Covert Store Builder Review: SHOULD YOU REALLY BUY THIS ?

Do you want to earn some money? If you do, creating an affiliate website with WordPress, is the best way. WordPress has the Covert Store Builder theme that can help you to start making some money real fast. If you refer your website to users for various products and services, you can easily get affiliate commissions using this theme.

You can create your own affiliate stores for doing this.

That is what their sales page says at least. However, let us find the reality?

Covert Store Builder Theme Review

What is Covert Store Builder?

This product can help you in developing an affiliate online store quickly. Since it is a WordPress theme, so all you need to do is to install a domain name along with hosting. You can design your affiliate store by using any theme, and create a store in a particular niche or different niches.

With the help of theme based affiliate stores, the products from Amazon, Commission Junction, and many others, can be marketed easily.

Who can all do this?

Covert Store Builder Demo

Anyone, who is interested in creating an affiliate store, Covert Store Builder can help them. The CSB is designed as an easy set up so that even an inexperienced person can start using it but the problem comes in the later stages, with the other programs. So, how can you get all the traffic you need?

The market is very competitive nowadays, and to earn money, you need massive traffic, and this is the case where most of the individuals fail.

Like many other WordPress themes, there is a Store Builder theme, which can be customized easily and quickly from the theme options page. The Covert Store Builder is different from others as it allows adding the products quickly from the affiliate network. It is so fast that a store can be created in just five minutes, making it up and running at an incredible speed.

You can then select the network, the products that you are thinking of promoting along with the number of goods needed. Covert Store Builder will provide you a list of products through the theme.

Choose the categories of the products you wish to add along with its products, which you can save as a draft to edit and post them later to make them live.

Covert Store Builder The World s First Intelligent Self Optimizing WordPress Affiliate Store Theme

It is a simple process to add products to your store. The owner of Covert Store Builder says that the products can be added to the store, without writing even a single word of content, which is one of the biggest advantages of Covert Store Builder.

However, you will not get any traffic from the search results, if you have used automated content that has been imported with your products. You have to have unique content to rank well in organic search engines results. It takes a great deal of time to write the original content and hence, it is difficult to achieve the five minutes promise.

The method to acquire traffic, promoted by this theme is from the social networking sites and not any other place. It is unimaginable to get such massive traffic unless you have a huge number of followers on the social media that can lead to a sale, to make your store successful.

There was a problem when the theme was released, as the price updates were not getting imported into the warehouse from the Amazon. That means the store was not showing similar rates as that of Amazon. However, that issue has been taken care of, with one of the updates.

Features of the Covert Store Builder Theme:

Covert Store Builder Theme Review features

  • The user can quickly browse through your website and search the required products.
  • Visitors can be added to the auto-responder, in case they join your site as a member.
  • The products can be added to the wish list, by the visitors for later use or to share with their friends.
  • CSB shows the most popular products in the beginning as it works as a self-optimizer and helps you increase your profits.
  • The theme also shows you clicks, click-through rates as well as the impression of your posts that makes you aware of the best products.
  • Covert Store Builder theme also supports registration. Hence, users can be registered to your website.
  • The captcha field is also provided in the registration form under new version to prevent false registrations.
  • Create Affiliate Site With Covert Store Builder In WordPress
  • The Covert Store Builder offers an excellent theme to create the affiliate website. Within minutes, your site can easily be populated with content.
  • However, you cannot get far without replacing the description to provide value.
  • The website with the covert store looks great as well as professional. This theme of WordPress is simple to configure and use.
  • You can get Covert Store Content Plugin on the purchase of a Covert Store Builder Pro Version, which helps to make the auto blogging possible for you. It implies that you can add your posts automatically by setting the keywords. You can rely on the automatic plugin to do all that work for you.
  • It will give you more exposure and hence, more traffic by adding new posts to your website and posting them on the social networking site. Looks like a nice add-on.
  • Cover Store Builder helps you create affiliate websites much faster than any manual process, which makes it an excellent and reliable product.
  • You also get unlimited licenses for the theme, and you can use it to make affiliate sites more quickly for yourself as well as your clients.

The Covert Store Builder -The Pros & Cons

Covert Store Builder Theme Review integration


  • You can create online stores that can market as well as promote the products sold by organisations like Amazon.
  • A caption of the demonstration site of the product creator:
  • If your store (website) visitor buys a product from Amazon by clicking the Amazon link provided in your website, you will get a commission for this sale.
  • The theme helps you in creating a straightforward and decent website, which in itself is a great feature.


  • When your website is up and running, apparently, there will be problems with regards to the functionalities of the sites, which can damage your credibility as an online marketing professional and so your chances to make some money.
  • The major issue can be that the price of an Amazon product shown on your Covert Store Builder site is different from that of the actual price on the Amazon website.
  • The Covert Store Builder cannot update the price of any products automatically on regular changes on the Amazon site. For Example, if your store shows the cost as $79.99 for a particular product, and after clicking that link, the user finds that the actual cost on Amazon is given as $116.88, this might affect the reputation of your website.
  • You can end up losing your sale as well as the credibility of your store when the customer discusses his bad experience with other people.
  • The theme does not have a few features, e.g., it does not integrate well with social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Therefore, it is suggested that you get your traffic via social networking sites because the user does not recommend your site if there is no value add from it.
  • As such, all the content is duplicate as it is taken directly from the site like Amazon, there is no value addition to the visitor. A website that has a duplicate content has a poor ranking in the search engine results. The reason for this is that if a visitor wants any information about a particular product, he would want some more information than the seller’s website which is a value-added service for him.
  • Covert Store Builder is marketed by the IM Wealth Builders as its affiliate store that generates the money based on the autopilot. Hence, like it is said before that the website can be up and run in just five minutes. And you will start getting a quick income.
  • The Covert Store Builder brings the traffic to your site much faster. Otherwise, it takes a lot of efforts and time to bring that kind of traffic. The sales page become silent if you just wait for the traffic and even the clicks also does not help then.
  • Highly quality unique content can only help you to reach high ranking in the search engines like Google, which is a difficult task, not something that can be created on autopilot within five minutes.
  • IM Wealth builder has developed a professional theme, which gives the impression of the money making device. In actual, the online marketers, who use the product, are a long way from generating the first income.


A user gave me the real picture it does not support eBay features properly, and when you try to connect, the issue arises with the API key. Users also complain about the errors and bugs in the software, which can be due to poor maintenance and support to the software.


Covert Store Builder Theme Review Top features

Covert Store Builder cost you $ 47 only.

After you buy the Covert Store Builder, you will be asked to purchase other products in the range, which are as follow:

Covert Action Bar $17, Cover Social Buzz $17, Covert Content $21.35, Covert Social Press $47, Covert Viral Wizard $47, Covert Mobile Bar $9.71, Covert Video Press $27, Covert Copy Traffic $17,  Covert PinPress $47, Covert Messenger $17, Covert Geo Targeter $17.

Final Opinion/Verdict

The promotional business model of Covert Store Builder is not realistic. It is an unrealistic approach that a few clicks and push of buttons on an entirely automated system will help you in getting rich.

Even if there is a fully automated system that is fool proof, it is like sharing a magic secret in just $ 47.

Over 8,000 copies of the Covert Store Builder have been sold already. That means the developer of this product is making a good amount of money. I found about this during the research work for this review.

IM Wealth Builder places the product sale in its Sales Funnel, where other related products are also pitched for selling purpose.

That way, the creator of this application is a clear winner as with such a product, he has gained huge profits, the buyers of the Covert Store Builder are not so lucky, though.

This product called Covert Store Builder is not recommended for purchase. For that matter, so is any product that claims easy money on the click of a button.

I would recommend buy GetAmasuite for learning making money from Amazon. The software will help you find reviewers, and product reviews help improve product rankings on Amazon.

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