Have You Ever Thought of Creating a Content Strategy for Your Site?

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You own a business and if you do not have a website/blog attached to it, standing in 2014 your business promotion is backward. The digital world has essentially changed the business world and has made blog creation and content strategy almost imperative for all level of entrepreneurs.

Web marketing has influenced many individuals and business owners but for some, understanding the web culture hasn’t been handy.  Ignorance in the techniques involved to promote business through web has prevented many from making the most of this cost effective virtual promotion.

So people, who know the techniques, move ahead in the race. Your business might provide best of services but if your blog/website isn’t capable of delivering the picture of your business‘ functions and goals, you cannot move much ahead from the starting line of race.

Let me give you some simple but essential tips on creating a content strategy to boost the promotional aspect of your site.

Creating a Content Strategy for Your Site

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1) Tag pictures along with text

A picture has the power to deliver strong messages, more than what words can do . So if your content has relevant pictures alongside, it has a heavyweight effect. The number of traffic automatically increases in your website because visitors can connect with your content more through the relevant pictures.  Any one, either a plain text or a picture has a halfway communication.  To ensure a full fledged communication use pictures with the text.

Suppose you run a business of digital printing. Then your content should contain the technology used and the effects it has on the print. Now attach a vibrant picture of a print to give authenticity to your message.

2) Videos

It will be excellent if you can convey the idea and mode of function of your enterprise through video. Even science has explained that any technology or story picturised by a video has a longer impact in the memory. So if you want the content of your website to be vivid in the memory of viewers definitely insert videos to create the impact. If you have a wonderful content, a video matching the context will render the desired effect.

3) Upload Post like an Important Information and not simply a Post

The blog post can be as much of an attention drawer like Facebook status messages or Twitter tweets. People who are hungry for information are on the lookout for relevant posts. Upload a catchy post and make sure you have  highly informative and engrossing content inside. If viewers are benefitted from your site and have reasons to spend time within it, for sure they are going to come back soon when they require other related information.

4)Reach out to concerned viewers

Your viewers would appreciate the fact that you have created your website to suit their requirements. So make sure you design your website to get attention of viewers who finds meaning to visit your blog. If you run a website for anti virus software, a person interested in sportswear will have nothing to do with it. The content and blog post should be transparent and outline the message you want to share.

5)Promote your content in social networking sites

One cannot deny the popularity and impact of social networking sites in people’s life. So what better way to share and promote the content of your site in Facebook,  Twitter or Google sharing? This also increases the probability of better rankings. You should definitely have a social networking profile.

Share the links, pictures and videos in your profile so that readers have the scope to get directed to the main page of your site. Request your friends and family to  further share the links  and posts among their friends in social sites.

There is a difference between the content you have and the content your visitors need. If you are armed with top content strategies, I am sure you can develop engaging content and reap the benefits of web marketing.

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Jitendra Vaswani

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4 thoughts on “Have You Ever Thought of Creating a Content Strategy for Your Site?”

  1. Hi Jitendra vaswani
    YOu are right many people just write the post, publish it and promote it and then stare at their blank traffic analytics. They fail to create impact and they fail to increase traffic because their lack synch in their all contents. They write randomly, they publish randomly and they promote randomly. That is why no one expects what they are going to share next time and even don’t wait for them.
    That is why it is necessary to develop a proper content strategy as you mentioned in this post and then achieve blogging goals without much effort.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post having lot of value.

  2. Hi Jitendra vaswani,
    I am surprised with your different content strategy. Yeh! We all should have our own content strategy for feeling unique. The most important is to reach up to our viewers.

  3. Almost the same content strategy is in place for my business since the beginning of the year. Without a doubt, this is the best way to reach wider audience and turn readers into loyal readers.

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