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  • Guaranteed contest
  • Closed contest
  • One on one contest
  • Launch a poll
  • Package design
  • Social media design
  • Website design
  • Logo Design


  • They should improve their support

The field of graphic designing and media have together created magic over the past decade, all thanks to the rapid development of internet, that has been able to connect freelancers and professionals from across the globe in a matter of minutes.

21st century has been the “Age of the freelancers”. Various regional and international businesses are hiring freelancers every now and then to complete their services. A freelancer can freely on any project of their choice without being bounded by any contract and can work for as many projects you want from multiple sources.

Over the years, there have been numerous online platforms that have been designed to bridge the gap between freelancers and businesses. Some platforms either allow freelancers to upload their profiles and portfolios for clients to see, or even allow clients to organize contests to hire the best freelancers for their work.

The following freelancing businesses are most popularly in demand as of 2017.

  • Freelance Photography
  • Freelance Content Writer
  • Freelance Web Designer
  • Freelance App Developer
  • Freelance Graphic Designer

One such online platform that allows clients to search for the best freelancers for their work, especially designers is Crowdsite. So this article is all about what you need to know about Crowdsite and the features and benefits of this software. Check out CrowdSite Review #1 Agency for Design & Creatives.

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Crowdsite review featuresCrowdsite is an online platform, designed specifically for freelance designers and artists that allow clients to run contests. These contests are for the services they want to be completed by freelancers. The platform has many associated freelance designers who take part in the contests suggested by clients.

It is the ideal solution for clients who are looking for professionals or freelancers for logo designs, T-shirt designs, flyer designs or graphic designs. Crowdsite has the world-class professionals to get the task done in time.

Crowdsite ensures 100% quality and has over 68,000+ designers and has recorded an overall payout of more than $5,100,000 as of 2017. The prices are as low as you can imagine for its kind as all clients can easily start a contest or brainstorm for as low as $29.

How does crowdsite work? Start a design contest today!

You as a client can crowdsource your project either through a designing contest or via private projects. A designing contest can either be guaranteed, closed, or held one-on-one. This may sound tricky, but you’ll get a hold of it once you go through their website and services..


Crowdsite review

Here is a quick technical overview that you need to know before anything else.

Devices Supported

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Language Support

  • Englisch
  • German
  • Dutch

Pricing Model

  • One-time payment

Customer Types

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Freelancers
  • Deployment
  • Cloud Hosted


Crowdsite is simply a marketplace that has created an effective channel for freelancers to connect with clients for all types of commercial designs. There is a whole list of amazing features and specifications that make Crowdsite one of the best in its niche today.

  • Guaranteed contest
  • Closed contest
  • One on one contest
  • Launch a poll
  • Slogan finding
  • Name finding
  • Flyer design
  • Logo design
  • Website design
  • Ad banner
  • Car wrap
  • Social media design
  • Package design


  • With over 68k designers, Crowdsite is truly a force to reckon within the freelancer’s space. The platform has revolutionized the way people crowdsource for freelance designers. The meteoric growth of this site can be attributed to the tremendous benefits it offers to clients and freelancers.
  • As a client, you get plenty of options to get your job done. Once you start the design contest, a number of designers on the platform will work for you. A number of custom designs will be presented and you will have the pleasure to select the most impressive.
  • There a number of ways to run your contest, each comes with its attached benefits. When running a guaranteed contest it instills confidence in the designers. The motivation of getting paid spurs the designers to deliver magnificent designs.
  • In addition, you can run the tasks as private projects. This gives you the opportunity to get exceptional designs. It gives you the freedom to hire a crowd worker and deal with him/her privately. The one on one working relation results in the most versatile and superb work.
  • Freelancers, on the other hand, get the chance to participate in numerous projects. The nature of the tasks on Crowdsite ensures there is a task for every freelancer.
  • Funds are protected via escrow services which is a nice thing for both parties. It ensures the client only release the payments when work is done satisfactorily. On the other hand, the freelancer is guaranteed of the payments depending on the type of task completed.


Crowdsiet plans and pricing

They offer a divers list of pricing plans that depend on the type of project to be accomplished. Each of these plans is priced differently on the basis of the features and services they offer. Here are the details of different projects:

  • Logo design: $149
  • Logo + Stationary: $236
  • Flyer design: $149
  • Website design: $399
  • App design: $349
  • Social media design: $35
  • Ad banner: $39
  • Brochure: $ 299
  • Character or mascot: $249
  • Label design: $149
  • T-shirt design: $149

Apart from these designing plans, Crowdsite also offer these Brainstorm design options, that will help add some extra professional touches to a client’s projects.

  • Company name finding: $59
  • Slogan finding: $59

Visit their official website for more information regarding their services, plans, features, prices and more.


The concept of freelancing has totally revolutionized the scene employment in the 21st today. Freelancing has enabled people around the world to work from home and earn a living and reputation, regardless of the availability of work in their state or region.

However, there initially there was a huge gap between businesses and freelancers of various fields, which has been bridged by online services and platforms like Freelancer and Crowdsite.

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With rising importance and need for graphic designers due to developments in internet and media technologies, Crowdsite has stood out as the master in the niche of providing freelance designers to clients and businesses, through contest mode, ensuring the clients can hire promising and skilled designers from across the globe. Hop you like Crowdsite Review.

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