3 Secrets The Pros Use To Create Facebook Ads And Get More Clients

Despite of the fact that Facebook is the most versatile social networking platform for all the businesses today, it is never that easy to master the facebook ad engine. Though facebook offers you with immense opportunities in order to target your marketing audiences, it is still full of secrets that even an full experienced professional will be surprised off.

These secrets are all related to the facebook advertising techniques and if reveled in the right way, they will surely help you understand some of the most vital steps required for promoting their business successfully on facebook. Given here are the latest facebook advertising secrets you must be aware of in order to use the facebook advertising engine effectively.

Creating Ads keeping in mind the Buyers Personas:

Most businesses have different sorts of customers with different needs and requirements. By creating buyers personas you will here not only improve the facebook ad designs but will also help in serving your customers better and overall. For every potential customer type do not forget to write the personas (Man or a Woman).

Whats the biggest problem she or he is hoping to solve the problem using the product. Once you have created the buyers personas design a facebook ad for each of them directly addressing the pain points. Given here is an example of the two Adespresso ads, one aimed at starts up and one aimed at medical agencies.

For start ups we highlight their desires to grow as quick as possible. For the startups we have highlighted their desires to grow as quick as possible, and for agencies we have been addressing and managing facebook ads quickly and with better results.


Bake a written message into your message:

It is believed and said a picture speaks thousands words, which is very true. But you can even have actual words in the picture too. Use a text with caution as Facebook limits texts to 20% of the image. Do not continue writing harry potter lengthy novel within your image. You have to be strategic to whatever you say.

So focus on your value propositions. What is about your advertised item that strongly appears to the viewers? And how can you say it in a way that clear and fits into your Facebook requirements. For instance this is how the brand freshly has done it. Look at their ads image. Any idea what your value proposition could be. Its 4 free meals. This proposition generally jumps out of their ads on Facebook reinforcing their written statements in the background.


Consulting.com’s founder, Sam Ovens, knows how to incorporate the right value proposition into his Facebook ads. Normally he positions his value propositions in one of these ways:
1. Helping people who don’t know how to achieve their goals
2. Helping people who know how to achieve their goals but need to get there faster
3. Helping people who are looking for an expert who has gone through their issues and has come up with a solution.
Note how he has customized his message for plumbers.

Adding a call to action button:

If you want more number of people to come and click on your image, then try making your ads more click friendly. This is accomplished only when you have image button added within your ad. Having a button that can be immediately clicked taps into the natural tendency of people who are shopping online. This tendency will then result from steady conditioning. Over and over again people continue to see that clicking on a website button lets them do everything from opening an email to saving a Netflix queue.

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As a Facebook advertiser ads you can use this conditioning to your advantage. Lead pages certainly will have. This frequently run Facebook ads with call to action button within the ad images.


Being Consistent Enough:

Like every call to action button, consistency will reduce friction helping your users to complete the desired action. If someone clicks on your ad it’s because they liked the images you have chosen, your message and what you have been offering. After clicking on the ad they should then be ending up on the landing page that reinforces what they have seen in the ad.

So have images used with wording in order to go into more in-depth description describing your products and services, giving them a reason why they should buy from you. People decide if they like the website or not in seconds. If you don’t hook them immediately it will not take seconds for you to lose them. Imagine what would happen when you click on the ads for the different red sport shoes on Facebook, you will here then land up on a generic page with hundreds of other sports shoes without the one that is in red. You will leave immediately right?


Using Simple Language that’s easy enough to understand:

Copy writing is not high literature. May you might be have been a poet in college but a flowery language will definitely muddle your message. It’s high time that you cut down the verbosity. Remember your number one priority should be writing a Facebook ad with something that’s easy enough to understand – be it any one be it even a fifth time grader. When someone generally sees your ad they should immediately know:

  • What you have been offering
  • How it leads them to a benefit
  • What to do next

Given here is an example which is a sponsored post from SOFI, and helps people refinance their student’s loan. The copy in Facebook ad is refreshingly simple: pay offer loans faster. Through the ads they explain what it offers, the benefits, and what you need to do next.

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Testing Your Ad Campaign:

One of the best ways you can improve your ad copies on Facebook is by doing a run tests. Facebook makes it easy enough to spend a small amount of money trying things out. In the end the only way you can ensure your copy writing works is through the experiences. Try running two different ads, with the same image but a different copy in order to see what resonates your marketing audiences. Through this you will know which version gets more number of likes, comments and conversions. Below is an example by post planner posting the same ad, but changed up the copy.


Through their ad they asked a question.  In the second ad came up with statements, the subtle copy change, spelling out big changes in results.

To Conclude:

Combined the above mentioned six strategies are one of the most effective ways to design killer Facebook ads, that you have learnt in the past few years. So have you tried some other strategies and did they all turn to work out for you. What else would you like to consider while designing the ads on Facebook. Do leave your comments below.

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  1. Hey Michael,

    Socially savvy entrepreneurs know that it’s all about engaging the right audiences with valuable content. The online community has little tolerance for self-promoters who view social media as a means to free advertising. Facebook ads have become more competitive and consequently more expensive, so it makes a lot of sense to do this. Alignment among ads and landing pages increases our conversion rate. Once people click the ad, they expect to get exactly what the post promised.

    When sharing content, utilize the customization posting features on each social media platform–this includes the headline, image, and a description of the content you are sharing. Every marketer and social media user is competing to catch the user’s eye, so the more optimized your post is for a particular platform, the more effective our social media promotion will be. Absolutely, Facebook taking huge shape in own and today it become most popular among people pertaining to social media sites. Large number of user are present on Facebook so it can be become easier to maintain healthy relation with audience for a online business. Social media like Facebook popular due to many reasons such as simplicity, user friendly, provide job opportunity and important thing is completely free to users.

    It’s no secret that images receive much more engagement on Facebook, but some people argue that links receive a higher organic reach. That’s true, but it only applies to the initial post before any engagement happens. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative post, it is really full of information regarding above subject.

    With best regards,

    Amar kumar

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for the mention! Would you mind linking back to us for image credit for buyer personas? This post is extremely relevant to both the article and the pictures of ours you utilized: https://adespresso.com/academy/blog/facebook-ads-buyer-personas/

    All the best,
    Tim (from AdEspresso)


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