CXL Review 2021 Is CXL Worth It ? (Courses & Minidegree) What is CXL? (CXL Institute Review)

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Ease Of Use
Online Course Content
Video Quality


  • All the courses are professionally presented. 
  • The tutors are highly knowledgeable. 
  • The quality of video and audio is excellent. 
  • The courses here help you with optimization regarding landing pages and more. 
  • There are so many cool tools you can use when you use this platform. 
  • Use it from anywhere. 
  • CRO course is one of the best course on internet
  • CXL makes that program seem like kindergarten
  • CXL Courses are designed to advance your marketing skills
  • Get access to 50+ courses to on-demand courses, 100% online and fully self-paced
  • Access to 60+ courses for $1


  • The statistics part poses a difficult lesson to learn. The tutors start teaching with a little more advanced content which makes it harder for beginners to understand. 
  • Better pricing options needed as newbies might find expensive

CXL is one the best online learning platform out there to advance your marketing skills and CXL uses evidence-based training methods designed by Dr. Will Thalheimer, one of the leading learning researchers. With CXL you can be assured that you will be staying updated with latest trends in the marketing.

Price:$ 1

Are you looking for a way to give a boost of up-gradation to your SEO skills that could be paired with Conversion Optimization for the best results? Is that why you are here to read this CXL Review?

Well, that is what I will be doing today. It is time to talk about how digital marketing is becoming a potential helper to today’s world along with the CXL institution. It produces some really helpful blogs that focus on practices in conversion optimization. 

This brand was first introduced to me through Discord and I cannot be happier with how things turned out with it! And I am sure this review will give you some useful thoughts to spend time on. 

What is CXL?

With CXL institution, you are capable of learning so many different things and at a given point, which screams, “PERFECT” in big, block letters for people who have no proper timings for work or just have no regular schedule. 

Especially when you want to learn things about marketing, this institute is the one you should go to in order to achieve some serious skills that will look good on your resume. 

Bottom Line- CXL offers some of the best online marketing courses and industry-recognized certifications for those seeking to learn new technical marketing skills and tools highly useful to growth professionals, product managers, UX/UI experts, and any other marketing profile looking to become more customer-centric. I love CXL courses & I was happy to have access to their all courses. CXL courses are top notch and worth trying. Try the CXL Institute courses for $1 here

Also, I will take a look at how easy is this tool to use and if it is worth your time or not. The way the brand receives their customers and the customer support services they provide will be highlighted as you move further on into the article.  Also, I will walk you through the 5 mini degrees this brand offers to give you a gist of things available in terms of digital marketing here. 

Apart from that, the advantages and disadvantages this name comes with will be displayed for you to judge appropriately along with a couple of frequently asked questions that will aid in dissolving any common doubts. 

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;
the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker, marketing pioneer and father of modern advertising

CXL  Review: In A Nutshell CXL Institute Courses Reviews 

CXL Courses access review

Whoever said that there is no place better than the home was not lying. Because that is the place we look for when in need of ultimate comfort. Similarly, it gets pretty annoying when your home and your school are two different places. 

That is why homeschooling looks real good or just learning from the comfort of your couch looks super tempting. Luckily, this institute teaches online, that is, you can attend your classes from any place you want at any time you wish. 

CXL also provides certifications that you can add to your portfolio to show off your newly learned skills. These are certificates of completion that make things super interesting for the person taking a look at your resume. 

CXL - Overview

The institute has about 48 courses that are divided among Analytics, CRO and UX, and Marketing. Plus, the professionals that will be teaching you marketing are some of the lead industry leaders and the best from the list of the top marketers. 

Peep Laja is a Forbes Council member

You will be engaged in living training sessions from any place you want. Sure, this brand has a price, but I assure you that it is worth it, you will see for yourself. Along with that, I will give you a detailed review of the CRO Mini degree course I took for a week. 

That is all for now, but let us take a look at what’s next. 

Courses Offered by CXL Institute 

CXL reviews online

There are many courses offered by CXL Institue but here, I will be talking about the most common ones. To make it simple for you to search for your desired course or just to find the one you are looking for, the entire collection of courses have been set in alphabetical order. 


So far, there are courses available in every letter except “Z”. now only are these courses super helpful but they also help in making your life better in little ways. They look like excellent material to add to your resume that will impress your reader. 

But let us move on and check out a couple of courses offered at CXL. 

Take this advice from Peep:

Identify the criteria involved in decision-making for the products on the category page. For clothing, some criteria typically include price, size, colour and so on. If it’s computers, it could be price plus technical specs like RAM, HDD size, CPU and so on. Some shoppers are savvier than others, so provide filters for all knowledge-levels (e.g. colour and CPU speed)

Conversion Optimization Foundation  (CRO Course by

conversion-funnel CRO course by CXL

Image Credit : Funnelenvy

In this section, I will be talking about my first and only week at Conversion Optimization Minidegree. I planned to do it for a week only when I started with it but I eventually got too interested in it to quit. 

CXL CRO course

The reason I am posting my first week here is that I have got the necessary notes that will help me write this in detail and give you a rough idea of things is here.

Also, let me give you the assurance that things continue in this manner and I hope to see you in my class! Now, getting back to the topic, you and I, both know that people like us, that is, people who do not get bored after reading articles about SEOs and technical stuff, like to experiment and implement tips they learned from useful blogs in real life. 

CXL - Conversion Optimization

But it does not always turn out that way. Well, I will admit that I have tried that so many times and failed miserably. So, how is this connected to the Conversion Optimization Foundation? Well, for starters, this says that each solution is unique and that is something you will learn here for sure. 

CXL Course CRO

Sure, many frameworks of different kinds can give you a single, unique solution to a problem or similar problems but not every solution is fit for every problem that exists. Or at least, that is not the case in the conversion world. 

What I’m talking about are Best Practices. It has been heard and searched up by many on websites that create content. What Best Practices mean is the solution a person has to his/her problems. 

And the application of those Best Practices to problems we have would be fruitless since our problems may not even be similar to those problems that person had. Sure, this does not mean that all the Best Practices have turned out to be ineffective, it just says that not all Best practices are the best. 

A much better solution would be to take into consideration the likings of your audience while resonating with them and this way, you connect with your customers and they get a sense of satisfaction because of you giving them what they want. 

Believe it or not but this is exactly what this mini degree is about. It teaches you better marketing strategies that keep both you and your customers happy. And that is what I learned in the week I attended this course. 

65% of retailers cite conversion optimization as the #1 ecommerce challenge according to Realwire

Realwire news CXL reviews

Account-Based Marketing 

ABM is one of the most common types of marketing in today’s world. When you work at a B2B company, it is important to know how to measure, plan, optimize, build, and lastly, test scaled-account based marketing. 

This course surely will accelerate your career and life by a significant amount. It is the most spoken topic in B2B due to its ability to work effectively if done right. This is also why there is a demand for people with these skills. 

A couple of companies, small or big, doesn’t matter are able to close deals a lot bigger than usual. Ever wondered why is that? Well, to give a simple answer, I would say that that is a result of different mindsets with unique ideas.

CXL - Our Team 

The other companies that are facing problem with ABM are due to their inability to understand how exactly unique is this form of marketing from the traditional inbound and the outbound. 

This is why ABM has been mistaken as an unworthy form of marketing but just requires the right person to work on it to achieve successful results. Now, there are a couple of things you will have the total knowledge of after you complete this course. 

The things are

  • You will be capable of explaining what exactly does Account-Based Marketing mean, what things are not ABM, and how many people in 2B2 organizations take the beliefs, metrics, and practices for granted, and how exactly ABM challenges them properly. 
  • You will have your hands-on information about the types of ABMs that there are and how exactly to evaluate them to determine which of those types for best for your company. You will be surprised by this but most of the time, a blend of two types gives the best results for your company. But sometimes, the perfect blend of all three types makes the ideal combo. 
  • You will get a total understanding of the technology that is ABM and the tools that can be used particularly for the challenges you might face and the right moment to introduce them. I would suggest that you do not fall into the trap of purchasing a new technology way too soon. 
  • Executive, alignment with cross-function and co-ownership will be gained. Most of the marketers who choose to do such a task individually end up failing. 
  • You will be capable of planning the correct multi-channel, multi-thread, and multi-touch campaigns and to cut through the annoying noise, you can cadence and become a priority for the prospects you value the most. 
  • You are now capable of developing an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), a strategy for the cluster, a strategy for tier, and a plan for the identification of contacts that go beyond technographics and demographics. 

A few skills anyone who wants to join this course should have

When I tell you that this course is not for everyone, I mean it. It is an appropriate course for those people who are either fall in the novice, intermediate level ABM leaders, beginners, and practitioners category or the ABM seniors who wish to build sales that are more collaborative and strategic and aligned for marketing. 

It’s just that the foundational topics are given less time to get accustomed to than the advanced topics. So, it would be helpful for you if you acquire basic foundation knowledge about B2B sales, the strategies that can be used in marketing, metrics, and processes. 

Digital Psychology and Persuasion 

This course is perfect for the kind of people who are always do something about what they are determined about. If you are someone who is willing to build your psychological skills and complete an entire mini degree, just go for it, girl! 

What you will be doing here is use neuromarketing, methods of persuasion, and behavioral psychology that will effectively increase the levels of sales. The teachers you will have are handpicked from top academic schools and industry practitioners. 

This course will aid you in pursuing your clients to purchase your services in a way where they would not even realize it. It will give a boost to your copy and design of persuasion. 

Your tutor will also help you understand the mindset your customers have and the needs of theirs that they are looking to fulfill. Your efforts of conversion optimization along with psychological tactics will make the perfect combo of convincing. 

In order to bring changes to the way your customer behaves, you need to get a total understanding of why they act the way they do. How? Well, This is revealed in this course and that is another way to get the best results. 

This course will also aid you in building useful habits of your customers, ways to increase the rate of loyalty displayed by them and elicit the emotional responses you receive. 

You will also learn the steps for directing attention with visual cues, and the reasons behind our behavior regarding decision-making, which are cognitive biases. You will also learn some persuasion processes that you will be able to use across any web page. 

Facebook Advertisements 

Grab this opportunity to rethink the journey your newer customers are having along with Facebook Ads. if you are involved with spending money on advertisements on Facebook, you literally are leaving too much money behind. 

This could be something you did not know of before or just something you did not know you could do something about. But whatever the case, it is absolutely unnecessary and now, you have a way out of it. 

There is a B.E.L.T method that will be presented to you in this course where you will learn how to align the messages you choose along with the objectives you want to get involved in all along the journey of your new customers. 

Not only is it helpful in this way, but you also save up about 80% of the money you would have to spend on acquisition. Along with that, you will learn and get a total understanding of the journey new customers take which will help you build better selling FB Ad campaigns. 

Also, the B.E.L.T method can be used to increase the rate of awareness your brand has and the authority too. By the end of the course, you will also be able to indoctrinate your spectators to the issues you have worked hard to solve. This will get people to invest in you pretty easily. 

A couple of other things you will learn here are

  • Get your market retargeting warmed up because you will need it. Also, you will learn how to put ad creatives to tests and evaluate the results along with audiences without spending all that much. 
  • You will get a total understanding of building Facebook Ads campaigns with success. 
  • You will also learn the uses of Facebook lives and the utilization of the videos there in order to identify your perfect customers and also to bring an improvement in your rates of conversions. 

This course is the perfect match for you if-

  • You have been involved with advertisements on Facebook before. 
  • You wish to optimize the current campaigns you are running and want to get a better understanding of why certain things are not working according to what you planned. 
  • You are looking for a way to decrease the rate of acquisition in your ad campaigns. 
  • You are in between starting and stopping the advertisements. 
  • You are working with an agency or are an entrepreneur who is looking for ways to build a strategy regarding sustainable full-funnel ads on Facebook. 

This course is not the best for you at the moment if- 

  • You have never run any Facebook ads online before. 
  • Retargeting is something that you have no basic understanding of. 


When it comes to dominating your marketing, it becomes super easy when you are the only one who exists in it. But what about when it is not that way? Well, the best thing to do in that scenario is to become a market of a kind. 

When the market is flooded, companies that stick to floating are the ones that have got their position to be right. Without the right position, you will face many difficulties. A couple of them are listed below- 

  • Competitors who do anything to push you down in the water. 
  • You catch the risk of being excluded since the market leader might lead you out of the arena. 
  • The cycles of sales run way too long and customers become price-resistant where they do not realize your total value. 

These are things that you will be able to do when you use this course but a couple of them are

  • You will know the things important to make a product stand out. 
  • Get a total understanding of what exactly the positioning of companies is and how it can be used in the modern landscape of marketing. 
  • You would learn how to avoid the common pitfalls by using the method of clarification of your worth. 

Ease of use

CXL Courses Online

This platform is pretty easy to use. It has straightforward navigation with a login system and logout system to safeguard your privacy. Other than that, you get a small preview of each course so that you can read it out and check if it is what interests you. 

However, if you know what you are looking for, there is not a need for doing that. You can directly click on the course you want to learn and go ahead with the tutorials. Lucky for us, the teachers have been chosen for their ability to be the best at doing what they are doing. 

They are highly trained and knowledgeable and are friendly but professional too. The platform also clearly mentions that they focus mainly on improving the quality and performance of you on the job you choose to do. 


Designed to advance your marketing skills, CXL Minidegrees are in-depth training programs taught by leading marketing practitioners

💰  Price


😍  Pros

One of the most updated and trusted training for global marketers.

😩  Cons

Better pricing options for small business owners


CXL Institute teaches you most advanced level skills in customer acquisition, analytics, and conversion optimization. Get access to the world's top practitioners as your instructors. You can study on-demand or engage in live trainings to become great at marketing.

Rating 4.5/5

Customer support

CXL - Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth
CXL – Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth


Imagine you are on a vacation on a beautiful island. You go there prepared, with maps, compasses, water, food, clothes, and anything else you think could be important. If midway, you get lost on the huge island and have no one to help you. 

It is in situations like these that we regret not to bring a tour guide or a friend along with us because they would know the area better and also the kind of fruits that are not poisonous. Similarly, It is vital for a person to be able to get help especially when they are getting themselves into something they do not have total knowledge about. 

CXL- Supporting Staff

Exactly like that, customer support is something every user tries to notice before buying a product. This is because when facing a problem, a friendly face to turn to is pretty helpful. 

Luckily, CXL Institute has many ways to help their customers out of misery. They have made proper use of social media platforms, like, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin where they converse with their customers and audience. 

They answer common and interesting questions and ask a couple in order to get to know their spectators and their choices closely. There is also a number available that you can give a call to if you feel comfortable with it. 

CXL fb group

But if you are into the old-fashioned way of formal talks, then, go ahead and type down an email to send to their mail and they will reach out to you pretty soon.  Their customer support system is honestly active enough to get you out of trouble in no time. 

Pricing | How Much Does CXL Cost?

There are a total of two pricing plans offered by the CXL Institution. These plans are

CXL Team plan :

$224/user (monthly),

$413/user (quarterly),

$1,169/user (annual)

CXL Individual Plans

$249/month, $459/quarter,


The Individual Plan- 

  • This plan has different pricing according to the time limit you choose, so it is $249 per month.
  • When you choose to get access to it for about a quarter, you will be charged around $459 each quarter. 
  • And if you choose to get access to it for about a year, you would be charged about $1,299 per year. 
  • If you choose any of these plans under the individual category, you will get access to every mini degree and course that has been made available on the platform. 
  • You can earn various certificates for each course you complete and give your resume a boost of improvement. 
  • There is a roadmap tool you can use that will guide you to the goal you have set for yourself. 
  • If you would like to monitor your rate of progress, you can put this learning analytic for personal use. 

The Team Plan- 

  • This plan has different pricing according to the time limit you choose, so it is $224 per month.
  • When you choose to get access to it for about a quarter, you will be charged around $413 each quarter. 
  • And if you choose to get access to it for about a year, you would be charged about $1,169 per year. 
  • You can use a roadmap for your team as well to make sure that they have a goal to achieve. 
  • If you choose any of these plans under the individual category, you will get access to every mini degree and course that has been made available on the platform. 
  • Keep an eye on the progress achieved by your team using the team learning analytics tool. 
  • You can also switch team members, remove or add one according to your convenience. 
  • You can earn various certificates for each course you complete and give your resume a boost of improvement. 
  • There is a roadmap tool you can use that will guide you to the goal you have set for yourself. 
  • If you would like to monitor your rate of progress, you can put this learning analytic for personal use. 


Does CXL Institute offers any Course Coupon Code ?

Currently there are no coupon codes for CXL Institute  and have only 7 days free trial at $1.

CXL Pros and cons

CXL Pros 

  • All the courses are professionally presented. 
  • The tutors are highly knowledgeable. 
  • The quality of video and audio is excellent. 
  • The courses here help you with optimization regarding landing pages and more. 
  • There are so many cool tools you can use when you use this platform. 
  • Use it from anywhere. 

CXL Cons 

  • The statistics part poses a difficult lesson to learn. The tutors start teaching with a little more advanced content which makes it harder for beginners to understand. 
  • The course about technical development is pretty bland to keep customers engaged. 
  • The prices fixed to allow you access to this tool is too high, making it an expensive choice for a beginner with unsure thoughts. 

Testimonials & Reviews Of

Some Customers Reviews for CXL :


Kurt S.
Web Conversion Manager @ Pipedrive,


Having completed the Conversion Optimization mini degree, this has given me a perfect overall base for my current role in marketing where I’m trying to always improve the web experience.

CXL is constantly putting out new material and also updating existing material to be up to date with the current best practises.


Tomek D.
Director of People @


Our Growth Marketing agency has completed 1298 lessons and 138 courses at the Institute so far. CXL helps us in a number of ways:
1. Provides an incredible source of content to train our staff.
2. Is a good tool in keeping our staff (they’re growing and we aid in that).
3. Is an awesome source of new opinions/methods to try out on our clients.


Brandon V.
Growth Project Manager @ Seedbox Digital


CXL institute gave my team the tools to create and run a successful growth team. We were running tests without any thought behind them.

I now have the methodology to be more successful in my day-to-day tasks, and to further my career.


Radvilas Š.
Digital Strategist @ Evolvery


Anyone interested in genuinely understanding the math behind CRO and A/B testing absolutely has to use CXL.

My whole team has a great time discussing the material and aligning our views on processes we use, and to come up with ideas to implement in the future.

CXL - Testimonials

FAQs On CXL Institute Courses Review

👉What is the least cost at which an individual can get access to this platform?

There are two pricing plans available, one for individuals and the other for teams. The pricing of each plan depends on how long you choose to use it for and the least cost at which an individual can get access to this platform is $249 and for the teams’ plan, it is $224.

👉Can a beginner use CXL Institute?

Sure, a beginner can use this platform without much trouble. Only it would be a little easier for the individual to understand the courses taught if they have a little idea about the topic they choose to learn. This is due to the courses being slightly advanced but they surely are very informative.

👉Can CXL Institute be used for free?

They offer $1 trial for 7 days. That is one of the major drawbacks it has since it does not allow people to see for themselves if the brand is suitable for them.

Does CXL Offers free courses ?

Yes CXL offers some free courses on all things conversion optimization, digital analytics, growth, and UX.

What is CXL ?

CXL is one of the leading marketing institute that brings you advanced level marketing training: get deep skills in growth, customer acquisition, analytics, and conversion optimization.

Are CXL courses worth it?

Yes CXL Courses are totally worth it, their top practitioners are leading experts in their respective fields and many users who have opted for CXL courses have given 90% positive feedback. I highly recommended you to check out CXL for advanced marketing training courses.

How I can learn Digital Marketing & CRO courses with CXL ?

You can opt for their digital marketing & CRO training on their official website, they have top marketing experts to share their knowledge with real live case studies. It’s where people transform their careers. their programs go deep, and completing them requires a lot of effort.

What are the courses offered by CXL ?

CXL offers many courses like Conversion Rate Optimization, User Experience, Training Programs, Conversion Optimization, Business Growth, Online Courses, Digital Analytics, Digital Marketing, google analytics, Growth Marketing, eLearning, Data-driven Marketing, Online Training, UX, landing page optimization, product messaging, sales page copywriting, saas growth, and SEO.

Does CXl offers any coupon code to save money ?

Currently CXL have only 7 days trial for $1 you can try it and then upgrade it later. CXL dont have any coupon codes for now.

Which payment types do accept?

Payment modes accepted by are Paypal, Visa, and Mastercard. These payment gateways are safe and secure.

What is the best valid CXL discount that I can use?

To save the best on your purchase you can get: CXL start 7 days trial for $1.

CXL Institute Best Alternatives & Competitors 2021

1) Demand Curve’s Growth Marketing Training — more expensive, no videos, but good quality content is offered by the company.

Marketing Agency & Growth Training Program:

Growth Marketing Full Course:

Growth Marketing Mini Course:

Growth Marketing Certification Program:

2) Reforge growth series — Its really expensive for sure but considered the best in the industry by so many professionally. If you’re a beginner,I would advise you to skip this one. You need to apply and then get accepted to enroll in the program. If you’re an expert, then you probably already know this. Brian Balfour is the founder of Reforge.
Some of the courses offered by Reforge:

3) Growth Hackers: Their courses are backed up by a popular personality in the growth marketing world Sean Ellis who is godfather of growth hacking as many industry experts call him by this name. But the courses of aren’t taught by him. They are taught by other associated partners. So I don’t see why you should pay the same amount for 1 course when you get 50+ courses at the same price at CXL Institute.

4 ) Udemy: Udemy is one of the trusted brand in education industry but the courses offered at Udemy is for beginners and basic. The quality of education offered by CXL is very high. CXL is for advanced marketers who want to reach heights in marketing world.

5: Growth Tribe

David Armoux is the founder of Growth Tribe.  Growth Tribe is here to empower adults to always be learning. Their solutions ensure people & organisations can acquire the digital skills they need to adapt, stay up-to-date and in the lead!

6) Maja Voje is a globally recognised growth marketing expert. Some of the courses are detailed and can be easily consumed by beginners.

7) Houston Golden is the founder of BAMF is surprisingly effective growth marketing for badass business owners. You can easily 10X your brand with the world’s finest LinkedIn influencer marketing services.

A few of the companies they’ve helped…

Pioneer, Compass, NERD, Mindvalley, Tenzo Tea, Loft, O-Live & Co, Unicorn Snot, FCTRY, Deputy, Wine Access, BEAR Powerfoods, Newchip, Pininfarina, Foursixty, KlientBoost, Data Science Dream Job, and many many more…

  • LinkedIn Growth Hacking program:
  • Growth hacking blog:

8) Josh Fechter is the founder of The Product Company & a known growth marketer.

  • Product Management and Marketing course:

9) General Assembly is one of the top online and offline bootcamp schools.

Check out some of their courses in growth hacking.

10) Ryan Holiday is one of the well-known best-selling authors of multiple books.

Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of Trust Me, I’m Lying; The Obstacle Is the Way; Ego Is the Enemy; Conspiracy and other books about marketing, culture, and the human condition. His work has been translated into over 30 languages and has appeared everywhere from the New York Times to Fast Company. His company, Brass Check, has advised companies such as Google, TASER, and Complex, as well as multiplatinum musicians and some of the biggest authors in the world.

  • Growth Hacker Marketing Course:
  • Growth Hacker Marketing Book:
  • Smart PR for Artists & Entrepreneurs:
  • Ryan Holiday’s Growth Hacking resources:

CXL I would say is credible and trusted as founder Peep Laja have very high reputation in marketing world.

If you can’t afford CXL, they have a scholarship program as well. Instructors are at the top 1% of their field. They teach at CXL with practical knowledge. . I can’t recommend it enough. You could start with a 1$ week trial to believe what I have to say. They give you access for $1 to begin with CXL.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: CXL Institute Courses Reviews 2021

I would say that this brand is truly helpful. Luckily, the certificates it provides at the end of your journey with a course have proven to be valued significantly. This makes it the perfect ingredient to add to your resume. 

Along with that, the courses are mostly about technical things, but they specifically specialize in marketing. I too have chosen the course of Conversion Optimization that helped me gain a couple of useful marketing strategies. 

The instructors are super nice here, which is important since being comfortable will let you ask doubts that some people might face trouble bringing up. Although, I would recommend this platform to anyone who has a basic idea of things here. 

This is because the courses are a little advanced and can make it difficult for beginners to understand properly. So, an addition of a couple of basics about each topic would be helpful to people like me. 

Also, another major downfall I noticed is that the pricing is pretty high. This makes the platform suitable for people who run a company or an organization. But for people who are starters or do not wish to invest so much in learning the new skill, it may become fairly too much. 

But putting all of that aside, I would say that CXL Institution has some major benefits that will help you land a job with a better opportunity because hey, an extra skill or two always looks impressive on one’s resume. 

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