David lynch Masterclass Review 2021: Is It Worth The Hype?

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  • One of the best thing that I felt about this course is David has added a personal touch to every part of his stories
  • he also has added clips from the movies to give students a better explanation of the Ideas and creativity he is speaking about.
  • Make you Mess the best Message; this pro is definitely at the top of my list of learning.
  • This is a very effective course and the tips this lady provides are extraordinary
  • This course is much more than what the name suggests. Her experiences, stories, and relationships are worth all time admiration
  • One of the best things that I felt about this course is it has been added with a lot of stories that add a personal touch.
  • They have also added clips from the time they began and all the behind scenes give students a better explanation of the Ideas and creativity they are speaking about.


  • A thorough course so a bit lenghty

In this post, we have shared David lynch Masterclass Review that includes all detailed insights, the Masterclass about Film & Creativity by David Lynch, so let’s get started.

Bottom Line Upfront: David Lynch is a very famous name in the Hollywood industry. He is known for his creativity in filmmaking. He has been nominated for Oscar as well. To share his gift of creativity to the world, he has created a Masterclass on creativity and filmmaking. If you’re a writer and hit a roadblock on your creativity or you want to learn everything about filmmaking then you should definitely enroll in David Lynch Masterclass.

Check our in-depth MasterClass review here:

David lynch Masterclass Review 2021

David lynch Masterclass 

Here you meet your instructor, Mr.David lynch he is an artist an oscar-nominated filmmaker, he here in his masterclass gives advice to the young filmmakers and artists and speaks more about ideas.

MasterClass-David-Lynch- Film

Moving forward towards the next part of the masterclass 

David lynch Masterclass  - Star Rating

David lynch Masterclass Course

David lynch Masterclass  - Course

This session of the masterclass is divided into 2 parts

  • Catching ideas
  • Creativity and writing process

Catching ideas

Here, David explains how ideas are everything and he also advises us to write down our ideas and tells us why it is important to write them. He also adds in here with his personal stories about ideas he got and some about how he started writing down the ideas. he also says to always follow your intuitions and speaks about his personal experience. Moving on towards the next part.

Creativity and writing process

Writing is a way to express, not everyone can vent feelings into words! Writing is a way to remember ideas that come to your mind and in this part of the masterclass, David mentions how there is no such perfect formula for writing movie scripts it’s just a free flow of ideas and creativity. He also discusses more originality and visualizing the screenplay and why it is important to do so.

This part of the masterclass is also added up  with a bonus lesson which is

Transcendental meditation

Here, David explains to students about transcendental meditation and how it works, what is everything. He also shares his own experiences, as he mentions learning to approach life with deeper awareness through meditation and enjoy the “doing” of almost every activity.

David lynch Masterclass  - Teaches

Moving towards the 3rd section of this Masterclass which is 

Working with actors

David lynch Masterclass  - Working With Actor

This part is divided into 3 sub-sections

  1. Casting for character 
  2. Working with actors 
  3. Onset: creating a happy family

Casting for character

Speaking about Casting for the character here, David shares about the process of the casting, he also speaks about Laura Dern made a feature in one of his films Twin peaks: The Return he also discusses more his other favorite actors. Here you learn how to identify and recognize the right performer for a part.

Working with actors

David speaks about how it is to work with actors and about the time of rehearsals, he says rehearsals are the time to shape the scene and take the risk, he teaches you to be kind to actors while rehearsing and not embarrassing them. He also shares some tips and tricks about how to bring out an actor’s potential in front of the camera and elicit an unforgettable great performance.

Onset: creating a happy family

It’s always good to have a family vibe with the people you work with, David shares how important it is to congratulate people all the time for their good work and treating your team as a happy family and they will go an extra mile for you. He also speaks about handling pressure at the set while protecting a creative environment for the cast and crew members. 

Manifesting your vision

This part of the masterclass is divided into 3 parts 

  1. Production design: building unique worlds
  2. cinematography: manifesting David’s vision
  3. sound design and scoring

Production design: building unique worlds

The world on the screen that we see begins with an idea from the minds of the director, he here shares several ways how we can convey our idea to designers and he also shares his experiences about the same!

David lynch Masterclass  - Creativity

Cinematography: manifesting David’s

It is different to think cinematically with all those characters and locations, so here in this part, David teaches how to think cinematically with the examples from “Eraserhead” and ” the elephant man” these are two of his well-known movies. It feels so good to hear from him about such hit films!

Sound design and scoring

Music and cinematic elements are the most part of any film! Here David shares about collaboration with music composers and designers and also speaks about how important a role it plays in the movie to have a perfect sound as imagined for a perfect union of sound and picture. 

Moving on to the last section of the movie that is 

Film education and rule-breaking

It is divided into 3 sub-sections 

  1. Educating yourself 
  2. Breaking the rules
  3. Make it true to the ideas

Educating yourself

In this part, you will hear stories about the “first’s” from David’s life, about his first experiment in cinema, and discuss the master filmmakers who have inspired him. He also speaks about how the best form of learning is experiential and hands-on. unless you won’t try, you won’t know how it is!

David lynch Masterclass  - Film Making

Breaking the rules

You should always know about the rules, and about the ones which are okay to be broken! Speaking about David in this part of the lesson he shares how he doesn’t like rules and he teaches students to distinguish between the restrictions that stifle creativity from those that actually help you to think out of the box, he says you won’t get inspiration to do something creative with restrictions, which in my opinion is absolutely right! Sometimes some rules are meant to be broken, to make the new ones.

Make it true to the ideas

In this part, he speaks of struggles that every artist faces, the fear of failure, and the pressure of success, David tries to encourage the audience by mentioning how important it is to keep your creative decisions focused on one overriding goal: staying true to the ideas.

David lynch Masterclass  - Star

And here we come to the end of this Masterclass by Mr. David Lynch, being such a successful filmmaker who shared his experiences about his first cinema, his failures, and his success. He also shared tips and tricks that he uses in the world of films. 

David lynch Masterclass Pricing

 David lynch Masterclass  - Star- MasterClass- - Pricing

David lynch Masterclass Customer Review

David-Lynch-Teaches MasterClass - Testimonials

David lynch Masterclass Pros & Cons


  • One of the best thing that I felt about this course is David has added a personal touch to every part of his stories
  • he also has added clips from the movies to give students a better explanation of the Ideas and creativity he is speaking about.


  • A thorough course so a bit lengthy.

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Conclusion: David lynch Masterclass Review 2021

According to me, it is a very good course, very well explained with stories, clips, and great examples. The course is divided into small parts. 

 This course would work perfectly for the ones who have just begun their journey in the world of cinema or wish to work in the industry.

This course speaks so many things that one needs to learn and all of this is taught by the finest David Lynch. In my opinion, this course is totally worth it for beginners.

Overly this course from Master Class that is creativity and film by David Lynch is one of the greatest courses in a masterclass that I’ve stumbled upon since this teaches everything that is to be learned by a beginner. Everything is properly explained with a personal touch.

So yes this course is a must recommend from my end and why not? So if you consider taking this, which I strongly urge go head without any doubt.

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