Crucial Editing Tips to Help You with Blog Writing

Editing is often times, an afterthought for many new bloggers. Many of them assume that ignorantly that many readers don’t ‘mind’ typos, grammar mistakes and many other errors. Well, according to a recent survey, many of them are very wrong because poorly edited or sticky reading blogs are bad for business.

Even then, why would you have to edit your blog for it to make more sense to readers? Well, according to most blogging experts and common logic, here are some of the reasons why you should edit your blog posts.

Blog Writing editing tips

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Lack of direct plan

Bloggers have so many ideas and sometimes, these ideas spout in posts without form, plan or logic, something most people refer or associate with ‘verbal diarrhea’. For the readers, this is the worst kind of content they’d rather read. Editing can help you give direction to this type of content, a factor that will enable you keep your audience glued.

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Run-on ideas

When you’re writing, you’re bound to have diverse ideas spread in different sentences. This happens even for the most advanced writers and bloggers. As such, these run-ons give a different meaning that you had initially thought and even more confusing to the readers and audience. Hence, the more confusing sentences you lump in your work, the less effective your communication will become. However, you can easily align your ideas through editing.

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This is another common problem facing bloggers and when work is written the first time, it may be challenging to make sense out of it. Good grammar makes the work sound simple on the tongue and this amplifies the message you send. You need to edit to ensure that all the language ambiguity is managed.

Errors come even for native writers

Most native bloggers assume that they can’t make mistakes when they write which is hogwash. This means that just to be sure what you’re writing is audience ready, you must edit.

Even then, how do you effectively edit your work?

  1. Spacing your editing work will always give you room to spot the mistakes in the written work. Research has shown that freshness in mind is the largest cause of not getting mistakes in written work. Taking a breather in between work gives you the ability to look at the work with fresh eyes, a fact that is crucial for editing success and error detection.

  2. You need to start editing in portions, hopefully, in larger ones. The moment you start to edit the work; grouping it in unique portions say, grammar editing the first round, structure editing the second and mistake editing the third time is effective. Chances are, you will find more correctible mistakes than if you edited the whole piece once, trying to catch all mistakes.

  3. Try to keep the wording as short as you can. Longer sentences and articles are highly technical and give room for so many mistakes. However, you start aiming to say more with fewer words, a strategy that works just fine even for seasoned bloggers and web publishers.

  4. Don’t ever depend on your word spell checkers to check for grammar in the content you create. This is because; most of the checkers don’t have as much accuracy as would make sense for a real human being. Instead, set time aside to go over work written to eliminate mistakes.

  5. Keep learning to ensure that mistakes are fewer and fewer each time you write. If you’re aware that some words give, you sense problems, starts focusing more on ensuring that in your next pieces, similar or regular mistakes don’t repeat.


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