3 Reasons You Should Hire Experts For CRM Data Cleansing 2023

Recently, the UK Government published five straightforward steps to help increase data quality in businesses.

You can use guidelines like these to make sure your data quality and management strategy are as effective as possible. 

But first, More Than Words Marketing would like to share with you some reasons why data cleansing is crucial for data management success.

So here are the 3 Reasons You Should Hire Experts For CRM Data Cleansing.

Why Is CRM Data Cleansing Important?

Dirty data can significantly impact the success of your CRM system. Poor-quality data can lead to inaccurate customer segmentation, which can make it difficult to target customers effectively.

Inaccurate or incomplete customer data can also lead to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Data Cleansing

By cleansing your CRM data, you can ensure that the information within your system is accurate and up-to-date, which will help you make better business decisions.

Benefits of CRM Data Cleansing

  1. Improved Customer Segmentation: Accurate customer segmentation is essential for effective marketing campaigns. By cleansing your CRM data, you can ensure that your segmentation is based on accurate and up-to-date information. This can help you create more targeted campaigns and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  2. Increased Customer Satisfaction: Clean CRM data can help you provide better customer service by ensuring that your customer information is accurate and up-to-date. This can help you provide faster and more efficient service, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
  3. Better Decision Making: Accurate and up-to-date data can help you make better business decisions. With clean CRM data, you can make informed decisions based on accurate and reliable information.
  4. Cost Savings: By cleansing your CRM data, you can reduce the costs associated with incorrect data. This can include costs associated with inaccurate marketing campaigns, wasted resources, and lost revenue.

Statistics on CRM Data Cleansing

  1. According to a report by Gartner, poor data quality is a primary reason for 40% of all business initiatives failing to achieve their goals.
  2. The average cost of poor data quality to businesses is estimated to be around 20% of revenue.
  3. The success rate of marketing campaigns increases by 70% when customer data is accurate and up-to-date.
  4. According to Experian, 91% of companies believe that data is essential to their business strategy, but only 50% have a data quality strategy in place.
  5. Research by SiriusDecisions found that 25% of B2B databases contain critical errors that can impact business decisions.

How Does Data Cleaning Work?

A data management strategy should include data cleaning. In order to succeed in business, it is crucial to maintain accurate, reliable, and timely customer data. 

Clean data will increase productivity, improve employee faith in your systems, and improve customer satisfaction.  

By ensuring your data is clean, you will be able to keep your campaign costs low, thereby improving your return on investment. 

Getting started is as easy as:

  • establishing a consistent format for data entry,
  • educating all employees on the importance of precise and accurate data entry, and
  • de-duping and combining files based on unique references such as email addresses.

CRM data specialists and providers can assist with the more advanced stages of processing and cleansing your data after this initial step.

In addition to these things, they will be able to:

  • identify and eliminate duplicate data,
  • delete or update incorrect data or irrelevant observations, and
  • add missing data to your existing contacts.

Email Marketing Benefits From Data Cleansing

Email is the most preferred channel of content distribution for around 81% of B2B companies. Here is where data hygiene provides the greatest benefit.

It is crucial to have a current, clean data list so that you are able to reach people who are sincerely interested in your business. Taking this precaution will help you minimize the chances of your mail being deleted prematurely.

In addition, data cleansing helps remove bad data that may have an impact on a mailing’s accuracy. 

This could include contacts who have changed job roles or companies, or whose names have changed. The open rate, a key metric for measuring the success of email marketing campaigns, is increased by eliminating these contacts.

A Clean Data Set Increases Productivity

Incorrect data requires more manual editing. When your data is clean and usable, you can quickly group your contacts and create personalized messages to send automatically with a single click.

Having accurate, quality data allows marketers to focus more on strategy and creativity, allowing them to create more engaging campaigns that drive more conversions.

Outsourcing Data Cleansing: Is It Worth It?

For many companies, particularly SMEs and start-ups, it makes sense to outsource to a data cleaning service. 

Data cleansing services are far cheaper than investing in tools and technology and hiring trained professionals. Outsourcing allows your organization to enjoy increased resources at low costs.

1. Experience & Expertise

Database cleaning is a complex task that requires specialized knowledge. It is vital that the data cleansing professional understands the technicalities of the process and has the skill to carry out the process effectively.

To do so, they must have access to and be familiar with the latest tools to carry out a complete data cleanse.

2. Tech-savvy

It is important that you possess up-to-date hardware and software for data cleansing. But data scrubbing software can be costly and difficult to procure in a short time frame.

By outsourcing your data cleansing, you can make use of the latest technology. In order to compete in their industry, outsourcing agencies need to use the best tools at their disposal.

Also, they have the expertise to use those tools appropriately and productively to achieve the best results.

3. Scalability

With outsourcing, you can scale your business and stay flexible in the face of shifting market conditions and changes in seasonal demand.

Flexible outsourcing contracts make it possible to make changes to the requirements or terminate the contract at any time.

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