How DCD North America in Dallas Decide The Future For Colo, Cloud, MSP & Telecoms?

DCD is going to bring out its next event now in Dallas. With a lot of events from Data Center Dynamics this year, it is one of the most significant events of the calendar. The event will most importantly focus on Telecom industry.

DCD Colo + Cloud: What’s In There?

Date: October 29-30 2018

Venue: Hyatt Regency Dallas, Dallas


DCD Colo+Cloud will be organised on 29th and 30th October in Dallas to discuss the colo, cloud and telecom in the next generation will be designed and most importantly discuss the next-generation infrastructure-as-a-service. It will then be built, designed and reconnected.

DCD edge

The event will witness large number of speakers with a round of discussion between Aaron Hinkle of Sprint and the trailblazing CEO of Vapor IO, Cole Crawford, who will be sharing their insights on the evolution of microdata centers at cell towers and how edge compute will affect planning for the use of central offices.

Cole Crawford says about telco advancement that, ” Tower-connected data centers will become a powerful accelerant as wireless operators upgrade to 5G and look to deliver edge services. Just as operators enjoy the economics of shared infrastructure on the tower, they will also share capacity in multi-tenant data centers at the edge, which is the new frontier in colocation.”

The conference will be inaugurated by hab Tarazi, CTO at Packet (formerly with Equinix). He will start with the discussion of the 5G technology and its impact on data-centers. Tarazi says about 5G advancement that; ” Smart devices, wearables, IoT, smart city initiatives, autonomous cars, and more are all either made possible, or greatly enhanced over 5G. We’re all interested in where mobile network hyperspeeds and slashing latencies will take the industry and what this will mean for data center operators and end-users”

Besides this, this year’s DCD will have the speakers from:

  • Lomart
  • Switch
  • Digital Realty
  • Cyrus One
  • Aligned Energy
  • Compass
  • Cyxtera
  • QTS, Carrier-1 and many more…


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