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Ease of Use


Smart Suggestion


  • Third-Party Integrations
  • 18000+ professionals already trust
  • Post Recycling for Increased Engagement
  • Content Translation & Rephrasing
  • Connected with Your Favorite Platforms
  • Hassle-Free & Regular Content Sharing
  • Advanced Filters for Targeted Content
  • Interactive Content Calendar
  • Team Workflows & Collaboration


  • Free plans have limited features
  • Pricing for Medium plans can be made much cheaper
  • Discounts only on Annual plans

Nowadays building a solid online presence for your brand, business, blogs, and websites play an important role in making it successful. Social Media is ruling the internet and it’s the best time to reap the benefits of trending social media platforms.

But wait, building a solid presence on social media needs unique content that can leverage audience and sales as well. Only creating unique content will not do the trick here you need to discover, share and monitor engaging content.  There are hundreds of content discovery and automation tool that can help you in creating content but somehow its lags at a point.

There’s platform called-

ContentStudio - Content Curation and Viral Blogging Platform is a powerful platform that helps you in finding trending contents for your channels or blogs right with interesting articles, videos, images, and GIFs and quotes right in and industry and niche.

In this post, we have featured ContentStudio Review 2020 that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

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ContentStudio Review 2020

About ContentStudio offers a versatile platform for content marketing and managing social media under one roof. It mainly offers advanced features that will really make it easy to simply manage different social channels right at one click with the engaging contents.

ContentStudio Review- Social Media Management Platform

ContentStudio gives you the ability to find topic-relevant content that is filtered by social shares, different media types along with virality. Just select individually for your topic feeds or set-up the automation campaigns right with your own rules in order to publish content remotely and automatically to select your channels.

You can use this amazing platform to monitor, discover and share legitimate contents in any niche and industry. The best part is that ContentStudio is extremely easy to use and here you don’t need to have any technical skills for managing accounts and everything is just one-click.

This tool allows you to discover web and social media to monitor content simply by creating your own feeds using relevant search terms and domains. ContentStudio is truly flexible as it doesn’t matter how many social channels you have here you can simply publish and schedule contents to different blogging schedules along with social channels easily.

You can simply increase engagement right up to 3X simply by using amplifications tools like as post recycling, image enhancer, and hashtag suggestions and many more things.  

ContentStudio offers amazing products like discovery, curation, automation, planner, publisher and analytics that will help you in boosting your social media engagement.

Key Features & Products

Discovery: Now with this tool, you can easily discover content that inspires and leverage audience. You can monitor content right from multiple sources and share effortlessly. Just discover and collect trending content right in any particular niche or market simply by using instant search, pre-defined topics along with many more custom topics.

ContetStudio Review- Discovery Articles

  • Niche Related Content: This feature gives your liberty to set-up your custom topics right with your own set of keywords and domains in order to get highly relevant content. You can also simply search content as per your needs and requirements.

ContetStudio Review- Create Topics According To Your Requirements

  • 10+ Content Sources: They have more than 9 major content sources that generally monitors a huge database of sites right along with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Imgur, Giphy, Pixabay and many more in a row.
  • Multimedia Content (Videos, Images & GIFs): The best part about ContentStudio is that it doesn’t limit to the articles only. Here you can also find videos from Facebook, YouTube, and Dailymotion. For images and GIFs and more formats.

Automation: Just automate content sharing right to your blog and social media. Now keep your audience updated with the trending content that can help you in leveraging more sales and conversions. You can create campaigns that will easily auto-post highly relevant content right to your destination channels without any interruptions.

ClickStudeio Review- Automation

  • Keyword & Domain Filter: Just select your keywords along with domains in order to pass the type of content you actually want to share right with your audience. You can exclude all the irrelevant content posting to improve your accuracy.
  • Advanced Filter For Targeted Content: With the help of this feature you can easily filter content by length, region, language, postage along with engagement level.
  • Smart Suggestion: Right when you get related keywords suggestions in order to expand or limit your content. Also with this feature, you can easily exclude or include any of the suggested keywords.

Composer: Compose better content faster. With this tool, you can easily save your time in researching and sourcing content with powerful content suggestions. They have a composer module that will help you in creating a better-looking post at a faster rate.

ClickStudeio Review- Composer

  • Video & Image Embeds: With this features, you can easily find and embed topic-relevant videos, images, and GIFs right in your post.
  • Drag and Drop Editor: Here with the help of such amazing feature you can easily create and add right content (articles, video, images) to post with the rag and drop editor.
  • Content Suggestions: You can choose to include in your next blog post or the social media post simply by searching for relevant content right with their keywords across the web and many social media channels.
  • ContentStudio Review- Social Media Composer

Planner: Now you can plan your content calendar in a smart way as here you can control your content strategy. The best part about ContentStudio is that you easily organize your marketing from a single place.

  • Interactive Content Calendar: You can simply manage and plan your content from an interactive calendar that gives you the ability to review and edit the post before they publish.

ContentStudio Review- Planner

  • Team Workflows & Collaboration: With the help of this feature you can easily interact with your team to create the best content.
  • Streamline Content: You can plan content for your blog and social media along with managing it all from a single place without any boot calendar.

Publisher: Simply publish engaging content with ease. Just plan, customize and share your content on all multiple platforms. ContentStudio will provide you with all the versatile tools to simply enhance your content.

  • Hashtag Suggestions: Now get relevant content and trending hashtags suggestions for your posts.

ContentStudio Review- Hastag Solution

  • Automatic URL Shortening: With the help of this feature you can easily connect your or the Google Shortener account right with ContentStudio.
  • Multimedia Content: Just find and post videos right from Facebook, YoutTube and many other trending legitimate platforms.

ContentStudio Review- Publisher

Pricing Plans: ContentStudio Review With Discount Coupon 2020: 20% Off (Verified)

The pricing plans which are being offered by ContentStudio are very simple and affordable so that you don’t get confused in choosing the right content for you. They have plans for any size of business you can simply choose a plan that is right for you.

Let’s find out what plans they are actually offering:

ContentStudio Review- Pricing Plans

1) Free ($0/Month)

  • Social Accounts-2
  • Blogs- 0
  • Team Members- 0
  • Automation Campaigns- 0
  • Post Per Month (Social)- 500
  • Post Per Month (Blog)- 0
  • Custom Topic Feeds-  1
  • Searches Per Day- Limited

2) Pro ($25/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 10
  • Blogs- 1 Per Platform
  • Team Members- 0
  • Automation Campaigns- 10
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)-Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds- Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

3) Small ($47/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 25
  • Blogs- 10 in total
  • Team Members- 5
  • Automation Campaigns- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)- Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds-  Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

4) Medium ($97/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 50
  • Blogs- 20 in total
  • Team Members- 10
  • Automation Campaigns- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)- Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds- Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

5) Large ($197/Month)

  • Social Accounts- 150
  • Blogs- 50
  • Team Members- 20
  • Automation Campaigns- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Social)- Unlimited
  • Post Per Month (Blog)-Unlimited
  • Custom Topic Feeds- Unlimited
  • Searches Per Day- Unlimited

Now you have got all the plans they are actually offering and here of you do have some specific requirements then you can contact them and go for the Enterprise plans.

In the very beginning, I would like to suggest if you’re a beginner then you should go with the Free Plan they are offering. And once you get familiar with the platform you can simply upgrade to the pro plans according to your need and requirements.

More than 18000+ professionals already trust ContentStudio for their
social media management and content marketing needs


ContentStudio Testimonials  :

Neal Schaffer

Author, Global Speaker, Marketing Influencer is a powerful content curation tool that ensures you can become part of, influence, and even generate thought leadership around a topic that is of interest to you or your business. The high level of customization helps you publish the right message to the right social network at the right time for maximum engagement.


Gareth O’Sullivan

Content Marketing Manager at @CreationAgency

Signed up to ContentStudio a few months back, and haven’t stopped using it since! With the amazing new updates being pushed out regularly, it’s the ideal tool for managing your social sharing, content curation, social media campaigns and even blogging. The discovery feature is by far one of the best features, stay up-to-date and schedule content directly from pre-suggested trending content, custom topics and RSS feeds. ContentStudio is great!


Michael R Onthank

Business Owner, Marketer

I am amazed at how much this software has grown since I originally became a member. I see look alike systems come out every so often but nothing else even comes close. Content Studio is light years ahead of the others and a perfect package to manage and grow your social media.

Customer Support

The best part that I like most about ContentStudio is that they offer 100% human-based support via chat, tickets, and emails. And also their tech professional dedicated support team is always there to help you out.

Right apart from the support, when you log in to the ContentStudio platform you can also get a start tour that will show you each product feature along with all the steps for the content marketing as well as the social media optimization too.

Another reason of using ContentStudio is they offer a knowledge base, a blog along with video tutorials that can help you in getting started with ContentStudio and make the most use of it. 

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Conclusion:  ContentStudio Review With Discount Coupon 

You will many other social media automation platforms but trust me none of them will match the level of ContentStudio as it provides more flexible features, functionality, pricing, and support.

Another best part is that here we are offering an Exclusive 20%  Discount Offer right for our BloggersIdeas readers.

ContentStudio is an all-in-one platform where you can easily get high-quality content search, images, video, and GIFS. And trust us as per our experience with ContentStudio it helps us in creating social media content and blog content for our blog as well. It’s worth giving a try to ContentStudio as it offers a free plan where you can try some of the ContentStudio features for free.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. Give a moment and share with us which platform you use to get social media content for your business, blogs right in the comment section below.

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