Create Compelling Contents for High Rank in Search Engines

Why is there so much stress on compelling content creation? We all understand that a blog/website needs awesome contents, but you have to keep the search engines in mind. A compelling content is such which gives brand the due credibility. Whether your blog is personal or official, compelling contents increase the awareness, site credibility, boost SEO and increase  traffic.

Before getting on to discuss how can you create compelling contents, let me tell you three golden guidelines for a gripping content.

Create Compelling Contents for high rank in Search Engine

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a) If content is King, then curation is definately the queen – This create:curate mix has no said and done formula.  You know your brand and understand your goals, so you have to put in your insight. You have to give a new angle to your content with your value additions. Remember created or curated, contents should be an extension to your brand.

b)Quality and quantity – Both have their respective attributes. You attract viewers through impelling contents. But they stay glued to your site, only if you keep your consistency.  The quality of your content and the information you are sharing is what drives your audience.

But if the standing time between the next article is longer than expected, don’t you think it is natural for your audience to get diverted to another blog which apparently is more consistent?

c) Learn from your success. – All your posts are not square successful. Some have better responses than others. See the story line, post timings, innovations and from which channels the tractions are more. Research helps to enhance your understanding on what kind of contents bring in a stir.

When creating content for web, the think tank in your head should flirt with different ideas, like:

  • What would a consumer or customer seek from my blog?
  • How will my brand feature from a competitive angle?
  • What kind of questions I face and how well I can construct the answers?

Now comes the most essential part. How will you make your contents Search Engine Optimized?

Develop a keyword plan

Find specific words or phrases that best describes your brand. Instead of finalising on arbitrary keywords relevant to your brand, understand the search pattern of the viewers. Once you sort keywords and determine the categories, do a quick check in Google or Bing to find the search results of those keywords.

When you categorise keywords , keep a watch on types of questions intrigued by viewers. That will provide you with a base for further contents. If you are done with keyword mapping, refresh the search monthly or weekly. Like food, choice for keywords also change among viewers.

The inverted pyramid structure (Upside down)

It is wrong to assume that all your viewers will go through your content till the end. Here the inverted pyramid structure of content writing comes to aid. The lead paragraph should summarize the information you are imparting.

The next level should give the important details. You can keep the conclusion subjective but do not keep essential information for the end. So like this, even if your readers go halfway through your content they will not miss out on important points. Positively keep your brand name in the title, otherwise definately in the first paragraph.

After email, search is the second highest online activity in the internet. The best part is, it runs through all generation and mostly people hits the search button with specific interests in mind. So in order to build your brand you have to connect to your respective searchers. You cannot achieve the desired brand credibility, without a compelling content.

Hope you have got a fair idea as what is required to keep your contents compelling. Please do shoot in your references or ambiguity on this post, in the comments section.

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  1. Ryan Biddulph

    Jitendra, big fan of quality and quantity! I nail down both to create helpful content. Thanks!

  2. Jessica Smith

    Hi Jitendra,

    I agree that content remains to be king and it supports any marketing effort. Content curation should be done with the thought of creating informative and useful information that is based on various resources as well as your personal input.


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