Convertri vs Leadpages 2024: The Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons)

Deciding between Convertri and Leadpages? I am taking you to my detailed article on the comparison of both.

However we know both of them are amazing sales funnel building tools, yet there are few main distinctions in both of their features.

It’s really vital to have good knowledge of the distinctions between both platforms. Just if you’re doing online marketing then speed is the element you need to consider on a serious note. As we all know boosting is only possible when we have a good and quick sales funnel builder.

So here I am with my 100% honest review after personally using both the platforms on their: Speed, Ease of use, Price, Support and Features

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Which one works faster Leadpages or Convertri?

This is probably one of the most common doubts of most online marketers while searching for funnel software.

It is pretty obvious all of us want software that works faster on the sales funnels and landing pages. Down below are the comparison of both platforms.

I have personally tested their speeds on the tools of Google’s speed test also through GTMetrix. With this, we’ve come up with fair differences.

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Convertri vs LeadPages: Overview


So, this test was conducted in the month of January 2020. We noticed that the data on the page was of 175MB (more than Leadpages) and was conducted on one of the propagated domains where the theory was kind of slow. This included a form embedded which slowed things.

 - Convertri

The Yslow Score score is 78% and the late speed is around 91%

With this, it is clear that Convertri is the winner of our speed test with its brilliant loading time. Convertri which is known as an accelerated page, meaning the speed of convertri on mobiles is depending on Google’s stripped code which piles amazingly quickly. With no doubt that google loves quick loading websites and this platform is one of them.

Now let’s take look at LeadPage speed test


Our test was conducted in the month of January 2020. We noticed that the data on the page was of 125MB and for a fact this site is as a subdomain server on Leadpages which states that there has been no time for propagation through a domain name from a third party.

 Leadpages - leadpages home info

The Yslow Score  score is 58% and the page speed is around 69%

As noticed we know that leadpages is pretty reasonable but isn’t that great though. This one is sort of better compared to the other sales funnel and their landing page developers in the market. Mainly than those which are WordPress hosted.

Speed tests through Google Mobile for the same websites

We all universally know traffic through mobile phones is always is a massive percentage form the traffic of sales funnels. So option a funnel developer for lead generation in the years on phone is a critical mission. The phone versions got to load quick. That’s where Convertri’s technology accelerated pages plays its game.

As we all know mobile traffic is a large proportion of sales funnel traffic so choosing a funnel builder for your lead generation in 2020 means speed on mobile is mission-critical. Your mobile version has to load fast. This is where Convertri’s accelerated page technology comes into play as shown below.

Google Speed testing on Convertri Mobile

As you can notice this platform’s page on Google speed testing gets a score of  81%. This can probably be improved by eradicating any of the third-party forms embedded but as a sales funnel for mobile phones it is perfect. If the contact form is eradicated then their scores can come up to 98%.

Leadpages Mobile Speed Test Google

With the speed testing of this platform, we noticed that the platform can be improvised by chucking the YouTube videos embedded. Nonetheless, this is pretty slow as for the sales funnel on mobiles or lead generating form landing pages.

The quick loading time with this is critical as the mobile traffic of the online marketers is around 80%

Which among these is the simple Landing Page Developer (builder) to use

With the comparison on both the platforms. Our intention on comparing them for the landing page was its simplicity to be used. Building a good landing page provides you with amazing yield results and also increases your sales so an easy way has to be figured out. With this, we need to acknowledge editors work

Talking about Convertri, it is a no-cost form editor and the Landing page is Block form editor.

Both of them are pretty different and as individuals, we all have our own choices, nonetheless, with our experience, Freeform editor is way easy to use and can stage all the elements in any nuke of the page (text, block, HTML, images and more).

While a block form of editor puts a restriction on placements and after frustrating the editors give them the movement of location. Adapting a block form editor is an exceptionally difficult post using a free form editor.

Convertri is an absolutely brilliant editor. Whereas LeadingPages is slightly lacking when compared to this feature of Convertri.

The freeform editor of convertri drags absolutely any element from any nuke of the page as mentioned earlier and puts the desirable element on top of the others as layers.


Like said earlier elements can be dragged anywhere in the way you want. This is one of the reasons behind Convertri being famous and why people purchase it also for it’s quick loading speed.

Various other landing page developers like click funnels, elements, hub spot, thrive and leadpages are the example of block builders. Where the elements are supposed to fit in the given area of the landing page and the multiple other elements are restricted from being dragged on the top.

They either can be moved to the sides, at the bottom of the top with a limit on the area for their placements.

Talking about the Leadpages  BLOCK FORM editor

Here the elements can be dragged and can be placed only in the given area of the page with only a single element for each block. The elements can be shifted sidewise to it, in the bottom or above which is pretty restricted for the design.

Leadpages Block Editor

This platform used the technology of block form for developing the landing pages and generating leads for the websites.

Blocks are the content element you add in order to edit the screen for creating content structures. Every element you add on your page or post is a block. Precisely a block of page segmented.

Block form provides less control to its users than the free form which states that you got to work within the limit and restrictions.

Block form does not let you produce structures easily when compared to the freedoms.

Which among the two landing page developer cheap

When we compare any of the platforms pricing is also one of the key points which determines what is best.

Here we observe the value of these platforms for all the online marketers. Besides, we believe the premium versions serve the objective greatly.

Convertri costs $58 for each month

Convertri premium packs  

Convertri- Pricing Plan

Split testing: YES

250 funnels: YES

Page Importer: YES

Full support: YES

Autoresponder integration: YES

SSL Certificate at free of cost and unlimited availability: YES

Domain DNS Management Tool: YES

Hosting prices included: YES

Team Members: YES

Sub Accounts: NO

A/B Split Testing: YES

LeadPages cost $79 for each month


Leadpages Pro packs

Split testing: YES

3 funnels: YES

Page Importer: NO

Full support: NO

Autoresponder Integration: YES

SSL Certificates free of cost and unlimited availability: NO

Domain DNS Management Tool: NO

Hosting price included: YES

Team Members: NO

Sub Accounts: NO

A/B Split Testing YES

Which among the two supports the best

Support at Convertri is just amazing. Additionally, the business owners themselves reply to the queries with their support team through their Facebook community and the ticket system. They have a dedicated Facebook community supported by an individual named Martin who excellently responds to the question when online.

Altogether Leadpages also has a great support system yet is slightly slower compared to Convertri. This platform has a fine chat feature and is pretty much quick in responding.

Which among the two have the best features

Integrations for auto responders: Convertri

This platform has a very unique system to add information that works amazingly. Which also means you can add API free autoresponders

  • Convertri - Pages Saved

Or you can also use the API integration which is built-in along with your loved services like attaching your autoresponders and the webinar account can be made in a fraction of seconds like Mail chimp, Getresponse, Aweber,, Market Hero, Drip, convertri and so on which are added weekly.

We personally use the HTML element that is equally fast and can be integrated with all the autoresponders.

Web Hosting: Convertri

This platform provides marvelous web hosting services we’ve come across to date. This feature is inclusive of the monthly fee you pay and is super fast on desktops and phones.

AB Split Testing: Convertri

Again this feature is inclusive in all the standard packs this platform offers with the sales funnels. The results are shown in a simple way on the dashboard. It’s inbuilt feature is easy to use and works gaily.

Convertri- Performance Grade

Inbuilt Shopping Cart: Convertri, YES

This platform has connected API with PayPal and Stripe which is inbuilt in its software and makes it breezy for selling products.

Page Editor making the work easier: Convertri

As mentioned earlier dragging elements in the freedom has no restrictions and with them, you can place elements in any nuke of the landing page.

They also have an option to develop a page with the use of layers, which states you can overlay fresh things that will resemble a top developer’s work.

Mobile Pages: Convertri

This platform gives you all the control for the mobile view, which is a highlight. It enables the elements with a choice of to not be shown or shown on desktops or phones, this states you have the complete access on the phone view. They don’t have text editors for phones so whatever text you place on the desktop will be shown on phones as well. If you have a particular text or an image to be shown on phones and not on desktops you have an option to change this setting.

The integrated shopping cart feature of Convertri enables you to create single tap down sells and upsells, it sets trials, subscriptions and uses the bump appeals for efficient working of the funnel and sales production. Along with this while writing the cart is auto connected to Stripe but PayPal will be introduced in a while.

Media Storage

This platform hosts all the files of images unlimitedly. Nevertheless, files of videos are hosted offside of the website.(Vimeo, Amazon S3 or YouTube video are must recommendations)

Two-Step Opt-Ins

The platform has an excellent system for developing a single step or two-step options which depends on the integrations of API for utilizing manual autoresponder codes or general autoresponders.

Convertri - Clients Consistently

After and In Content Opt-in Forms

While browsing any of the content this platform provides you an option of “click” or “mouseover” which might trigger “layers” for responding.

The “layer” might have opted in popup with a linked form of your loved auto responder, or simply as a form.

Navigate within Iframe

This software has a brilliant feature named “navigating within Iframe” which states that one fan uses their landing page within the program of the software like Product Dyno. So that creation of a page can be done within this platform and is protected by a password with Product Dyno.

This is pretty perfect for developing “Intranets” of tiny to medium size companies or a smart way to pass downloads and news about the products to various franchises.

Top Bar Sales Tools: Definitely, can be timed or exit intent.

Features Leadpages Convertri vs Leadpages

 Integrations for auto responders: Leadpages

This platform has extra integrations that compared with Convertri like Drip, Mail poet, Mail relay, Kicktipp, Icontact, Mailerlite, Infusionsoft, Sendlane, Aweber,Getresponse, Active Campaign, Convertkit, Constant Contact, Hubspot and more.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - grow more

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Web Hosting: Leadpages

This platform provides web hosting also. Nevertheless, their phone hosting is very slow when compared with Contrikit. Phones are being a biggie for use.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - content count

AB Split Testing: Leadpages

This apparently only offers premium pack and is easy and their system of split testing works effectively

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - benefits

Shopping Cart inbuilt: Absolutely, YES

This software can be integrated with Stripe.

Page Editor for easy utilization:  Leadpages

This software editor relies on blocks of the elements that can be dragged in restricted places only which can go to the extent of inbuilt landing page width code. With this building landing pages can be absolutely frustrating and annoying. We have also noticed that this platform has a buggy drop editor and dragging.

Mobile Pages: Leadpages

This platform gives no individual editor for mobiles which is definitely painful. Lead pages have an automated Mobile view and can be worse sometimes or good at the other time.

There are few adjusters for the elements which have restricted abilities to shift the content down or up or sidewise. But, wait this normally ends with destructing some parts of your layouts on the desktops.

The central frustrating point is the icon of the mobile menu which consumes sizably room and wastes plenty of space in the main estate in the top place of the page in the mobile phone view.

Downsells, upsells, etc: Yes

Media Storage: Yes

Double Step Opt Ins: unavailable when writing

Opt-in Forms for after and in content: Has pop-ups and exit extents.

Navigation within Iframe: Unavailable

Sales Tools for top bars: NO

FAQs & Convertri vs Leadpages

👉🏻Does convertri offer trials?

Yes, convertri offers its new customers a free trial of a landing page builder for 14 days. So, you can decide if this is meant for your purpose or not.

👉🏻Do these landing page builders offer annual term packages?

Yes, apart from their monthly package they do offer a yearly package.

👉🏻Which among the two would be called the tesla of landing page builders?

Having no doubts Convertri is the tesla in the field of building landing pages with absolutely amazing features and tools.

👉🏻Does LeadPages offer trials?

Yes, LeadPages does offer it’s fresh customers a free trial of 14 days.

👉🏻With all the features described LeadPages who can opt for this software?

With the given features having certain restrictions we would recommend freshers and newbies to use this area because they don’t have endless features. Thus, it will be easier to develop a page.

Convertri vs Leadpages & Testimonials

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Convertri - Testimonials

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Conclusion: Convertri vs Leadpages Comparison 2024

With this we’ve come to an end of our reviews from our research on both the software and with no doubt we say Convertri according to us is the perfect software to choose from Convertri vs Leadpages.

We hope this post suits your purpose well. You can give us a thumbs up by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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