DataHawk Review 2019: Is It Best Amazon Analytics Tool? (Pros & Cons)

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Product Listing


Ease of Use


Buy Box Tracker


Excel Export


  • Track Keywords Ranks
  • Run Keywords-Based Market
  • Monitor Products Performance
  • Run Product Research
  • monitor your market and competition
  • Ѕaving your timе and monеy
  • Help & Guidance
  • Track changes in keywords rankings
  • Keyword Data and Search Volume
  • Competitors Sales Estimator
  • Seller Central Sales Reporting
  • Email Alerting Tool
  • API (+$100/mo)
  • 3p sellers on and


  • More detailed analytics Widgets needed

In this post, I am going to do DataHawk review on the basis of its features, services and much more. It is a basic tool to track the performance of your business.

DataHawk Review 2019: Is It Best amazon analytics tools?

Detailed About DataHawk Review

It is a tool for tracking provided by Amazon. They provide many unique data insights into your business. You can track keywords, product rankings, performance, run product research, analyze market and competition data with the help of this tool.

The SEO listing optimization helps you focus on your business and you don’t have to worry about all the hassle for doing all these things.

Datahawk review - Info

With the help of DataHawk, millions of Amazon marketplace sellers can grow because it builds a best-in-class SaaS analytics tool. It helps in many major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

It starts with Amazon and it is still trying to build the best intelligence software for business selling in these marketplaces.

Many major companies are using Data Hawk to grow their business on the marketplace platform like Amazon. Some companies are Fortune 500, SMBs and some other Inc 500 e-commerce companies. It provides features like product development with the help of data monitoring and intelligent insights.

DataHawk technology scans millions of products and thousands of search queries on a regular basis to create a report to help you in making decisions.

How Does It Work? (Read Full DataHawk Review Here)

It helps every type of business even if you’re just starting on Amazon by giving a boost to your business. It is the best tool for analytics and reporting for Amazon Marketing Agencies and consultants.  

Datahawk review - how it work

They provide you information like what products to launch by understanding the market and needs of the customer and it also monitors your product’s growth like it’s performance and ranking. With insight into all these things, you can grow your business very fast and very effectively.  

You don’t have to do things like product research and market analysis. It will do it for you and provide you the best option for the growth of your business. It also gives you an update of the market like when to drop down the prices, increase the prices, competition and many other things.

Features and Services

Datahawk review - tracking

1. Tracking

It has product tracker which tracks all the information regarding your product like monitoring their keywords rank history, reviews, ratings, best sellers rank and much more. Through the data provided by a tracker, you can take the decision regarding that product.

It also tracks the daily changes in best sellers rank, review count, rating and monthly sales estimates to give you an idea about the status of the product. It also has a proprietary prediction program with the help of the that it predicts you monthly sales estimates.

2. Market Analysis 

DataHawk does market analysis. After that analysis, it gives the suggestion to their use regarding which product will do better or which won’t. The analysis results depend on the distribution of pricing, reviews, and ratings. It also gives analysis on the basis of keyword search and it provides you newly updates keywords monthly search volume list which you are tracking in the current.

Datahawk review - marketing analyse

3. Keywords Research

The base of this feature is Amazon’s customer search queries and top-ranking products. With the help of that DataHawk gives you new keywords suggestions. It is the most important, valuable and high return activity of Data Hawk in the search marketing field. Because of this, you can get an idea about what customers want and what they do not want.

4. Product Research

It uses filters to give you more than ten thousand product ideas out of over one million products from their own database. With the help of these product ideas, you can get better results. Because it does not believe in selling instead of that it believes in marketing means what actually customer needs.

The suggestions provided by Data Hawk are based on the needs and wants of the customer which will help you in the long run.

5. Projects and Tags System

DataHawk gives you data of your product on the basis of analysis and research. After that, you can organize them in projects and assign Tags or labels on it. So if the keyword of that tag shows on the website then the customer can see the product and the user can see the analyzed data regarding that product.

It has also some advanced filters for that too. You can filter the keywords of the product and track them with the help of Data Hawk.

Datahawk review - system

6. Parent/Child Grouping

This feature helps you in tracking all of your product variants and divide them into groups of their parents. Then it will show the display keyword ranks on a parent level.

These features are available on DataHawk along with that it also offers Reporting Services like Excel Export and API to help you in customizing your reports.

Why Should You Try Data Hawk?

It is not just a typical analytical tool it is more than that. They provide you powerful analytics, beautiful dashboards and actionable insights on your products to help you in growing your business. DataHawk unlocks many opportunities for your Amazon business and with the help of that, you can give your best in the market.

It offers you data analytics so you can connect the dots to the success. You should instantly try it once because a big opportunity awaits you.

Price and Plans | DataHawk Review

The pricing plans of DataHawk are very affordable and reasonable for even small business. It helps you in growing your Amazon business. There are mainly 6 plans available on Data Hawk.

1. Basic Plan ( Free)

  • 5 Products
  • 5 Keywords
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Product Metrics Tracker
  • Buy Box Tracker
  • Product Listing Tracker
  • Product Research Tool
  • Keyword Data And Search Volume
  • Keyword Generator
  • Seller Central Sales Reporting

Datahawk review - pricing plan

2. Rookie ( $19/month)

  • 20 Products
  • 20 Keywords
  • All the features of Basic Plan Plus
  • Competitors Sales Estimator
  • Marketing Intelligence Tool

3. Starter ( $49/month)

  • 100 Products
  • 100 Keywords
  • All the features of Rookie Plus
  • Unlimited Data History

4. Growth ( $99/month)

  • 300 Products
  • 150 Keywords
  • All the features of Starter plus
  • Email Alerting Tool
  • Excel Export
  • Customization

5. Pro ( $199/month)

  • 700 Products
  • 300 Keywords
  • All the features of Growth plus
  • API ( +$100/month)

6. Pro Plus ( $399/month)

  • 1500 Products
  • 700 Keywords
  • All the features of Pro

It also provides you a 7-day trial so you can understand the uses of Data Hawk. Learn to use  Data Hawk. These pricing plans are affordable and majorly depends on your business type.

Customer Support

The customer support is also good. The support team of DataHawk works 24/7 and provide solutions to every problem you will face regarding your business.

There is a help center where you will find videos and articles regarding how to use the features of Data Hawk. You can also learn to export your data to Excel, use the Data Hawk API. There is a detailed guide available on the website to help you through it.

Datahawk review - contact us

The features are tricky to use that’s why you are going to need the tutorial for every feature. Data Hawk is very reliable and very useful for people who are doing business with Amazon.

It is still currently on Amazon but we can expect that it will expand to other websites as well because as you know that there is not only one marketplace available on the market, there are many people need tools like Data Hawk to give a boost to their business.

The support team of DataHawk solves every query of the user within a few hours which is a great customer response time than any other analytical tool. These are the reasons why you should try using Data Hawk on Amazon.

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Conclusion: Can DataHawk Analysis Amazon Sales Proper? | DataHawk Review

The need for DataHawk is increasing day by day in the market because of the features of Data Hawk. Everyone needs their business to grow up and become successful on Amazon but in doing so they need an analytic tool to monitor the market and keywords on Amazon because it is impossible to do it manually.

The factors affecting the market are the need of the customer and competitors.

To catch up with all that you need to have an analytical software which is Data Hawk. This helps you in all possible ways your business can increase. So, in my opinion, I think this is the best analytical software available on  Amazon. But it will take time to fully come out in the open market for other users of other websites.

If you like this review then don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comment section below and share the post with your friends and colleagues who are looking to get started on Amazon.


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