How to Plan Your Content Marketing Budget in 2018

As an experienced content marketer, setting up a budget is quite simple. Learn how the money is spent each year, so compare each result. If you have seen good results from some areas and worse than others, increase your budget in the areas of success and reduce in the areas that you failed. If all is successful, increase the total budget, and if all else fails, invest in new changes and strategies to try.

But if you’re starting content marketing campaign? You do not have the previous model of the budget for the previous year budget, nor have results motivated. You can start from scratch, which means that the budget is based on nothing more than information that can be collected during internet research and your own personal ideas.

There are things to consider when planning your content marketing budget 2018

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1) Consider your business and industry

First, take a moment to think about your business and industry. Almost any business can benefit from content marketing to some extent, but some require more effort than others. For example, if you launch a new website on journalism or if your industry comes with new trends and technology there should be a significant amount of stress to the production companies with only a few participants and little news.

The size of your business should also be a factor – for example, the company will need more money to build momentum in a highly competitive space, a small business may need much less (and less capital to work, too). Hlib Nikolenko from Udeepi Content Marketing Agency says that analysis of your industry trends is very crucial aspect of your business.

2) Set your goals

When you want to achieve the main goals of your campaign, make sure to be as specific as possible here. Do not go to the general goal as “more customers.” Does it focus on increasing search rankings to drive more organic traffic? Want more fuel for your presence on social networks? Looking to create the authority and confidence in the current flow of visitors that are currently on your site?

Your needs will determine the content of this set of objectives and urgency and demands of these goals. For example, you are looking to build a large audience quickly, and you must have a bigger budget if you are looking for long term with confidence and consumers.

3) Make an inventory of your location

If you start from scratch, it will be fast, but it is important to take an inventory of your brand content marketing to remains available at present. For example, if you have a blog? Do you have a presence on social networks? Do you have white books or pieces of content that could be re-used and re-used? If you do not have any more of your budget should be devoted to the creation of the foundation. If you have a solid foundation, you can direct more money to continue the effort.

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4) Assess your options

For most companies, there are three main options for implementing content marketing campaign:

Hire someone full time: This is an expensive option, but it allows you to control campaign. Your range of experience may be limited.

Working with the agency: There are many different organizations with many plans option, but it is usually between average cost and expensive. They have less control, but more experience, relationships, and resources available.

Working with freelancers and other staff: This is a cheap option, but you will not have different lines of responsibility, and it can be very difficult to find quality sometimes.

There is no right or wrong answer here, so think about how much money you spend and how quickly you want to see results. If you are a beginner and do not know what to expect, it may be your best choice – so it is a matter of deciding what price range and level of experience you want to go with.

Here’s a nifty infographic on content marketing metrics by Curata:

Content Marketing Strategy

5) Go to the list of priorities

Once you have determined your major goals, your financial limit, your existing assets and your main line of work, you can create a short list of priorities to achieve with your budget. For example, you can allocate a specific amount of money per month to generate new content from freelancer for publishing and syndicating the posts and serve the remaining discretionary budget devoted to a number of money advertising opportunities that arise. This will greatly help your content strategy to take shape within your budgets.

6) Develop an emergency plan

There is no such thing as a content marketing plan is safe – or budgeted. Once you have established a base budget “work,” go with a handful of emergency plans. What of the SEO expert firm? What if you do not see results after a certain time? The more you think here, the better.

Unless you work in a strict and bureaucratic super-business, there is a relief in the quality of the budget on content marketing: it is flexible. If you spend a certain amount in the first three months of the year and believe that it is not enough to make significant progress toward your goals, stop.

If you find that one of your most anticipated strategies is not working, stop investing in it. There is a constant give and take in content marketing, and its success depends on your ability to sail – not on the ability to accurately predict from the outset. Do what you can and be sure that you always have a chance to adjust.

I hope you like our content marketing budget plan for 2018, so whats your plan for content marketing share in the comment below !

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