CrakRevenue – Adult CPA Network Review 2022 In Detail With Payment Proof

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CrakRevenue is the biggest, oldest, and most trusted CPA Network in the industry. With years of extensive affiliate marketing expertise and a vast array of high quality, top-converting traffic monetization products, CrakRevenue is really a leader in its field.

With so many CPA Networks to choose from, when you want to monetize your Internet traffic, CrakRevenue really stands out, both by its longevity, than by its innovation.

Bottom Line: CrakRevenue is a CPA Network, born from the need of an internal stats and revenue tracking program for all of the traffic we manage. CR – an affiliate resource that allows partners to find the best products to monetize traffic, has evolved to become a powerful CPA platform. Try CrakRevenue to know what’s best for you.

crakrevenue best adult cpa networks

Starting more than 10 years ago, CrakRevenue has really made its mark in the adult industry. They are leader in the Cam, VOD and Dating Verticals. CrakRevenue’s platform feature exclusive offers for the Top Brands. In Cam, their efficient tracking and fraud control really stands out from the crowd.

In VOD, their exclusive partner provides exclusive high-quality content in the most popular niches. And in Dating, with more than 700 offers in this vertical, they are able to choose and optimize offers for your particular traffic. In Dating, you also get stable revenues throughout the year.

But how does CrakRevenue help you make money with adult traffic? The CPA Network brings advertisers and affiliates together, optimizing the traffic on one end, and optimizing offers on the offers. They offer their advertisers a vest network of affiliates with lots of traffic, and they offer affiliates a selection of great high-converting offers.

With CrakRevenue’s business model, the CPA Network don’t make money till affiliates themselves starts making money. So affiliates don’t have the risk of putting a lot of money upfront and it assures them that the network will do everything in its power to convert traffic.

3- Change the view mode basd on your preferences

With different payout models, such as PPL SOI DOI, PPS and Revshare, there really is something for everyone.

The adult vertical has been the bread and butter of CrakRevenue for years now. The adult industry is one of the most lucrative in the world, with annual revenues over 3 billions $. With CrakRevenue, you really can get your piece of this massive pie.

But now, CrakRevenue is really attacking the mainstream market. Starting with Nutra, CrakRevenue has now put its eyes on the Gaming. On June 21th, they launches their Gaming Vertical with more than 50+ offers and two Smartlinks. One for the Adult traffic, and the other for Mainstream.

Smartlinks Technology

4 - Generate tracking links

Smartlinks are the bread and butter of CrakRevenue’s affiliates. It allows them to always get the best-converting offer for their traffic, with niche, geo and payment method in mind.

Those Smartlinks are available in many verticals and CrakRevenue keep introducing new, high-converting ones. These tools are optimized every day to make sure that no traffic is lost.

This is also the point of their Popunders and BackOffers. Those tweaks that are automatically enable on their platform (although affiliates could turn them off, but what’s the point…) are two ways to get those last conversions when a user tries to leave your page. One appear as a window behind the original window.

crakrevenue review crakrevenue review - statistics

The other appears when the user clicks on “back” when he try to leave the page.

As expressed up here, CrakRevenue is really innovating in finding ways to always get more and more conversions. That not for nothing that they have been rewarded for it, with more than 20 international awards in the last 5 years. Notably, they’ve climb the ladder of the Blue Book top 20 Best CPA Networks Worldwide since 2015. Starting at #19, they’ve since climb three steps every year and are now at #13.

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Pros :

  • Top notch support and a dedicated team of affiliate managers
  • The best platform of every CPA Network. Very effective and user-friendly. Easy to see your stats and navigate the offers.
  • Great selection of high-paying offers
  • Exclusive and efficient tools and features such as smartlinks and survey generator
  • Constant optimization of offers with A/B Testing and analysis and a great team of designers
  • They are experts and they share their knowledge with the knowledge base and their blog

Cons :

  • Long payment terms to start (net 30), but it’s easy to get net 15 and even net 7 once you start working with your account manager
  • Too many offers! We get lost in all these offers, what can we promote? Luckily they have their awesome Smartlink
  • Time zone issues : they’re based in Canada and it makes it hard for Asian and European to talk with them during working hours

Payment Proofs

crakrevenue review - Performance Reports

Great Support: CrakRevenue You Should Join For Adult Offers &

But what  CrakRevenue  is mostly known and recognised for – not forgetting the 900+ offers they have on their platform or the fact that this platform itself in, by far, the most user-friendly in the industry – is their great support. With their team of affiliate managers and support team, CrakRevenue really knows how to take care of its -partners.

Available, dedicated and filled with good infos, this team will make sure that no money slips through the crack.

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