How To Create A Simple PPC Landing Pages That Work

It’s pointless to expect readers to locate what they’re looking for on your blog’s homepage. Ads that connect to particular landing sites with a clear aim in mind are the most effective.

What is a “Landing Page” and why is it important?

A Landing Page is a single page on your website that you use to direct visitors to once they click on one of your advertising. It’s not as successful as directing users to your homepage from a specific ad.

In order to achieve your primary objective, whether it’s a sale, an inquiry, a subscriber opt-in, or the downloading of a price list, a Landing Page is a critical component.

The length of these pages varies greatly depending on the objective of the page and the intricacy of the offer you are making.

Why do I need a landing page?

Keeping things simple is the best way to get people to buy your product. One objective, one ad theme, and one landing page. The reason is because if you confuse your guests, they’ll leave you.

Landing Pages are ideal for this since they enhance conversions by directing users to a specific action, such as calling you. What do you want them to do for you? Put all of your attention there. Why don’t you save your pricing list to your computer? Do you want to buy something online? This is where things start to get interesting, I think.

As a result, it’s not only about bringing people to your site. With a Landing Website, you may have a specific advertisement link straight to the page that best matches the ad. Closes the loop and boosts the number of people who convert.

What do I need to include on my landing page in order to attract visitors?

Here are the items to include:

Components of the sales process:

1. The Headline.

headline landing page

For example, a headline like “Click here to download our current pricing list” or “Subscribe to our Newsletter to get Member-only special deals” might be appropriate at the top of your website.

“Our PRODUCT/SERVICE will end your????? frustration,” “Enjoy the fastest????? in the industry,” “Never buy another????? again, thanks to our lifetime guarantee,” and “Feel 10 years younger with our exclusive??? treatment” are all good examples of getting straight to the main benefit, emotion, etc. on a sales page.

2. Subheadline.

Take advantage of a substantial benefit, such as a bargain or saving time.

3. It’s time for an image.

Landing pages benefit from images. Your product, report, pricing list, or even just a smiley face greeting your visitor may all be used in this way.

4. Product or Service Advantages:

In a few short sentences, list the main advantages of your product or service, your money-back guarantee, any freebies, etc.

These are advantages that can assist your visitors decide to download. Bullet points of benefits and features can also be included.

5. Opt-In Form.

This is where you provide a reward for subscribing to your site. As an example, this may be a newsletter, a pricing list or other freebies like an ebook or a coupon.

6. Add Reviews or Testimonials.

The opinions of your present customers can have a significant impact on new consumers. Keep some on hand for your landers. Trust and confidence are built via them. To close a deal, you need both.

What will you do next?

Finally, make it clear what your visitors should do! Enter your email address, view the video, or whatever the purpose of the page is. Click here to proceed.

These parts may be adapted to match your own site, but the goal is to provide your visitors the advantages of performing whatever action it is you want them to take.

Avoiding the most common blunders:

To ensure the most effective campaigns, there are a number of things you need to avoid.

Keep your ad and landing page keywords the same:

The same keywords that you’re bidding on for your ad should be used on your landing page as well. In addition to increasing your ad quality score, this enables a smooth transition for your visitor from the ad to the landing page.

Checking none of your links, downloads, sales procedure, or anything else:

When your page is finished, double-check everything to make sure it functions properly.

Using pictures with poor formatting:

If you want to ensure quick page loading speeds, make sure your photos are clear and well-framed.

You’ll get better outcomes if you put these recommendations to good use.

In a nutshell…

Adzooma uses a customised, in-house-created AI technology to maximise the value of your PPC advertising campaigns to the nth degree. However, advertising has its limitations. In addition, you’ll need some of the best landing pages in the business.

Don’t forget that you only have one goal, one ad theme, and one landing page to work with. It’s fine to experiment with as many ad themes as you like, but make sure they all direct to the same specific-goal landing page.

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