Combin Review 2023 Why Should You Try It? (Pros & Cons)

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Today, millions of people from across the globe, including international celebrities, share images and videos on Instagram from their day to day lives to stay connected with their fan base. It also has become a great platform for showcasing your talent or promoting your brand or business across the community. Many startups and celebrities have been noted to gain fame and success through Instagram.

Combin Review- grow your Instagram community

Thus it is important for you to grow a reliable fan base and follower count organically and effectively to build a reputation. This often becomes a challenge and we look for applications that may enable us to grow Instagram followers quickly. Most of these apps and services ask you to share links or posts to promote themselves with a promise to provide you instant followers. But sadly, almost all of these services are either fake or fall short of their promises

But not anymore, because there finally is one such service that actually genuinely helps you grow Instagram followers organically and LEGALLY. This service is called Combin. Let us get into a comprehensive review and learn more about this.

Instagram: The success story

Since its launch 7 years ago, Instagram has become a success story and has emerged as one of the most successful social media applications of all time along with its arch-rivals Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

instagram for company business

Initially launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger exclusively for devices running on iOS platforms only, Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 and an Android version was soon released followed by versions for Windows 10 devices.

This acquisition is indeed touted to be the big game changing move for Instagram as today, the app has completely redefined the scene of public media sharing. With regular and useful updates based on the feedbacks of millions of users across the globe, the app has become a stand-alone application in its own category.

Growing Instagram followers

Instagram as you all know, allows users to upload photos and videos to the service which can be viewed by your friends and public for as long as you want to keep it on your account. If done the right way, the app can turn out to be a great platform for you to become successful over time. But for that, you need to grow an effective and reliable fan base, which can turn out to be a daunting task for you.

Talking through personal experience, waiting to get past hundred or thousand Instagram followers, does get frustrating after a point. Hence you resort to various applications or services that promise easy exponential growth, mostly operating in the gray area between the legitimate function and a violation of Instagram’s community guidelines.

Combin: Introduction and specialties: Combin Review 2023 Why Should You Try It? (Pros & Cons)

Combin is a new service that was developed by a team of Instagram users and developers that offers a seamless way to grow an effective Instagram audience, without having to worry about the breaching Instagram terms and guidelines, or the platform’s limitations.

I am an avid user of Instagram and post stories and pics daily. So this service seems quite tempting to me. I visited the website and signed up to get a link to download. The first positive point about Combin is that it offers no trial period whatsoever. So the access to their services is unlimited. Plus, the service is available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Combin Review- Grow your Instagram followers

The next plus is that you have to log in with your Instagram account. You will not need to enter you email address or phone number to register in. Plus, for those who may be worried about passwords being stolen, ten let me tell you that Combin doesn’t collect any private data. 

Combin has a very intuitive design that is simple and easy to use. You can create lists of followers and commenters of specific accounts. You can track and geofence hashtags, limit search results by amount or date and much more. Combin even enables you to set up customised searches based on hashtags or accounts.

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Combin Review- Features

Another cool feature Combin possesses is Geofencing. This particular feature lets you limit the extent of search within the boundaries of a city or point of interest. The benefit is that it can turn out to be very useful, particularly in the case of local events and businesses that are looking to attract more customers and increase footfall.

Combin: Plans and Pricing

Combin offers two distinct plans to choose from according to your preference and type of Instagram. Each of these plans has respective features that will come in handy according to what you wish to achieve.

Personal Plan

The Combin Personal Plan is ideal for individuals and brands having one Instagram account. This plan has a subscription price of $10 per month and has the following features.

  • 1 Instagram account management.
  • Up to 500 search results for posts.
  • Up to 500 search results for users.
  • Search results update automatically.
  • Increased action limits.
  • DM and Comments (Coming soon)

Business Plan

The Combin Business Plan is ideal for agencies and businesses having multiple Instagram account. This plan has a subscription price of $30 per month and has the following features.

  • Up to 5 Instagram accounts management.
  • Up to 500 search results for posts.
  • Up to 500 search results for users.
  • Search results update automatically.
  • Increased action limits.
  • DM and Comments (Coming soon)
  • Statistics (Coming soon)

Apart from these two plans, there is also a Combin Free Plan that allows you to add 1 Instagram account and receive up to 50 search results. To learn more about these plans, visit the Combin official website

My experience with Combin and personal opinion

I subscribed to the Combin Personal Plan and personally tested the credibility of Combin and its features by setting trackers both for hashtags and accounts of interest. Once I set up my hashtag tracker, Combin returned the latest and updated content within a specified area. This easily enabled me to select specific posts, comment or like them, and then follow the corresponding accounts at once.

Combin Review - Helps to find the unique content

My actions were instantly added to the tasks’ queue, and Combin took immediate charge. I really became fond of this feature, not only because it promotes engagement, but it also because it surfaces relevant content and accounts that are worth following.

I realized that setting up a tracker based on an account of interest was as easy to do. This feature proved to be very helpful, especially for spotting reliable influencer accounts and reaching new users within the boundaries of my niche to expand my network further.

Combin Review - Instagram Followers

Hence, this helped me quickly build a reliable and effective follower count as well. I started with 196 followers and after just 2 days of using Combin, my follower count jumped to 254 followers.

Combin Review 2023 Why Should You Try It? (Pros & Cons)

I have used a few services like Woorise before for increasing my following count organically as my profession requires me to expand a network of active and reliable bloggers and affiliates. I heard a lot about Combin from quite a few friends and colleagues and decided to go for it.

I am completely pleased and on the basis of my personal experience, I highly recommend you to give Combin a try as it is completely promising and worth it.

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