[Solved] How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Command Prompt | Only 6 Easy Steps

Most probably, we all somehow depended on the Internet and Internet connectivity is one of the things, that we need most in this era of booming technology. Many of us prefer to use computer’s fast internet connection.

Here is the solution you can use Wireless Hosted Network, this method is basically introduced in Windows 7. Just by using this feature you can easily create a virtual wireless adapter. To complete this process, you should use CMC (Command Prompt) and run it as administrator.

Here in this guide, you will know how to Create a Wi-Fi hotspot using Command Prompt. Here any system which is running Windows XP and up, including Windows 8 can use this method. Using a third-party software may eat up memory even after it is closed.

Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command Prompt

So let’s get started with the process:

Step 1: Here, just hit the Start button, and start typing “Command Prompt” right in the search box. If you are using Windows 8 then just press the Windows log on the keyboard and start typing “Command Prompt”. Now run the Command Prompt with admin rights. Simply right-click on the Command Prompt and simply select “Run as Administrator”

Run CMD- Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command PromptStep 2: Now in this section just type “netsh wlan show drivers” (don’t use quotation mark here) right in the Command Prompt, just to check your computer supports a hosted network or not.

In the “Hosted Network Supported,” it must indicate “Yes” here it will show yes if your unit supports the wifi sharing. If somehow it shows “No” then you will have to download the corresponding driver for your wifi adapter right before proceeding.

Checking CMD- Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command PromptStep 3: For creating the hotspot, just type “netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=yournetworkname key=yournetworkpassword,” and now press Enter. Remember one thing, “ssid” refers to the WiFi hotspot name and the “key” refers to the password. You can also change the hotspot’s name and password with the aforementioned command.

SSID and Password- Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command PromptStep 4: Now, its time to turn on the hotspot here, just type “netsh wlan start hostednetwork”. here, make sure your computer adapter is switched on if you didn’t do this hotspot will not work.

Step 5: Here, again press the Start Button and start typing “Network and Sharing Centre” and just left click on it.

Step 6: Select the “Change Adapter Settings” which you can easily find on the left-side of the Window. Here the network you want to share along with the newly created hotspot will be shown here.

Just choose the network connection you really want to share. Now do a right click on it and select “Properties” and go to the “Settings” tab. Here in this section Allow other network users just to connect through this computer’s internet connection. Here just select the WiFi hotspot you have created earlier.

Change Adapter Settings- Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command Prompt To turn off the hotspot just type “netsh wlan stop hostednetwork” in CMD.

Here, keep one thing in mind that you will have to enter the “netsh wlan start” and “netsh wlan stop” commands right in the Command Prompt to switch your hotspot on and off. You have to repeat this process each time when you power on your computer.

It’s better to create the shortcut just to save time and effort.

Tip: Just do right click on the Desktop window, select New and create a “Shortcut”. Now use this command “C:\Windows\System32\netsh.exe wlan start hostednetwork” as the location of your shortcut. Now choose “Next’ and then rename the shortcut as “ Wifi Hotspot On” or whatever name you want to give, just do it. And at last click on finish.

Create Shortcut- Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command PromptYou can use this shortcut to turn on the hotspot.

Shortcut- Stop Hotpot- Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command PromptAlso, read:

EndNote: Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command Prompt

Now you are able to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot using Command Prompt with this simple guide. Here any machine running Windows XP and up, including the Windows 8 can use this method to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

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