LeadPages-Alternativen 2024: Wählen Sie, welche die beste und effektivste ist?

LeadPages Alternatives ist meine bevorzugte Plattform zum Erstellen von Opt-Ins, Landingpages, Websites und Verkaufstrichterelementen. Ihr unglaubliches Kundensupport-Team steht mir jedes Mal zur Seite.“

Für all diese Probleme gibt es eine einfache Lösung. Sie benötigen eine Landing Page, um die Aufmerksamkeit der Kunden zu erregen oder den Traffic Ihrer Website zu erhöhen.

Wenn Sie bereits von einer Landing Page gewusst haben, dann ist das erste Unternehmen, das Ihnen in den Sinn kommt Leadseiten.

Es ist nicht zu leugnen, dass es einige einzigartige Funktionen enthält, aber es ist nicht die beste Lösung für jedes Unternehmen. Es gibt mehrere andere Zielseitenersteller für verschiedene Arten von Unternehmen.

In diesem Artikel, LeadPages-Alternativen, sehen wir uns die acht besten Alternativen zum Erstellen von Leadpages an Zielseite Und Sie sind derjenige, der entscheiden wird, welches für Ihr Unternehmen das Beste ist.


Top 8 Leadpages Alternatives: Choose Which Is The Best?

1) Antwort erhalten:


GetResponse is the first alternative to Leadpages that we will see in this article. It is an email marketing platform which helps to increase the traffic of the website by using email marketing tools like

  • Newsletter
  • Perfekt abgestimmte E-Mails
  • Automatisierte E-Mails
  • Autoresponder

There are several essential features of landing pages that can help you convert visitors into customers.

These include an exit-intent popup that captures the email address of customers when they try to leave your page, as well as ecommerce integration that enables you to sell products via popular sites such as Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce, even if you don’t have your own website.

Moreover, various LeadPages alternatives are available that make it easy to create and manage landing pages.

One such tool is the conversion funnel, which helps direct your potential customers toward purchasing your products, attending your webinars, or receiving automated emails.

You can also get clear statistics on the number of new customers who have joined or shown interest in your webinars.

Moreover, there are separate funnels available for sales, marketing, and webinars to help increase traffic and achieve your goals.

2) ClickFunnels:


Die zweite Alternative für Lead-Seiten ist ClickFunnels. LeadPages Alternatives: This is a funnel builder website for your sales and marketing websites, and you don’t need to know web design to create all these funnels. 

Mit dieser Zielseite können Sie innerhalb von 15 Minuten Ihren eigenen Trichter für Ihre Website erstellen.

To generate leads, you can use email or messenger leads, as well as application forms to collect information from your customers.

When selling low-priced products, you can use the “Unboxing funnel” feature. This feature allows customers to navigate to your product and make a payment with just one click.

The sales letter feature can be used to provide more detailed information about high-priced products and convince customers to make a purchase.

If you want to run an online event, you can integrate your webinar with third-party software such as Zoom or Meet.

In addition, this platform offers some unique features, such as customization of your funnel, where you can add or reduce pages to your landing site with new features.

You can also create membership areas, which are exclusive pages for users who have subscribed to your products with login access. With the affiliate center feature, you can create your own affiliate program where affiliates promote your products for a commission.

Lastly, you can run A / B-Tests to identify which landing page resonates best with your customers.

3) Unbounce:


Unbounce is the third alternative for lead pages to create a landing page. LeadPages Alternatives It customizes each and every part of your landing page using various editor tools without any prior knowledge about websites.

When building a landing page, you can benefit from a range of features offered by Unbounce.

These include the ability to clone and edit entire pages, customize your page with complete design control and flexible templates, and embed videos and lightboxes.

To increase traffic to your website, Unbounce provides customized form creation to gather user information, as well as customized thank you messages for customers who purchase a product.

Some of the unique Unbounce features include 100% mobile responsiveness, allowing your landing pages to be compatible with any electronic device, including mobile phones.

You can also create popups and sticky bars to attract more customers instead of creating a separate page.

4) Instapage:


Instapage ist auch eine Alternative zu Leadpages zum Erstellen einer Zielseite, die dabei hilft, Werbung für Ihre Produkte zu machen.

LeadPages Alternatives Unlike other landing pages, it offers six products instead of one to increase your Umrechnungskurse.

Instapage offers unique features that set it apart from other landing page builders.

With over 500 customizable layouts to choose from, AMP support for mobile optimization, and pixel precision for high-quality design, Instapage provides everything you need to create an effective landing page.

To increase customer engagement, Instapage offers personalized landing pages that are tailored to each individual user. Content can also be modified to connect with customers on a more personal level, increasing the chances of conversion.

In addition, Instapage provides features that allow you to test the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Heatmaps track user behavior, showing you where users are clicking and how they are interacting with your page. A/B testing helps you determine which elements of your landing page resonate best with your customers.

5) OptimizePress:


OptimizePress ist auch einer der Landing Page Builder, der als Alternative für Leadpages in Betracht gezogen werden kann. LeadPages-Alternativen Es hilft Ihnen, mehr Verkehr auf Ihrer Website zu generieren, indem Sie Trichter und Partner und andere Optionen verwenden.

If you’re looking to create a landing page, we offer some great features to help you out. Firstly, we have ready-to-use templates that are optimized to increase your conversion rates. You can also customize these templates to match your brand.

To further increase your conversion rates, we offer different funnel designs to match your needs. We also have an automated funnel linking system that connects all your funnel features.

Some of our unique features include a user-friendly WordPress Page Builder that gives customers an experienced interface.

They also offer over 100 pre-built templates that have already been proven to work, so you can minimize your effort and avoid major modifications.

6) Thrive-Themen:

Thrive Themen

Thrive Themen ist eine Alternative zu Leadpages, mit der WordPress-Themes und Builder mehr Kunden gewinnen können.

The software includes some essential features, such as pre-built elements to aid in website creation and compatibility with all electronic devices.

In addition, it boasts some unique features, including Thrive Box, an attention-grabbing pop-up that appears above your content to delight your customers, and Sticky Ribbon, a form that remains at the top of the page as the user scrolls.

7) Brevo:


Kurz is one of the potential alternatives for lead pages to create a land page. They provide all kinds of marketing such as email, SMS, or chat to increase your customers.

Various page builders are available that offer common features like signup forms and automated emails. Sendinblue is one such platform that provides these standard features and some unique functionalities.

Zum Beispiel kann die CRM-Funktion allows you to manage all your contact details in a single place. Additionally, the Retargeting feature is designed to bring back customers who may have visited other websites.

8) GrooveFunnels:


GrooveFunnels ist die letzte Alternative, die wir in diesem Artikel für Lead-Seiten diskutieren werden. Es ist auch eine der Seiten, die Trichter verwenden, um Ihre Produkte zu bewerben.

GrooveFunnels stands out from other similar platforms mainly due to its pricing strategy. While its feature set is similar to other platforms, GrooveFunnels offers most of its features for free for the lifetime of the user.

These features include free custom domains, a free Affiliate-Programm, and free one-click landing pages.


🧐 Do Landing pages actually increase customers?

Ja, Zielseiten erhöhen Ihre Kundenrate von 20 auf 25%

🤑 Can I use two Landing pages?

Ja, natürlich kann die Verwendung von zwei Zielseiten die Funktionen Ihrer Seiten verbessern und ist im Vergleich zum Abonnieren eines Premium-Plans auch wirtschaftlich

🤔 Are there any security concerns in Landing pages?

Dies hängt von der Site ab, die Sie für die Zielseiten auswählen. Für alle oben genannten Zielseiten bestehen keine Sicherheitsbedenken hinsichtlich Ihrer Privatsphäre und Ihrer Informationen.


Conclusion: Leadpages Alternatives

Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass es bei der Auswahl der richtigen Leadpages-Alternativen meiner Meinung nach ganz auf meine Bedürfnisse ankommt. Wenn ich Anfänger bin oder mit einem kleinen Budget arbeite.

Wenn ich jedoch robustere Optionen mit allen Schnickschnack eines Website-Builders mit vollem Funktionsumfang möchte, dann denke ich, dass Weebly oder Squarespace die beste Wahl sein könnten.

Für welche Leadpages-Alternativen ich mich auch entscheide, ich weiß, dass ich sorgfältig prüfen und recherchieren muss, was sie zu bieten haben, denn die Online-Präsenz meines Unternehmens ist für den Erfolg meines Unternehmens von großer Bedeutung.

Ich verstehe, dass die Investition von Zeit in die Suche nach den richtigen Leadpages-Alternativen für mein Unternehmen später einen großen Unterschied machen und dazu beitragen kann, dass meine Kunden zufrieden bleiben.

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