Crisp IM Review 2023: Best Chatbot Builder?

Crisp IM Review


  • Yearly payment mode available
  • 24/7 customer support on every channel
  • All-in-one customer messaging platform
  • Accessible from any device
  • Over 55 integrations are available
  • Fair and transparent pricing


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Price: $ 25

In this post, we have featured Crisp IM Review which includes detailed insights into Crisp IM. So let’s dive in.

Are you facing challenges in team communication? Do you feel like you are wasting valuable time tracking down team members to pass on a message or get something done every day?

When you’ve tracked them down, the message has changed, or the task has been completed.

Crisp Business Messaging Platform is a revolutionary new way to communicate with your team. With this cloud-based messaging platform, you can easily send messages, tasks, and files to anyone on your team with just a few clicks. 

Plus, all messages are automatically archived, so you can always refer back to them later. Try Crisp Business Messaging Platform today and start getting more work done faster!

Let us understand Crisp in detail. 

What is Crisp?

Crisp IM is a comprehensive solution for customer communication that can be accessed from any device, anywhere. It offers more than 10 unique features and over 55 integrations to provide the best work and customer experience possible.

Crisp understands that every team has its own workflow, which is why it integrates with the software you are already using with your teammates. 

Crisp IM review

You can opt-in to integration to answer customer questions from there or use the apps. It’s all synchronized. With Crisp, you can chat with website visitors, integrate your favorite tools, and deliver a great customer experience.

No wonder over 400,000 companies are already using Crisp IM to improve their customer experience!

Services & Features Offered By Crisp

Below I have mentioned 7 services & features offered by Crisp:

1. Crisp Shared Inbox:

With Crisp, you get an incredible business messaging inbox that centralizes all your messages from external channels. You can organize, collaborate, and manage social inboxes effortlessly. 

Crisp is designed for team collaboration and real-time communication, making it the perfect alternative to your mailbox.

With its dedicated features such as Knowledge base, CRM, Chatbots, and more, you can automate time-consuming workflows, let your team focus on what matters for your business, and build stronger customer relationships.

Crisp IM shared inbox

You can access user ratings and discover how much your customers love your support, manage social messaging efficiently, set reminders, and track your team’s inbox efficiency. 

Crisp offers a centralized customer data management platform that enables you to connect your shared inbox to a CRM. You can get a complete picture of every customer or lead, including their location, activity, and more.

With its data-driven strategy, you can filter and target customers by the actions they do or don’t take in your app.

2. Crisp CRM:

Crisp CRM is a comprehensive customer relationship management software that offers much more than traditional CRM tools.

It has dedicated features designed to help small businesses automate repetitive tasks, capture more leads, and grow their database.

With unlimited and customizable automation scenarios, Crisp CRM can help you close more deals and offer a conversational experience through free live chat.

You can grow an unlimited database of contacts and organizations and see the full timeframe of contact activity, browsing history, and more.

Crisp CRM

Equipping your team with Crisp CRM means giving them time-saving tools that they will enjoy.

Contact records are enriched with data such as social media profiles, and real-time notifications ensure that your sales reps are aware of new conversations and waiting for their response.

Additionally, they can follow up with the right message thanks to having all the context about customers or leads interactions.

Crisp CRM offers the ability to capture more new leads and grow your database by using chatbots and live chat to reach out to every customer or lead, even when you’re asleep.

Finally, Crisp has a shared inbox, so all your emails are synced inside a common inbox to help you save time and improve productivity.

With Crisp CRM, you can enrich customers’ and leads’ experiences by automating interactions from different entry points. Set up key events to track onboarding, build advanced filters, and set segments to group users and deliver meaningful messages at scale.

Monitor contacts’ website activity, identify new prospects visiting your site, and engage with them manually using their MagicMap.

3. Crisp Co-Browsing:

Co-browsing software is a tool that allows customer service agents to offer real-time assistance to customers by sharing their browser screens.

With Crisp’s co-browsing software, agents can guide customers through a website and offer support through shared browsing and live chat.

The co-browsing feature is seamlessly integrated with Crisp’s live chat, making it easy for agents to support customers.

Crisp Co browsing

No additional plugins or extensions are required, and the software is fast and resource-efficient, making it accessible to customers worldwide.

Using co-browsing, businesses can improve customer support, drive sales, and build optimal customer experiences. Additionally, Crisp integrates with various other apps, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows.

With a 14-day free trial, businesses can try Crisp’s co-browsing software with no credit card required.

4. Crisp Campaigns: 

Crisp’s customer engagement platform is designed to help businesses build and maintain strong customer relationships.

Businesses can improve customer retention and satisfaction by providing personalized interactions and automating repetitive tasks.

With Crisp’s customer engagement software, businesses can craft unique and delightful customer experiences using a variety of communication channels, such as live chat, chatbots, and email.

crisp campaigns

The platform also offers fine-grained targeting options, allowing businesses to decide who receives a message based on advanced filtering options.

In addition, the platform provides a data management system that unites customer data into one central place. This allows businesses to combine behavioral and customer data to send customers the right message at the right time on the right channel.

Crisp’s customer engagement platform also offers integrations with popular CRMs and APIs, making it easy for businesses to sync customer data and automate tasks.

Crisp’s customer engagement platform can help businesses improve customer experience, retention, and satisfaction.

5. Crisp Chatbot:

Crisp offers a comprehensive chatbot software platform that can help businesses provide real-time conversational experiences to their customers and leads.

The chatbot builder comes with a code-free editor that allows businesses to automate customer interactions, qualify leads, route conversations to the right team, and provide customer support. 

Crisp Chatbot

Crisp’s custom bot editor includes major features like alerting teams automatically, modifying conversations’ states, enriching users’ profiles, sending multilingual messages, pushing user events, and downloading files through the chatbot platform. 

In addition, Crisp offers dedicated integrations with various channels like Facebook Messenger, Line, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Finally, businesses can go even deeper by using Crisp’s chatbot API to build their own AI chatbot using third-party NLP tools like Dialogflow.

6. Crisp Live Chat:

The Crisp Widget is a website widget that provides businesses with an all-in-one customer support solution. It includes live chat software that can be customized to fit a company’s branding and website design.

The chat software also offers automated messaging, a knowledge base, chatbot scenarios, GIF and video previews, user ratings, file sharing, and multichannel support.

Crisp Live chat

In addition to its chat software, Crisp also provides a shared inbox experience for teams to manage customer support across various messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Email, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Twilio (SMS), Line, and WhatsApp.

The platform also offers real-time translation for chat messages and a video chat widget for businesses.

Crisp Widget allows businesses to build custom interactions with their website visitors using its chat SDK. The SDK can personalize the customer support experience and build custom interactions.

With Crisp Widget, businesses can also co-browse with their website visitors without any additional plugins.

7. Crisp Knowledgebase:

Crisp is a knowledge base software that helps businesses create a self-service culture and improve customer experience by providing reliable answers to their queries.

It comes with a rich text editor that allows businesses to create and customize their content, including images, GIFs, and YouTube embeds. The software enables businesses to sort their documents into categories, making them easy for customers to find. 

Crisp Knowledgebase

Crisp’s knowledge base software provides a central hub for everything support-related, delivering real-time support and, preventing support issues, reinforcing brand trust.

Crisp’s knowledge management system makes it easy to create and maintain a multilingual knowledge base to fit customers’ needs. Businesses can switch between languages to adapt their help articles to the right customer.

In summary, Crisp’s knowledge base software enables businesses to deliver high-quality knowledge-base articles to customers, turn their tribal knowledge into easy-to-find answers, and optimize their customer experience with self-service support.

Crisp Pricing 

Crisp offers a range of pricing plans to suit different business needs. The Basic plan is free and is ideal for personal websites or anyone who wants a basic chat to communicate with visitors.

The Pro plan costs $25 per month per workspace and is perfect for early-stage startups who want to improve their customer relationships.

The Unlimited plan costs $95 per month per workspace and is designed for companies that require a full-featured solution to communicate with customers.

crisp im pricing

Crisp offers the Enterprise plan for large-scale companies, which comes with dedicated onboarding, personalized service level agreements (SLAs), custom limits, custom features, unique pricing, team training, and consolidated billing.

Crisp bills customers once per month, per payment method, and accepts most credit cards and PayPal. Customers can cancel anytime after subscribing to a plan and are only committed to paying for the month they subscribed to.

Crisp’s pricing plans have been designed to fit most business needs, and the prices are flat and transparent, making it easy for customers to plan their spending.

Customers can also enable yearly payment mode on their Plans page in the Crisp app after subscribing to a plan.

Why Do I Recommend Using Crisp?

Crisp is an excellent customer support tool that offers 24/7 customer support service on every channel, including WhatsApp, Instagram, emails, live chat, and even social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

With Crisp’s chatbot, businesses can easily build a chatbot for their online store, automate repetitive questions, and free up their teams from tedious tasks, making them much more productive.

Crisp’s Knowledge Center is also a fantastic feature that allows customer support agents to access knowledge articles quickly and answer customers’ queries effortlessly.

Customers also benefit from the self-service channel that lets them find solutions without waiting for the support team’s response.

Another great feature of Crisp is its ability to bring all customer messaging channels together into one tool, allowing businesses to centralize SMS, live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, phone calls, Instagram, and more in one inbox.

This feature promotes team collaboration and makes them more efficient, creating a seamless customer experience.

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Conclusion: Crisp IM Review 2023

Crisp is a powerful, all-in-one solution for customer communication that offers a range of features and integrations to help companies streamline their customer support process.

What sets Crisp apart from other customer messaging platforms is its ability to centralize all customer communication channels in one inbox, including email, SMS, live chat, social media, and more. 

With Crisp, companies can build chatbots, access a knowledge center, and benefit from consolidated billing and fair pricing.

Additionally, the platform offers various pricing plans to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small personal websites to large enterprises. 

Overall, Crisp’s unique features and integrations, coupled with its ease of use and affordable pricing, make it a top choice for companies looking to enhance their customer support and communication capabilities.

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