use this technique to influence your behaviour that’s why you constantly check for the notifications or accidentally spent hours on certain website.

Cold Turkey  is reliable platform that can help you in focusing your work easily and effortlessly by keeping your away form the kind of distraction from today Internet World.

With Cold Turkey you can avoid these distractions and keep yourself busy with your work.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. Drop a comment below and tell us which app do you use to get more focused and productive and if you liked the post, then kindly to share this post on trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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