Make Money Online with CPMGO Adnetwork Where Every Click Matters 2022:

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Based in USA and Canada, is an advertising platform weaving together advertisers and publishers from around the world. Compared to other existing advertising platforms, CPMGO is relatively new and promising network. Ever since its initiation in 2012, they have partnered with over 5000 web publishers to create a high quality ad network.

In today’s trending medium of conducting businesses ‘online’, a network like CPMGO is an interesting addition, enabling advertisers to maximise traffic through multiple sources and giving publishers (example: bloggers) a method to generate additional online revenue.

CPMGO Ad Network Review for Publishers

Publishers are mostly bloggers like us who look for ways to make money online. As such, earning from advertising networks like this is tough because either they have very low pay rate or they vanish after few months of operation. An advertising network that continues to deliver quality ads is hard to find.

While reviewing the network, we found the following features advantageous for publishers.

Publisher Solutions CPMGO ad network

1) Higher Pay Percentage

CPMGO pays a large chunk of the advertising revenue to the publishers. Publishers get 75% of the revenue while CPMGO retains 25%.

2) Payment Threshold

Most other advertising networks have a high payment threshold, mostly 50 USD. It means until your account earnings reach 50 USD, the amount can’t be withdrawn. The payment threshold of CPMGO is less. You need a minimum of 5 USD to withdraw money. All payments are paid via PayPal.

You can sign up as a publisher here.

3) No Minimum Traffic Requirement

Usually, bloggers are unable to take advantage of advertisement networks because there are fixed traffic criteria and sometimes a mandatory PageRank (PR) too. There is no such requirement with CPMGO. No minimum PR or traffic is necessary here. Anyone can sign up easily.

4) RAW Reporting

Most other advertising networks pay for clicks only. However, CPMGO pays on the basis of RAW reporting, that is, for both clicks and impressions. It is in conjunction with their website tagline – “advertising network where every click matters”. The statistics are updated every couple of hours, giving you a real-time access to earnings.

5) Multiple Ad Formats

Publishers can display a maximum of 3 CPMGO ads per page. Advertisements are available in the form of wide skyscraper, leader board, pop-ups and medium rectangles. The available advertising sizes are 180 x 600, 300 x 250 and 728 x 90.

These five features make CPMGO an endearing option for publishers. Every publisher receives 24×7 support from the administrators.

Referral Program

CPMGO offers a referral program too. When you refer other publishers to CPMGO and they get accepted by the network and start earning, you get 10% of their earnings. for Advertisers

Advertiser Solutions CPMGO ad network

CPMGO is a good platform for advertisers too. The advertisers have access to CPM, CPV and CPC advertisement models. If you don’t know what they are, here is a quick review:

  • CPM: Cost per Mile is an advertising term with which the cost of displaying an advert to thousand or for thousand impressions is calculated.
  • CPV: While CPM works on the basis of impressions, Cost per View is a strategy where payment is made only when someone views or clicks on the advertisement.
  • CPC: The Cost per Click is a system when the publisher gets money when someone clicks on the advertisement.

Choosing from any of the three options depends on the goal of the advertiser.

Advertisers have to commit a minimum of 10 USD to start running campaigns on CPMGO network. There is a well-defined accessible dashboard where the advertiser can view all the networks where the advertisements are being published. All the statistics are updated every couple of hours, giving the advertisers instant knowledge as to how campaigns are working.

Advertisements from any county can sign up. Unlike other advertisement networks, CPMGO doesn’t segregate advertiser (of, publishers for that matter) according to their geographical location.

Some CPMGO features beneficial for advertisers are as follows:

1) Campaign Targeting

CPMGO gives advertisers the option to initiate and operate campaigns through geographical segregation. In simpler words, advertisers can select countries to run a campaign. This is a useful option for local business advertisers because their target market is based locally. Even if the business is spread globally, geographical campaign targeting is useful for optimized revenue.

2) Market Segmentation

Similar to geographical campaign targeting, CPMGO advertisers can choose specific markets to run campaigns. For instance, if the advertiser wants to promote a social media tool, targeting social media publishers will be the best to gain highest ROI. They have advanced software tool to enable specific market segmentation.

3) Brand Protection

CPMGO protects brand identify through ‘safe’ advertisement placements. The company screens every advertiser and publisher before accepting their partnership offer. Moreover, the brand placements are aligned with the publisher expectation so that both advertisers and publishers are in a win-win situation.

4) Dedicated Account Management

CPMGO offers dedicated account management support to its advertisers. The purpose is to offer comprehensive advertisement management solutions so that the advertiser earns maximum benefits, which in turn, benefits the publisher and the CPMGO owners too.

As with publishers, CPMGO is a good option for advertisers too to gain brand visibility.

A Note on Payments

Presently, PayPal is the only method to make payments and receive payouts. Though CPMGO accepts advertisers and publishers from all countries, PayPal is restricted to some countries. Therefore, make sure you have an active PayPal account before signing up with

Should you join CPMGO?

If you have a blog with good traffic and engagement, you should give a try to the CPMGO network. They are still relatively new in the market and presently, their features and benefits seem good. Through their CPM rates are low, the lack of any traffic threshold or PR as their joining criteria is a trump card.


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