Criteo vs Perfect Audience 2023: Which One Is The Best & WHY ?

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In the world where every domain has gone digital, a business needs to establish its digital presence. In an incident where it fails to do so, the business stands to lose out on significant revenue and coverage. Where everything is gone digital, the consumers are getting the most benefits.

It is important to note that on average, only 2% of your website visitors convert into actual sales. This low conversion rate makes it essential that the business not only try to convert as many sales as possible but also retarget those who have already left your website after viewing it. This need to market your websites to new and old visitors to the website has made many retargeting and marketing automation websites pop up in the market.

Two such highly popular websites are Criteo and Perfect Audience. When you are trying to choose the best solution for your customer retargeting needs, the choice often comes down to these two. To help you make this critical business decision a bit easy, we have a comparison between these two websites. Before we proceed ahead, let us try to understand are Criteo and Perfect Audience.

Criteo Vs Perfect Audience: Overview

Overview Of Criteo

Criteo is one of the most popular marketing automation and retargeting tool available in the market. It is a one-stop solution for your campaign operations, bidding automation, and retargeting needs. Additionally, this software works on a pay per click method of marketing which makes it highly popular among those businesses which are performance-driven.

Criteo Vs Perfect Audience - Criteo

Criteo is equipped with highly advanced AI algorithms. This helps analyze the Criteo Shopper Graph data in real-time to provide feedback and help modify your campaigns. The focussed feedback allows you to provide tailored ads to your customers helping place the ads at the most appropriate moment, giving you better results.

Overview Of Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is a software that helps in retargeting the visitors who have already been on your website. This retargeting tool helps you to target the customers visiting your Facebook, Twitter, and other web portals with relative ease.

Criteo Vs Perfect Audience -Perfect-Audience


This software has come forward as a better version of traditional social media marketing platforms like Facebook. While in the case of Facebook marketing, demographic and other filter base data is needed, this software is comparatively easier to use. Perfect Audience doesn’t need any data or smart filters to help in locating the relevant Audience. It just needs your website information about past visitors to get more traffic to your website.

What are the key features and benefits offered by Criteo?

Criteo is a one-stop solution for all your retargeting and marketing automation needs. This multi-functionality that Criteo provides is possible with the help of various functions and features that it provides. Let’s look at some of the key features of Criteo.

  • Campaign Management

Customer Feedback her various customer reviews, feedback, and comments across different social media and shopping platforms. Once Criteo is successful in collecting all the relevant data, it processes the data and presents it to you in an easy to understand and ready to use format.

Criteo - Campaign Manager

This data comes in very handy when you are trying to formulate and redefine your various marketing strategies and business objectives. Additionally, this data also comes handy to understand customer preferences based upon different parameters.

  • Real-time customer retargeting

The most crucial feature of Criteo is customer retargeting. Criteo uses advanced algorithms that use the interest and browning preferences of the customers at its core. Criteo helps you to retarget those customers who have left your website without purchasing anything which provides a significant boost to your revenues.

Criteo - Customer Retargetting

  • Supports Mobile Functionality

With the help of various applications and APIs, Criteo helps to boost engagement leading to a higher conversion rate.


  • Target relevant audience

Criteo helps you to target the Audience, which has a use for the types of products that you are offering. Criteo makes this possible using customer browsing data to create a pool of relevant Audiences.

  • Brand placement and advertising

Criteo helps retail brands to do better brand placement and advertising by placing their advertisements on top merchant sites. This strategic placement of the ads on top merchant sites helps in brand image building as well.


  • Efficient Data Management

Criteo combines your digital data along with physical store data to give you an efficient analysis of your business’s performance through simple reports.

  • Generation of Web Traffic

Criteo helps to generate new and high-quality visitors to your website with the help of their customer data and advanced AI technology.


What are the key features and benefits offered by Perfect Audience?

Perfect Audience aims to be a one-stop solution for all your retargeting needs. As such, it provides you with multiple benefits that are not additionally chargeable and help provide the best service possible for you.

  • Social Media Marketing to Retarget your customers

The primary platform for the Perfect Audience’s retargeting is through Facebook. It helps by targeting users not only through the news feed but also outside.

Perfect-Audience - Social Media

  • Data tracking and Reporting

Perfect Audience helps measure the impact that your ads are having by providing the data in the form of revenue generation and conversions to sales. This data allows you to understand the direct ROI for your campaign investments.

Perfect-Audience - Features

  • User-Friendly Interface

The usage is straightforward, as it is one of the easiest retargeting options available. You can opt for incremental sales easily.

  • Real-time Data Tracking

Perfect Audience believes data is the key to optimizing your benefits from the campaigns. The detailed analysis of key statistics about clicks, the conversion rate, and the revenue generated is updated as frequently as once in 2 hours.

  • Supports Various Platforms

To help collate user data from different devices and platforms, the Identity Graph is used. This data helps to understand and reach visitors across desktops, tablets, and cell phone platforms.

  • Retargeting can be set up with extensive flexibility to help match the sales cycle for the business.

What are the key differences between Criteo and Perfect Audience?

Let’s look at various differences between Criteo and Perfect Audience.

Dominion in various countries


Criteo, a French company has set dominion in over 150 countries including the United States, Russia, Japan, amongst others catering to various clients. They are highly popular and have excellent customer reviews.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience is also functional in multiple countries. However, they do not have a spread as huge as Criteo.


Criteo is a clear winner if we consider the number of countries that they are associated with without any doubt.

Business Scale Suitability


Criteo is a retargeting tool that helps you retarget the customers who have already visited your website. Additionally, because of the scale of functions available and various types of pricing packages, Criteo is well fit for businesses ranging from small to medium size.

Perfect Audience

Suppose you are a small business that is just starting than Perfect Audience can be a convenient tool. It helps you target and retarget audiences based on relevant interests without having to spend a fortune on retargeting itself.


While Perfect Audience is highly efficient and useful for businesses of small scale, Criteo functions well for medium scale businesses as well. This vast scope of functionality makes Criteo take an edge over Perfect Audience.

Ease of Use


Criteo is a top-rated tool amongst the marketers and business owners alike. This popularity is not unfounded. Criteo has a very easy to use interface which allows its users to create and manage their marketing campaign with relative ease. Also, their efficient customer support makes sure that any complexity that you face is resolved in no time.

Perfect Audience

The Perfect Audience’s knowledge base includes various short and crisp videos, guidelines for quality maintenance and video lessons amongst other resources. This huge resource base makes this platform easy to use. Additionally, their efficient customer support will help you to resolve your concerns in no time.


Both of these tools are highly effective in their service domain. Additionally, both these tools are easy to use and manageable without any severe concerns. This similar efficiency in their user interface design makes this a tie between in this field.

Ease of Set-Up


Setting up retargeting and marketing automation tools can be a nightmare. These tools are generally very complex in nature and consume a lot of precious time. However, Cretio has made this process relatively simple. Let’s have a quick look at the 6-step set up process of Cretio.

  • Selection of Advertising Objective depending on your business goals
  • Choose the Audience for targeting purpose
  • Deciding on your budget, cost controls, and bidding strategy
  • The naming of your campaign
  • Launch scheduling
  • Launch of your campaign

Moreover, well defined and thought of Knowledge Base in the form of FAQs makes sure that all you get the answer to all your queries in no time. The FAQs are exhaustive and contain a solution to all types of questions or roadblocks that you might face while setting up Cretio with your eCommerce portal.

Perfect Audience

Setting up the process on the Perfect Audience is relatively simple when it comes to comparison with other websites providing similar services. Here is a quick look at the step-based process of setting up a Perfect Audience with your eCommerce platform.

  • Inclusion of code or basic script in your website
  • Creation of the targeting list
  • Designing of your marketing campaign
  • Launch of advertising
  • Additionally, they also have a very informative and practical guide of instructions. This guide will help you to start running your marketing campaign within a matter of minutes.


Both of these service providers have made sure that you face no problem while integrating their products with your websites. However, Criteo has a slight edge. While using Criteo, you don’t need any technical knowledge. Their integration process is self-explanatory, and the knowledge base makes sure that you need to contact an expert for help. So, this domain certainly goes to Criteo without any question.

Customer Support: Criteo Vs Perfect Audience


Criteo offers a well-rounded support system to help ensure that you are always able to obtain the greatest benefits from your account. The website’s help center has all the main questions that any user will want to know about. The detailed FAQs help to troubleshoot most, if not all of them. Any remaining queries and issues can be resolved with the help of the support staff. They can be contacted either through the site or on their helpline number.

Perfect Audience

The support page contains extensively demarcated help topics, but the bland layout and simple step by step instructions do little to understand the benefits and positives to the actions. Also, the instructions are interconnected with a lot of processes and additional steps. You can only contact Perfect Audience through their website form, which makes the assistance seeking process quite long drawn.


While both the companies make efforts to resolve their customer’s queries and concerns, Perfect Audience lacks somewhere or the other. However, Criteo has a very well established customer support system which helps them resolve all the queries in no time. This efficient customer support makes Criteo a better option in this aspect.

Mobile platform Comaprison


Criteo provides you with a mobile advertising platform that can help you target multiple benefits at the same time. The platform helps with customer engagement, customer-specific retargeting for increased sales as well as promoting increased app installations.

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience has a well designed set up to display in-app advertisements which help them to target more and more customers. Moreover, through the help of their mobile advertisement systems, they can target all the top mobile phones and tablets all across.


Both of these websites have their way of using mobile platforms for retargeting and marketing automation. Because of these different systems, we have to call it a tie in this aspect of comparison.

Pricing Plan Comparison: Criteo Vs Perfect Audience

Pricing of Criteo

One of the USPs of Criteo is the payment structure. When you set up any campaign, you are allowed to budget your ads which helps you control how much you spend. You can alter this budget at a later date as well. The campaigns can be structured so that you are only charged if visitors take any particular action on your ads, which can be specified when creating the campaign.

The invoices are compiled in the first week of the month after your campaign has been delivered. For this billing method, the number of clicks that the campaign obtains is the basis for charges.

Apart from this, they also provide a dynamic billing service, in which you are given a credit limit of $1000. Once you exceed this amount, you get an invoice immediately. But if you have spent less than this, then you are charged only at the end of the month.

The easiest payment method that Criteo offers is the automated credit card payments. They accept a wide variety of service providers such as Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and even American Express, so setting up an automatic payment for your pending payments is an extremely simple method.

Criteo also allows you to add another trusted team member or employee in the billing process to ensure that payments are made on time.

Pricing of Perfect Audience

When you first sign up for the Perfect Audience, you are allowed to understand the benefit they provide by availing of their free 14-day trial period. This trial can be activated as soon as you have data for 250 visitors to your site within seven days. You also receive $100 free credit on the site to use as payment for your campaigns during the trial period. Once your trial period is over, you start paying for the retargeting service.

Perfect-Audience- Pricing Plan

Once you create a campaign on the Perfect Audience, you have to give the details of your weekly budget. Since it is a prepaid system, you will have to pay the budget amount before the campaign is launched, this is the ‘campaign-pool’. After that, you get a bill every week for the amount of money you have spent from your campaign pool. Perfect Audience will only bill you for the spent amount so that payments can be as less as $20. All charges are deductible in a single-payment every week. You can also get the unspent funds of your campaign pool back whenever you feel the need.

Who is better, Criteo or Perfect Audience?

Both of these websites have special features unique to them. These features are useful for various purposes. However, there are vast differences in both of them if we compare these two tools of retargeting and marketing automation.

It is safe to assume that Criteo has a clear and decided advantage over Perfect Audience. However, it is still advisable that you keep your budget and requirements before you choose one of these two.

Criteo Vs Perfect Audience: Testimonials

Criteo Customer Review


Perfect Audience Customer Review

Perfect-Audience- Testimonials

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Conclusion: Criteo Vs Perfect Audience Comparison 2023

Depending on different features, both of these websites have different pricing policies. However, suppose you are a small business start. In that case, the Perfect Audience is the right place for you, However, if you are an established business looking to market on a large scale with low budget constraints, Criteo has better deals for you.

When you consider these points, it is safe to assume that both of these websites have their specialization. Hence, we have to call it a draw here.

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